November 8th 2022 Should Be Named Liz Cheney Replacement Day

Liz Cheney is America’s Karen.  She’s an upper class white woman who lectures and browbeats normal Americans with her shrewish and obnoxious words and views.  But in about a year Liz will be booted out of the House of Representatives and sent back to her family.  Hopefully they will grow so tired of having her around that they’ll put her in charge of something completely unimportant that will take up all of her time.  Possibly she can become the crossing guard at a corner that no one ever walks by.  I can see her with her hand held stop and go sign and here reflective uniform and her whistle.  She can jump up and down and screech at motorists and force them to stop whenever a squirrel or turtle wants to cross the road.  It would be her highest and best use in society.  Eventually some sleepy truck driver will accidentally run her over while she attempts to warn him off some crow picking at road kill on her corner.  And so she would attain martyrdom.  Saint Liz the Patron Saint of Scolds, Banshees and Karens.

But hopefully it will also be the day when we lose a whole company of RINOs.  There are something like twenty of them that self-identified by voting for impeachment this year after Donald Trump was out of office.  And there are enough other dolts who have proven their untrustworthy nature during all the COVID and George Floyd madness to bring their cases to the attention of voters next year.  And hopefully based on the recent polling there will be a very good sized company of Democrats who will also be joining them in the unemployment line too.

All in all next Election Day should be something of a celebration for the country.  Maybe we can call it Schadenfreude Day, or to make it sound a little more American, Comeuppance Day.  But whatever we do or don’t bother to call it, it will be a day when hopefully we take the first step toward ridding ourselves of the phonies who claim to be on “our side.”  Liz Cheney has no business representing real Americans.  She’s a phony from the the get go and if she wants to represent anyone let her get residency in New York City or San Francisco and represent the phonies and weirdos who live there.  Of course, because she’s a “Republican” they won’t have her.  Even she isn’t crazy enough for their liking but let her deal with that, not us.  I’d prefer the crazies that actually belong on our side.  We can work our way through them to find the few good people around like Ron DeSantis.  The last thing we need is to get a Jeb Bush or a Mitt Romney foisted on us as our supposed presidential candidate.

So I’m looking forward to Comeuppance Day. Now of course Liz will already have been eliminated during the primary election well before the general election day.  But I want to celebrate all the losses, both RINO and Dem on the same day so I’ll have to practice delayed gratification to make it a much more meaningful celebration.

I figure I’ll celebrate with corned beef and pastrami sandwiches and later on some pie and ice cream with good coffee.  Hopefully there will be a Youtube video that includes all my favorites wailing about their losses.  Boy I love being mean.

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1 year ago

“Liz Cheney is America’s Karen.” Brutal and true. I like it.
Liz has her seat by virtue of being Dick Cheney’s daughter and no other reason.
One would think that she would appreciate this and be slightly humble. That she would, at least, keep a low profile. But no – Liz has decided to get in the face of the rubes she conned into voting for her.
I guess she made enough money through insider trading to not worry about income for the rest of her life.
Either that, or she’s just arrogant and stupid.