15JUN2022 – Another One Bites the Dust – Tom Rice Primary-ed Out of Existence

Tom Rice, one of the Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump lost his primary election for re-election to challenger South Carolina state Rep. Russell Fry who was endorsed by Trump.

As I’ve made abundantly clear I am a vindictive jerk who sees pay back as a very important part of life.  But just to show just how stupid this Rice guy is, look at who he brought in to help his re-election campaign.  Paul Ryan and Chris Christie!

Rice’s race has received national attention, in part because of Trump’s rally in the district. But Rice himself invited out-of-state Republicans to stump with him, such as former House Speaker Paul Ryan and ex-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, amplifying his Trump record.

Look, this guy is obviously a hack and a loser.  He’s not Mitt Romney stupid but given time and money he might have reached those exalted heights.  So let’s think of this as a mercy killing.  Well, we’re getting closer and closer to the election and that list of ten Republican Congressmen who voted for impeachment is getting shorter and shorter.  As the primary season ends I’ll do a review and we’ll savor the schadenfreude as we say goodbye to them one last time.

Adios Tom.





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7 months ago

Last week, some reporter asked Tom if he would support Trump if he got the nomination in 2024. Rice replied that he might support Trump if Trump apologized.
Well, now, no one cares what Tom Rice thinks.
You might say that the voters (Puts on sunglasses) trumped Mr. Rice.