A COVID True Believer

This post from Laura Helmuth is pretty remarkable.  Even the pharmacist who’s paid to spout the party line and would probably be fired if he said what he really thinks tried to help her,  But she’s all in.  If she dies tomorrow of myocarditis it will be “something else” that killed her, not the vaccine.  She’s all in.

So Now a Federal Agency Says Lab Leak Most Likely Cause of COVID. Duh!!!

So it’s official.  But unless you’re seriously mentally deficient or part of the coverup who is still saying it was just a natural occurrence?  No one.

But those two categories still contain millions of Americans.  And other than those two categories who still doesn’t realize that we paid the Chinese to produce this very thing by “gain of function” manipulation of bat corona viruses?

Our government had COVID  built in a substandard biological containment facility.  It got loose and they lied about its origin for years.  And yet we elected Joe “Mask Up” Biden and let him lock us down for another full year.  It’s a sad state of affairs.

Best Title of the Month – Approximately Zero

That’s the title of this article in City Journal.  It’s about a report that came out on a study done by the Cochrane Collaboration which is described thus:

“The gold standard for medical evidence is the randomized clinical trial, and the gold standard for analyzing this evidence is Cochrane (formerly the Cochrane Collaboration), the world’s largest and most respected organization for evaluating health interventions. Funded by the National Institutes of Health and other nations’ health agencies, it’s an international network of reviewers, based in London, that has partnerships with the WHO and Wikipedia. Medical journals have hailed it for being “the best single resource for methodologic research” and for being “recognized worldwide as the highest standard in evidence-based healthcare.””

And here comes the result:

“We now have the most authoritative estimate of the value provided by wearing masks during the pandemic: approximately zero. The most rigorous and extensive review of the scientific literature concludes that neither surgical masks nor N95 masks have been shown to make a difference in reducing the spread of Covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses.”

But now the bad news:

“This verdict ought to be the death knell for mask mandates, but that would require the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the rest of the public-health establishment to forsake “the science”—and unfortunately, these leaders and their acolytes in the media seem as determined as ever to ignore actual science. Before the pandemic, clinical trials repeatedly showed little or no benefit from wearing masks in preventing the spread of respiratory illnesses like flu and colds. That was why, in their pre-2020 plans for dealing with a viral pandemic, the World Health Organization, the CDC, and other national public-health agencies did not recommend masking the public. But once Covid-19 arrived, magical thinking prevailed. Officials ignored the previous findings and plans, instead touting crude and easily debunked studies purporting to show that masks worked.”

So there you go.  None of this is news.  But now we see that “science” is just a magical incantation the Left uses to get their followers to raise their banner and start marching.  Maybe it’ll be good for starting fights with crazy relatives at holidays.

Why Did COVID Happen?

Lately there have been all kinds of stories coming out about how COVID happened and even discussions about how to prevent another lab leak.  What hasn’t been explained is why it happened.  Maybe you’d say it’s because the United States was paying a Chinese virology lab to experiment with gain of function on bat corona viruses.  But I’d say why were they doing it?

I think the answer is that this is the American germ warfare program.  After the United States signed on the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) in 1975 we were supposedly out of the germ warfare business.  But the CIA doesn’t take no for an answer.  So instead of being in the business of making bio-weapons, instead we’re in the business of protecting against bioweapons!  And how do you do that?  Why by making bioweapons!

And just to make sure that the whole world can get in on the fun we farm out the tinkering with viruses and bacteria to fun new places like Wuhan, China and Kharkiv, Ukraine.  Places that are far from the prying eyes of regulators or responsible government oversight.

The way I figure it, the US government is in the germ warfare business and intends to stay at the forefront of it no matter what we think or even what happens.  If they were able to get past responsibility for the COVID outbreak then nothing short of a full-blown world-wide small pox epidemic is going to make a difference.  And even that will be blamed on Russia or an “act of God.”

When more details of the “warp speed” roll out of the mRNA “vaccines” become known I wonder if we’ll find that they were just another part of the biolabs program that we run.  If so, we’re not getting our money’s worth.  The auto-immune responses that are causing things like myocarditis are awful.  If this is the level of competency we can expect then we are probably doomed.

I guess my only question is what pathogen will they unleash on us next?  Neo-bubonic plague?  Hyper-transmissible ebola? Or something more fun like gorilla pox?

Whatever it turns out to be we’ll know that our tax dollars are hard at work keeping third world virologists gainfully employed and CIA spooks out of trouble.  After all, while their minding their gardens of deadly micro-organisms they’ll be too busy to spend time spying on American citizens.  They’ll have to leave that to the FBI, IRS, ATF and the rest of the busy civil servants that we pay so handsomely and who earn their daily bread by keeping us squirming under their thumbs.

But it does make you think.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just let the Chinese or the Russians or the North Koreans attempt to murder us on their own and let Pfizer start from scratch on the vaccines they’re going to kill us with too?  I don’t want to sound unpatriotic but the pretense that we’re not creating the bioweapons ourselves is a dreary exercise.

Guest Contributor – SubVet – COVID Coverup

OCF. I’ve watched Dr. Malone’s and Dr. McCullough’s interviews with Joe Rogan and found both of them very convincing and, despite both of them having gotten the jab, it made me regret getting it. I’ve looked at the VAER’s data (which I knew about from back in the late 90’s after having a severe reaction to a Tetanus shot of all things) and the data isn’t looking good for the jabs. I’ve been digging more and more into this and I think it’s high time for me to start posting/blogging about this on OCF. You might have seen some of the testimony at Sen. Ron Johnson’s rountable with McCullough and Military human rights attorney Thomas Renz. There is a major cover up going on with DoD data. The press love Military whistleblowers like that hack Lt.Col. Vindman as long as they can use these hacks to attempt to destroy President Trump but, when high ranking Military officers come forward to expose what is happening with DoD data on Covid, suddenly they aren’t interested. Give me a covid corner on OCF and your traffic hits will explode. Guaranteed.