Left Says, “Stop Being Mean to Liz Cheney!”

Oh no!  Slate says if we kick Liz Cheney out of the Republican Party we’ll never win again!  What we gonna do?

I love these brilliant studies that show that that a third of a fifth of republican voters who don’t want to see Cheney kicked to the curb might vote for a Democrat in 2022.  What kind of a spineless loser do you have to be to be scared by that prospect?  Good!  If we have to win with Liz Cheney I’d rather go somewhere else where the people aren’t pusillanimous worms.  Let’s call Cheney the canary in the mine.  If the voters still think she’s on the Right then we deserve to lose anyway.  Do we need to take political strategy advice from Slate?

Only read the linked article if you have  strong stomach.  What’s next?  The Return of JEB! ?

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1 year ago

Being generous, I suppose that by being the opposite to the Dims in most if in not all things, the Republicans should not insist on 100% ideological agreement across the board. The Dim party is a totalitarian political party and tolerates no dissent at all. Their 300 and some odd senators and representatives vote straight party line virtually 100% of the time.

There may or may not be room in the Republican party for the likes of Liz Cheney, but in a leadership role, no, hell no.

Neil M. Dunn
Neil M. Dunn
1 year ago

Sundance at CTH has a list of the 35 Republican decepticons (with their pictures) to include Liz Cheney. These are the 35 RINOs who voted with the House Dems to form the congressional committee to investigate the 1/6/21 DC capitol events.