It’s Official, Cheney Got the Boot!

In a move sure to sadden every NeverTrumper out there Liz Cheney was ousted from her cushy position as Republican House Conference Chaircritter.  I assume she will have to give up the prestigious, spacious digs that the leadership critters get and instead be dropped into GenPop with the rest of the animals inhabiting Congress.  Now she’ll have to learn to make a shiv and use it to fight for cigarettes and position in the slop line at lunch.  Well, she looks pretty tough.  She’ll survive and even thrive.  Kinzinger will become her toady and she can always become a snitch for Warden Pelosi.

Some have speculated that she may switch sides and become a Democrat.  Sure why not?

Anyway, the countdown begins for her ouster in the Wyoming Republican Primary sometime next year.  Bye, bye Liz.