Another Impeachment GOPer About to Get Primaried

Ah, it’s music to my ears.  another RINO traitor getting poleaxed in the primary.  Hey Portly Politico, is this guy your Congressman?

“South Carolina state Rep. Russell Fry has a double-digit lead on Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) in one poll as the embattled incumbent campaigns to keep his Grand Strand to Pee Dee congressional district after voting to impeach President Donald Trump.

More than two-fifths (42%) of likely Republican primary voters would support Trump-endorsed Fry, a former South Carolina General Assembly majority chief whip, if the June 14 election were held today, according to a Trafalgar Group ballot test of the state’s 7th District published Wednesday.”

Being a vengeful, spiteful kind of guy, I enjoy this part of the elections even more than the winning.  Watching Liz Cheney and these creeps get flushed down the electoral drain is schadenfreude at its very best.  Bye bye, Tom Rice.  Good luck finding that new day job.

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2 months ago

Agreed. Nice to see. When the new GOP led house impeaches PINO Joe for real impeachable offences (Not protecting the border is one.) watch as not a single Democrat votes to impeach.
The republicans need to learn to act like their opponents if they ever want to defeat them and we need to make sure those that miss the message are punished.

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