Avoiding the Horror

I turned on the tv last night to watch a show and immediately was confronted by Liz Cheney’s ugly mug.  I had run smack into the Jan 6th show trial.  I let out a yelp and switched inputs on my remote to reach the stream I was looking for on the screen.  Yikes that was close!  Honestly, I am trying to enjoy the summer and wasting even a single moment of it on the Jan 6th Committee is anathema.

Having avoided that death trap, I congratulated myself for my quick work and indulged in a frivolous hour of detective show fun about Harry Bosch.  Of course, even this supposedly neutral entertainment has been infected with social justice of various stripes.  Harry is fighting against injustice where marginalized people like blacks, Latinas and “the Homeless” are being put upon by the evil white man but at least there’s no sign of Liz Cheney or Adam Schiff.  So, I relaxed and spent an hour with Camera Girl with only a minimum of it involving me yelling at some propaganda subplot of the show.

Seriously, kudos to Fox News for refusing to join the other networks in giving wall to wall coverage to this Stalinist struggle session.  It’s the summer and the living is easy for a reason.  Good weather, long days and the sights and sounds of summer make this the time of year that people live for.  Only a dimwit would force himself to endure hours of Cheney and Schiff banging the insurrection drum.

I checked in with the Real Clear Politics Biden Approval Rating and it was at a new low.  So that improved my mood.

The average has now edged below 40%.  Which means that several of the polls have him in the mid-thirties.  That must be freaking out the likes of Nancy Pelosi pretty strong.  Schadenfreude is an addictive drug and I must admit I’m enjoying the experience of reading those headlines of Democrat political panic over the mid-terms.  Dems and RINOs losing their cozy jobs in the Congress does quite a bit to salve my feelings over $5/gal gas and $6/gal milk.

I was comforted by reading that at least there were Federal Marshals on duty at Brett Kavanaugh’s house when that psychopath showed up at 1 am to kill him.  Apparently even Merrick Garland isn’t blood thirsty enough to allow the assassination of a Supreme Court Justice to occur on his watch.  And I’m enheartened that some of the press has linked up Chuck Schumer’s “released the whirlwind” threat against Brett Kavanaugh to this latest assassination attempt.  It seems as if the Democrats and the Biden Administration just keep stepping on rakes as we continue on our way to societal ruin.

I saw an article that claimed that Biden would pivot after the mid-terms and move his policies to the middle to try and work with the new Republican controlled Congress.  The lefty author of the piece was decrying this move as unnecessary.  Apparently, some on the Left think things are bound to get better and they don’t want to lose out on the advantages that bankrupting the middle class will give their side.  I’m not sure I think Joe Biden knows enough about what he is doing to strategize any post mid-term pivot.  I think half of his administration will be bailing out after the mid-terms and we’re going to endure a really awful two years of economic chaos.

But today I’ll have some fun.  I’ll take some photos and get some air.  I hope you have a good day too.

November 8th 2022 Should Be Named Liz Cheney Replacement Day

Liz Cheney is America’s Karen.  She’s an upper class white woman who lectures and browbeats normal Americans with her shrewish and obnoxious words and views.  But in about a year Liz will be booted out of the House of Representatives and sent back to her family.  Hopefully they will grow so tired of having her around that they’ll put her in charge of something completely unimportant that will take up all of her time.  Possibly she can become the crossing guard at a corner that no one ever walks by.  I can see her with her hand held stop and go sign and here reflective uniform and her whistle.  She can jump up and down and screech at motorists and force them to stop whenever a squirrel or turtle wants to cross the road.  It would be her highest and best use in society.  Eventually some sleepy truck driver will accidentally run her over while she attempts to warn him off some crow picking at road kill on her corner.  And so she would attain martyrdom.  Saint Liz the Patron Saint of Scolds, Banshees and Karens.

But hopefully it will also be the day when we lose a whole company of RINOs.  There are something like twenty of them that self-identified by voting for impeachment this year after Donald Trump was out of office.  And there are enough other dolts who have proven their untrustworthy nature during all the COVID and George Floyd madness to bring their cases to the attention of voters next year.  And hopefully based on the recent polling there will be a very good sized company of Democrats who will also be joining them in the unemployment line too.

