Could Another Festivus Miracle Be About to Occur?

And the good news just keeps on coming.

Challenger Joe Kent has nearly overtaken U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler in vote counts released Friday, leaving the six-term incumbent teetering on the brink of defeat amid Republican backlash over her vote to impeach former President Donald Trump.

Kent has gained ground every day, in a trendline that points to him surpassing Herrera Beutler when more votes are counted next week.

Herrera Beutler “needs a miracle,” wrote Dave Wasserman, an editor and election expert with the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, on Twitter, calling Kent the “strong favorite to knock her out of the top two.”

As of Friday evening, Herrera Beutler had 22.6% of the vote to Kent’s 22.5% — a margin of just 257 votes. Kent had trailed by 1,945 on Thursday. An estimated 30,000 ballots remain to be counted in Clark County, the district’s population center, which will continue counting votes again on Monday.”

That’s right.  It just keeps getting worse for the Republican impeachment voters.  Let this be a lesson for all turncoats.  The days of betraying your voters with impunity are over.  Word is getting out.  The people are angry.  Do your job or get out.

15JUN2022 – Another One Bites the Dust – Tom Rice Primary-ed Out of Existence

Tom Rice, one of the Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump lost his primary election for re-election to challenger South Carolina state Rep. Russell Fry who was endorsed by Trump.

As I’ve made abundantly clear I am a vindictive jerk who sees pay back as a very important part of life.  But just to show just how stupid this Rice guy is, look at who he brought in to help his re-election campaign.  Paul Ryan and Chris Christie!

Rice’s race has received national attention, in part because of Trump’s rally in the district. But Rice himself invited out-of-state Republicans to stump with him, such as former House Speaker Paul Ryan and ex-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, amplifying his Trump record.

Look, this guy is obviously a hack and a loser.  He’s not Mitt Romney stupid but given time and money he might have reached those exalted heights.  So let’s think of this as a mercy killing.  Well, we’re getting closer and closer to the election and that list of ten Republican Congressmen who voted for impeachment is getting shorter and shorter.  As the primary season ends I’ll do a review and we’ll savor the schadenfreude as we say goodbye to them one last time.

Adios Tom.





Another Impeachment GOPer About to Get Primaried

Ah, it’s music to my ears.  another RINO traitor getting poleaxed in the primary.  Hey Portly Politico, is this guy your Congressman?

“South Carolina state Rep. Russell Fry has a double-digit lead on Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) in one poll as the embattled incumbent campaigns to keep his Grand Strand to Pee Dee congressional district after voting to impeach President Donald Trump.

More than two-fifths (42%) of likely Republican primary voters would support Trump-endorsed Fry, a former South Carolina General Assembly majority chief whip, if the June 14 election were held today, according to a Trafalgar Group ballot test of the state’s 7th District published Wednesday.”

Being a vengeful, spiteful kind of guy, I enjoy this part of the elections even more than the winning.  Watching Liz Cheney and these creeps get flushed down the electoral drain is schadenfreude at its very best.  Bye bye, Tom Rice.  Good luck finding that new day job.

Midterm Slogan: Impeach the Dumbasses

The Democrats and their boosters have settled on the dual strategy of blaming Putin for inflation and also telling Americans that downgrading their lives is the solution to poverty.  I saw a Bloomberg publication advising people who can’t pay their bills to:

  • Take the bus
  • Don’t buy in bulk
  • Try lentils instead of meat
  • Nobody said this would be fun

Brilliant!  Why didn’t I think of that?  I’ve got one.  Sell your blood.  Wonderful!

But it seems obvious that this opens a very good opportunity for the Republicans to be seen as the party that wants Americans not to be poor.  They can have a slogan like, “The Democrats want you to barely survive; The Republicans want you to thrive.”

It’s truly pathetic that McConnell and McCarthy haven’t already rolled out a campaign for November that targets Democrat voters.  They should harangue Democrats in all fifty states to provide enough votes in the Senate to convict both Biden and Harris of being dumbasses who have allowed the US economy to deteriorate to where Americans can’t buy meat for their kids.  We’d need sixty-seven votes in the Senate and that is probably a bridge too far but it would make a killer advertising campaign.  Imagine showing cuts of Biden and Harris spouting gibberish, graphs showing gas and food prices skyrocketing and then finish by saying, “Can we afford to wait three more years to get rid of Biden?  By then there won’t be anything left.  Vote Republican to get rid of the dumbasses.”

I think it has definite appeal.  One thing such a campaign strategy might do is sow dissension in Democrat ranks.  Democrat senators who are up for re-election will try to distance themselves from Biden and Harris.  Some might even agree with the campaign to help bolster their chances for re-election.  Even if we don’t get the sixty-seven votes in November there might be some senators up for re-election in 2024 who might work with the Republicans to get rid of Biden and Harris next year.

