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  • July 2, 2018 at 1:32 am

    The new style & format looks good!
    My favorite part the dead elephants have played so far is in assuring Alt-Right is inevitable. Their not the sole cause by any measure, but they made sure taking the red pill promised the truth.
    Too long have they betrayed us dirt people. In certain ways, they where the greatest enemy. They no longer even deserve pity for their particularly insidious cognitive dissonance. So many of us trusted them. I dont know the words which properly define what they are. But they would look most fashionable with a lamp post and a 13 knot necktie, hanging around down Pennsylvania Avenue with the rest of the Brooks Brothers attired swamp scaliwags.

    • July 2, 2018 at 5:26 am

      There was an update of the Theme I use and that must be the change you see. I’m not much of a “webmaster” but I try to keep the site from collapsing into chaos. Yeah, our supposed thought leaders have been almost as big an enemy as the Antifa they were supposedly against.

      • July 2, 2018 at 11:14 am

        I’m on mobile format while getting my PC refurbished. I’m probably not seeing the whole update. Looks like your more changing your bent of blogging. Upgrade! (-:
        Things sure are interesting lately. The statists are coming out of their basement lair’s, the wife of panic and desperation precedes them. The DOJ and FBI are doubling down. The barely concealed calls for neo-Bolshevik violence, attempting to set up the circumstances to Kulak White America.
        It looks so AstroTurf, contrived, its pathetic. Thinking they can use these Bolshevik tactics on an America which is armed, highly tolerant, ( until it isn’t ), is a joke.

        Enemies foreign & domestic. Incredible when you give it a good think. The human extinction movement in all its variants and factions is remarkable if for only one thing. The hate and envy of such of such a multitude, for the idea and precepts of will of the governed, but not for their hypocrisy of their “moral” superiority where they have special privilege to rule over the rest of us so they can destroy all they envy with impunity.
        The dichotomy here is akin to mass insanity. It is fundamental to the entire sphere of marxian activity. Just apply it to everything, and presto, you have justification to do literally anything to everyone and everything even remotely existential to your psychosis. Perfect excuse every time. Total avoidance of responsibility. The complete absence of prudence.
        I think that is why the hate and derision for the dirt people and Trump, who hold prudence as sacred, inherent, as part and parcel of Christian Western, Greco /Roman culture and its long hard won traditions, legacy, and critical thinking. Something as dangerous our more so than our guns to this suicidal horde of dirty stinking commies.
        F&#ked up like a soup sandwich.

        The Overton window in not just sliding right its about to slam shut. There’s still the matter of all the SJW’s, femenazi’s, radical tree humpers, rank and file totalitarians among us, all those useful dupes. Maybe they will become lemmings and do us a solid. Though I think there are far fewer than the fake media portrays them. Seriously smaller numbers.
        Fascinating time to be alive. Mr Trump portends great things in the wind. His nullifying these so called fair trade deals is HUGE…YUUUGE! one effect of nullification is it instantly defunds the globalists, it will I believe change the entire scope of the financial world. It eventually puts the small business guy back in the drivers seat. It needs to happen. The corporate tyranny of the now is mind blowing stifling. If Trump creates just a beginning ground swell movement of grass roots unfettered economic freedom, it will break the damn holding back the swamp. Break the stranglehold of corporate cronyism. The whole dynamic changes. Right now they are screeming about how the financial world is teetering on the threshold of some leviathan Ragnorak. I think what is really happening is they simply are no longer able to garner a skim from their wealth transfer racket. The whole construct is predicated on strip mining the intrinsic wealth of productive creators aka physically producing tangible wealth. These blood suckers make nothing. Great nothing positive. They are takers, they have created a vacuum cleaner for sucking up the creation of wealth down to the seed corn of the dirt people. I sense there is a 4th generation war rejection of wealth transfer, system D, avoiding taxes, people learning new trades, crafts, growing their own, a growing rejection of the modern world, getting right with the lord, family tribe community, all that entails, creating tangible things and keeping them from the vultures.
        Like Donald Trump.
        He would never have become Mr. President Trump if there was no insurgency, but here he is, and our instincts our strategic dirt people thinking, gave us our Captain.
        Pretty amazing. Its said Kek is the harbinger of great upheaval. Interesting indeed, as an example, many wonder what TSHTF event will be like, we are seeing it right now.

        • July 2, 2018 at 12:02 pm

          Ah, my blogging style. Well, I think I’m reacting to the accelerated march of events. I try not to repeat myself too much so it means I have to wait for events to present a topic for the day. Justice Kennedy was a perfect trigger for a cascade of topics. The uncontrollable fear and rage generated in the ranks of the Left has been a veritable fountain of energy to power any number of posts and essays. They’re on the run and it’s a great place to be. I haven’t had this much fun since the 2016 election aftermath. I hope it continues unabated for months.

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