All in all next Election Day should be something of a celebration for the country.  Maybe we can call it Schadenfreude Day, or to make it sound a little more American, Comeuppance Day.  But whatever we do or don’t bother to call it, it will be a day when hopefully we take the first step toward ridding ourselves of the phonies who claim to be on “our side.”  Liz Cheney has no business representing real Americans.  She’s a phony from the the get go and if she wants to represent anyone let her get residency in New York City or San Francisco and represent the phonies and weirdos who live there.  Of course, because she’s a “Republican” they won’t have her.  Even she isn’t crazy enough for their liking but let her deal with that, not us.  I’d prefer the crazies that actually belong on our side.  We can work our way through them to find the few good people around like Ron DeSantis.  The last thing we need is to get a Jeb Bush or a Mitt Romney foisted on us as our supposed presidential candidate.

So I’m looking forward to Comeuppance Day. Now of course Liz will already have been eliminated during the primary election well before the general election day.  But I want to celebrate all the losses, both RINO and Dem on the same day so I’ll have to practice delayed gratification to make it a much more meaningful celebration.

I figure I’ll celebrate with corned beef and pastrami sandwiches and later on some pie and ice cream with good coffee.  Hopefully there will be a Youtube video that includes all my favorites wailing about their losses.  Boy I love being mean.

Left Says, “Stop Being Mean to Liz Cheney!”

Oh no!  Slate says if we kick Liz Cheney out of the Republican Party we’ll never win again!  What we gonna do?

I love these brilliant studies that show that that a third of a fifth of republican voters who don’t want to see Cheney kicked to the curb might vote for a Democrat in 2022.  What kind of a spineless loser do you have to be to be scared by that prospect?  Good!  If we have to win with Liz Cheney I’d rather go somewhere else where the people aren’t pusillanimous worms.  Let’s call Cheney the canary in the mine.  If the voters still think she’s on the Right then we deserve to lose anyway.  Do we need to take political strategy advice from Slate?

Only read the linked article if you have  strong stomach.  What’s next?  The Return of JEB! ?

It’s Official, Cheney Got the Boot!

In a move sure to sadden every NeverTrumper out there Liz Cheney was ousted from her cushy position as Republican House Conference Chaircritter.  I assume she will have to give up the prestigious, spacious digs that the leadership critters get and instead be dropped into GenPop with the rest of the animals inhabiting Congress.  Now she’ll have to learn to make a shiv and use it to fight for cigarettes and position in the slop line at lunch.  Well, she looks pretty tough.  She’ll survive and even thrive.  Kinzinger will become her toady and she can always become a snitch for Warden Pelosi.

Some have speculated that she may switch sides and become a Democrat.  Sure why not?

Anyway, the countdown begins for her ouster in the Wyoming Republican Primary sometime next year.  Bye, bye Liz.

RINO-ectomy or Creative Spite

So, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated pretty openly that at a Republican House Conference being held this week he will allow Liz Cheney to be replaced by Rep. Elise Stefanik.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I’ve heard nothing but bad things about Stefanik.  She’s just another Congress critter that cares nothing about me or you.  But she knows which side her bread is buttered on and that Donald Trump is the one handing out the butter.  So, she’ll keep her mouth shut and not help the Democrats when they’re going after our side.

To me, the only thing that makes any of this interesting is that I am a great adherent of the concept of the vendetta.  Basically, it’s a genetic and cultural predisposition.  The idea of just revenge or even spite is one of my primary motivations nowadays.

I’m of the opinion that we are not likely to prevail over the progressives in the federal elections ever again.  But what we can do is punish the quislings who got us here.  People like Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski are our enemies.  They have damaged this country and will continue to do so for as long as they are allowed to represent us.  Kicking them out of office is a sacred duty but more than that, it is a schadenfreudian delight.  Since they’re not technically Democrats they aren’t going to be offered the sinecures that get handed out to friends of the Deep State.  Liz will have to settle for a spot on a crappy neo-con think tank and maybe some face time on CNN.  Lisa Murkowski will be forced to become a deck swab on an Alaskan king crab trawler.  And Mitt Romney will become a male model for dental implant commercials.  And that is as it should be.  These are terrible people.  Discomfiting them is a good thing.  And if I get a good laugh when it happens that’s just karma doing its job.

I’m under no illusions that we have the votes that will be needed to beat the Democrats at the ballot box.  They have already shown that they will commit massive fraud to get their way.  Until we are willing to say no to their unconstitutional tyranny, we will continue to lose ground in the culture wars and everywhere else.

But at least, at the very bare minimum, we must not let traitors and grifters give away our votes in the halls of Washington.  George Bush I, George Bush II, John McCain, Mitt Romney and if they’d had their way, JEB! Bush were who we were given to be our representatives in the White House.  They were supposed to be conservatives.  It only takes a cursory look at their records to know that not only weren’t they conservatives, they don’t even know what conservative means.