And what it will do is appeal to people’s desire to get out of the trap we’re in.  Who wants to hear that we have to wait until 2025 to see the last of Dementia Joe and the Nitwit?  Even if it doesn’t succeed it might get us a few more seats and those will help to offset poisonous fools like Romney.  Yeah, I like this idea.  I think I’ll have a flag made that says, “Impeach the Dumbasses.”  It’s not as inspirational as Make America Great Again or anything like that but it’s short, punchy and abusive which plays to my strengths.

I’ll fly the flag in the run-up to Election Day and have a barbecue to raise money for “Impeach the Dumbasses” bumper stickers.  Come to think of it, maybe I can have them made up by one of those web sites that make custom bumper stickers and sell them on the site.  You know, it’s sort of my patriotic duty to do it.  And I might even make a few bucks too. Win, win.

Update:  So there have been a few people interested in actually buying a bumper sticker.  If anyone knows of an on-line company that does a good job making these things cheaply and conveniently let me know.  Me and my big mouth!

Something to Raise My Spirits

I was writing a post about what might be going on this year.  It was coming out pretty depressing and so I put it aside.  As I mentioned yesterday the Mid-Winter Blues have reached me.  Adding depressing predictions is just something I can’t justify at the moment.  I need something light to move me through my day.

So, I checked my almanac and sure enough we’re over the hump of winter. There are approximately thirteen weeks in winter and we’re in week eight. and the days are about 90 minutes longer than they were at Winter Solstice.  So, by any measure of sidereal momentum, we’re on the upswing.  In honor of this milestone, I will put all doom and gloom aside.  After all, the human soul needs hope and light to carry on.  That’s what I’ll do.

Here’s a video that lists the ten most conservative cities in the US.  The narrator is a little bit snarky, probably a liberal jerk but I still found it interesting.  I’m sure there are alternate lists but it’s a good starting point.  If you want to add a city to the list leave it in the comments.

And because I’m always looking for good science fiction movies here’s a video that claims to do that.  CineFix Top 10 Science Fiction Films of All Time  I agree with some of these picks disagree with a couple and have never seen a few others so I’ll check them out and maybe find something good.  If you disagree with any feel free to say.

And this just in, the idiots in the Senate have finally finished the farcical impeachment theater with seven cretinous Republicans voting with the Democrat creeps.  These were Sens. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.  Burr was a bit of a surprise.  I wonder if he’ll join Romney and Sasse in being primaried out by their states when they come up for re-election.  Let’s hope.

Well, look at that.  Now my spirits have lifted.  I’ll get on with reading the accounts of the farce and wait for President Trump to comment on it and then tell us what the future will hold.

Well see there now, seek and ye shall find.  Ask and ye shall receive.  A nice reward and we can hope that serious people will now step forward to start discussing what our side can do to sidestep what’s going on in Washington DC and begin to return our lives to something resembling the better world we lived in just one long year ago.  I only hope the smart and powerful decide to come to our aid.  They can make this easier and less ugly.  If the little people have to do it ourselves it’s going to be very painful and so ugly that I don’t even want to imagine it.  No one wants the United States to go through something like the fate of Yugoslavia.  But more and more it’s looking like that is how it will play out.  But that’s a discussion for another day.  Today I’ll just bask in a good ending for a mid-winter day.

Update:  Now it can begin.

12FEB2021 – OCF Update – The Mid-Winter Blues

The Mid-Winter Blues have got me today.  I should be celebrating the end of the Impeachment Farce and the beginning of better things but for some reason the prospect of another couple of months of this weather has sort of sunk into my soul.  It won’t last but it does make me slightly sorrowful.

I finally started reading the latest Harry Dresden book (Battle Ground).  I’m a few chapters in but I really haven’t gotten hooked.  Something seems different about Harry’s voice.  Jim Butcher took about six years off between his earlier books and these last two ( this one and the previous one Peace Talks) and it seems to me there’s been a change.  Who knows, maybe I’ve changed.  But we’ll see, maybe I’ll snap into it.

I finally got through the first chapter of Gulag Archipelago.  It was ninety pages of purges that killed off sixty million people.  Stalin truly was a monster.  One of the footnotes had an historical idea I hadn’t heard before.  There was a belief that Stalin may have been part of the Czarist secret police before the revolution.  The records were burned by some of the Bolsheviks and it would explain Stalin’s expertise at pulverizing resistance.  The next chapter is about interrogation.  Just from the little I’ve already read it appears that torture was one of their areas of expertise.  Oh well, onward.

I’ve been thinking more about what is the practical way to start making some headway against the Left.  It seems to me that a coordination of consumer practices would be a way to leverage the numbers that our side has.  And that could be both positive and negative coordination.  Boycotts would definitely be an important tactic but also cutting deals with companies such that they would acknowledge the monetary advantage of working with us in exchange for the complete cessation of woke kowtowing.  So if we give them a lot of business they stop virtue signaling to the Left and stop attacking normal culture.  No boycotts of right-wing books and products. No transgender bathrooms.  It seems astonishing that something like this hasn’t already happened.  But our side is so lacking in leadership that I guess it shouldn’t be.

