Finally, Some of the States Are Waking Up and Even Here in the Gulag, Signs of Life

Fifteen US states are beginning the process of getting back to normal.  States like Georgia and Arkansas are shedding most of the restrictions while Florida and Texas are selectively and incrementally opening up.  And with the two-week increments proposed to step through the process there may be big chunks of the country completely back to normal by June.  And that will be an important outcome.  Lots of economic opportunities are associated with the summer vacation schedule, so this could allow many small businesses to salvage something from the wreckage of this year.

The next milestone I’m waiting for is when the medical community admits that we’re on the downward side of the daily-new-death curve.  From my reading of it we’re already over the hump.  Even with the Blue States, for the last two weeks, calling every death a COVID-19 death, it looks like we’re about to break through.  The last five days have been steadily lower and lower totals.  So, we may hear them admit it soon.

And in addition to the progress in other parts of the country the folks in the blue states are starting to get tired of this too.  You’ve heard about protests in Michigan, Virginia and California.  Well even in the very heart of cower-in-place New England, folks are starting to ignore some of the rules.  They’re going outside for no reason!  They’re walking around without masks!  And, horror of horrors they’re going to visit relatives without a car window or a wall between them.  I was overjoyed on Sunday when my daughter and her family came over and hung around with us in the yard for a couple of hours.  And I swear I could see how much my grandsons have grown since I saw them last!  It was great.  They came to install some raised beds for Camera Girl’s gardens and they did us both a world of good just seeing and talking to them face to face.  It didn’t hurt that it broke seventy degrees yesterday for the first time this spring.  And right on cue, the road past my house was full of motorcycle riders thundering by in droves.

So, all at once we’re waking up and I can sense that nothing will slow it down.  Not even a spike in deaths.  I think even in blue states people are starting to realize this was a bad idea.  The shutdown didn’t stop the deaths.  It probably didn’t even slow it down.  It was already too late to stop the infections in the larger cities from reaching the elderly in those high-density areas.

The next fight will be over the blue states trying to get the federal government to bail them out from their civil service retirement entitlements.  I’m hoping that President Trump won’t want to do that and instead will concentrate on helping small businesses and restarting the economy.  With the election season upon us he’ll do everything he can to cheerlead the economy and eliminate problems for the people trying to get their lives back on track.  At this point Joe Biden seems to be almost a non-issue in the election.  It’s up to the President to call the shots and give us back our hope in the future.  And I think he can.

Well to paraphrase the Bard, “Now is the winter of our discontent turned glorious summer by this Son of New York.”