29NOV2021 – OCF Update – Special Book Review

Just received a copy of a book recently written by a very good friend of mine.  Justified Deadly Force and the Myth of Systemic Racism


He’s a veteran law enforcement officer and he’s put together a text book to go over the reality of the use of deadly force by police over the course of the last number of years.  I’ve just started it and will probably have several review posts about it.  The author wrote it primarily to be a text for Criminal Justice courses about the subject of deadly force.

Full disclosure, I do not receive any commission from the link.

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Disturbed Deputy
2 years ago

LEO’s are much more restricted in their use of force than civilians. In the 70’s Pres. Carter spent half a million dollars interviewing incarcerated felons. Turned out they were much more fearful of getting shot by a civilian than a cop. As a retiree I’m not sure where I stand, but I’m claiming civilian rights.