I saw a headline that Nikki Haley is attacking President Trump.  Good.  She’s clearly shown her true colors and anyone who tells me what a great presidential candidate she’d make is going to get laughed out of the room by me.  Another snake.  Boy there are so many.

I’ve been reading about a movement to have 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties and constitutional counties where the sheriff will refuse to allow anyone to be prosecuted for offenses that are protected under the constitution.  That sounds like a step in the right direction.  Although in blue states that will become very tricky.  A governor has a lot more fire power than a sheriff.

Well, maybe when the Senate votes to acquit today or early next week I’ll snap out of my funk.  But I really could use some good news.  If anyone hears of anything splendiferous please pass it along.  I could really use it.

Senators are Saying the Farce May be Over By Sunday

Apparently more senators are coming forward to tell the press that the Republicans have the votes to deny witnesses and move on to the final vote this weekend.

Good.  It’s about time.  I can’t wait for the State of the Union Address.  Maybe Pelosi will boycott it and we won’t have to see her hideous face.


22JAN2020- OCF Update

So I haven’t bothered to read any detailed reports of the Senate Trial.  But the headlines are amusing and encouraging.  Apparently Mitch McConnell has kept his nerve and stonewalled the Dems on all their requests to extend the trial and showboat for the media.  Good for you, turtle man.  Let him keep that up for another day or two and we can move on to something really important, namely the sign stealing scandal in Major League Baseball.  Perhaps Nancy Pelosi can inject herself into that crisis.  If I remember my history Nancy was involved in that earlier baseball scandal involving the 1919 Chicago Black Sox when she seduced Shoeless Joe Jackson by showing him a not so shapely ankle in exchange for his cooperation in throwing the World Series.  During testimony Shoeless Joe lamented, “That old bag’s ankle was definitely not worth the lifetime baseball ban.”  Or so I’ve heard.

The other political story of interest is Bernie Sanders holding his ground against a full court press by the press.  They have accused him of everything including being “like Donald Trump,” which is as close as they can come to issuing a fatwa against him.  But one story I glanced at claimed that a new nationwide poll has Bernie  leading Creepy Uncle Joe for the first time.  If Bernie gets the nomination I think it would be the first time in history that a U. S. Presidential election featured only men born in New York City.  A definite sign of the apocalypse.  A lot of people are saying Bernie is a bigger threat than any of the other Dem candidates.  Maybe that’s true.  He definitely promises a lot of stuff and he does claim he’s for the people.  Well, either way I don’t think any of these doofuses will give the President much trouble.

Work is a bear right now but I’ll try to squeeze in a post whenever humanly possible.  I’ve got some more country music reviews and of course Star Trek must go on.  I’ll add some more stuff to reclaiming the family and of course The He-Man Woman Haters’ Club but those posts shouldn’t be rushed.  They need time and loving care.

Stay tuned.


A Use for the Senate Trial

I anticipate this trial to be a ridiculous farce with the Dems attempting to use headlines as a way to force the Senate Republicans to cave on a long list of hostile witnesses in order to drag this thing out.  And the MSM will amplify their nonsense incessantly.  And hopefully Mitch McConnell will ignore all this and only provide the minimum time and air time to the Democrats.

What isn’t certain is how much of a show McConnell will allow.  If McConnell had 51 reliable votes, he could go for a preliminary vote to refuse to go through with the trial.  But as I’ll enumerate later there aren’t 51 reliable votes.  The next least offensive choice is to forgo any evidence and after the two sides make their opening statements have the Senate go directly to a vote on conviction.  That President Trump would win such a vote is a foregone conclusion.  After that we get to uglier scenarios.  If the President’s counsel and the House losers get to call witnesses this will be a three-ring circus complete with clowns and a freak show.

If I were to guess I’m going with a vote right after the opening statement.  That would seem to be the option that we know we have the votes for that does the least damage.

But one thing is certain.  A number of Senate Republicans will be turncoats and stab the President in the back.  What this Trial will do is expose all the unreliable and/or hostile Senate Republicans.  We can make a few assumptions ahead of time.  Mitt Romney will be a turncoat.  He’ll immediately start spouting Democrat talking points before even they do.  Susan Collins of Maine is the most vulnerable Republican due to the Massachusetts colonization of Maine over the last twenty years.  And of course, no list of unreliable Senate Republicans is complete without Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.  She voted against Justice Kavanaugh and she’ll vote against President Trump just because she can.  So, these are the knowns.  Who are the unknowns?  That is the good that will come out of this.  We’ll find every single weak-kneed sister and every double crosser in the Senate.

So, there you have it.  I have managed to come up with a bright side to the Impeachment travesty.  Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Nadler and the other nimrods have assembled this sideshow that I will make a definite point to avoid but based just on the voting transcript I’ll have a perfect count of the Senate Republicans that we can and cannot count on when the chips are down.  That’s my silver lining.