I think the House conference meeting is Wednesday.  If it’s on CSPAN I’ll make a point to watch it live.  I’ll pop some corn.  It should be wonderful.  And next year when all ten of the house reps who voted to impeach President Trump, are up for re-election I’ll be watching to see how they do in their primaries.  If they lose in their primaries, I’m not particularly interested in whether the Republicans retain the seat.  I mean, it would be nice but as I said I don’t think we’ll vote our way out of this.  But just knowing that these clowns will have to get jobs will bring a smile to my face.  And it will be good for our politics.  Who knows?  Maybe someday the Republicans will become known as the formerly stupid party.

Who is the Worst RINO in Recent History?

I skipped small timers like most of the house reps who voted for impeachment and guys like Jeb! and some of the small time hoodlums who showed up in the White House cabinet positions.  But if I missed someone good feel free to pick “other” and add him in in the comments.  Pick the creepiest low down skunk of the bunch.  I tell you it’s not an easy pick.  McCain, Romney, Ryan.  It’s real close.


Who is the Republican You Despise the Most?

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Update:  The people have spoken.  Mitt Romney is, hands down, the the most despised Republican.  Quite an honor.






It’s Much Worse Than I Thought

So the Republican Congressmen took a vote on kicking Liz Cheney out of her leadership position.  The result was, “Just 61 Republicans voted to remove Cheney from her post, while 145 voted for her to stay in a vote by secret ballot.”

So the House Republicans are just as useless as the rest of the Republican establishment.  Well good.  Too bad it was a secret ballot.  An open vote would make it that much easier to primary the rest of these rats.  I hope that whoever is serious about rebuilding a party that would represent Free America will make a point of primarying Cheney and McCarthy next year.

But honestly, other than as an amusing form of revenge, thinking about the Republicans is just another waste of everyone’s time.  What are they other than more cogs in the same machine that perpetuates the obvious lies that we all are fed day and night by American Pravda.  Let the Left do its worst.  When the humiliation and anger get extreme enough people will be forced to make a choice.  Give in, leave or fight back.  Fold, Flee or Fight.

Will McCarthy Protect Cheney or Heed the Voice of the Voters

According to an article in the Federalist House Minority Leader McCarthy has to decide tomorrow whether he will save Liz Cheney from a majority of Republican House members that want to kick her out of her leadership job.  It should be a very telling moment.  Political hacks are very hesitant to turn on other political hacks at the leadership level.  It’s basically unheard of.  If in fact McCarthy sacrifices Cheney then to my mind that means that Donald Trump effectively runs the Republican Party.

Cheney made noises like Nancy Pelosi in blaming the Capitol incursion on President Trump.  She has enraged the Wyoming electorate and it is a pretty safe bet that she will get the heave-ho in 2022.  But this is a great test to see just how much the congress-critters understand about their status with the voters.  If McCarthy protects Cheney I would not be surprised to see him primaried out of office in 2022 also.

At this point the Republican Congressmen and Senators are as useless as testicles on Mitt Romney.  The only way they can hope to maintain the support of the voters is if they demonstrate at every turn an understanding of the mood of the conservative voters.  And one thing the conservative voters are not in the mood for is neocons attacking Donald Trump while he is speaking the truth about the stolen elections.

The only useful thing that the elections can do at this point is to allow us to fire RINOs.  First action should be all ten of the reps who voted for impeachment.  After that we’ll have to go through the list of Senators.  Some are easy.  Murkowski, Romney and Sasse are three of the five senators who voted against Rand Paul’s resolution against the impeachment.  They should be easy.  The other two Collins and Toomey aren’t actionable.  Collins just got re-elected and in six years she will be two hundred years old and automatically turned into an historical landmark.  Toomey is retiring and besides since he is in Pennsylvania honest voting is a meaningless concept.

Now all of this is strictly for sweet revenge.  These rats should be punished as soon as possible and they should never be allowed to run for dog catcher after this.  But just to be clear, the real political action that needs to be taken will have to be at the state level.  All conservative leaders need to coordinate actions across the length and breadth of red state America coming up with actions that can protect their citizens against Dementia Joe and the rest of the evil trolls.  Any red state with a blue city should work out a strategy to  criminalize the Antifa activity to such an extent that all of those cretins will be sent to the big-house for the rest of their lives.  And policies should be formulated to punish the Big Tech companies that discriminate against their citizens.  And they can drop the hammer on the schools and college that proselytize their children.

These are where the real politics will take place.  But firing RINOs will be a nice diversion in the meantime.