The Road Warrior Becomes Reality

Some animals in Las Vegas steal a car and go on a rampage crashing into other cars and then committing vehicular homicide against a guy riding a bicycle.  He turned out to be a retired California policeman.  It was premeditated and they thought it was hilarious.  Apparently the driver was seventeen so I’m sure it will be excused because of his tender years.

So when do even the blue states realize that normal life as we used to live it can no longer exist without the rule of law?  Maybe we’re beginning to see it starting to happen in the place that was ground zero for the BLM revolution, Minneapolis.  That Democrat woman who had her leg broken during a car jacking in front of her house.  She sounded a lot like a law and order true believer after the fact.  And she used to be a “defund the police” zombie.

Maybe it happens when they realize that cops treating thugs like thugs is how order is achieved.  George Floyd died because he swallowed all the fentanyl he had in his pockets to avoid arrest.  Whatever indignities he suffered before the ambulance arrived were part and parcel of him trying to resist arrest.  When the people of Minneapolis can admit that, maybe they’ll get civilized life back in their city.  Until then they’ll be living in the war zone and getting everything they deserve.

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8 months ago

“A bike crash” “Some people did something” the media excuses the left.
“The Jan 6th protest was worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 put together. It was an insurrection!”

Their violence is speech. Our speech is violence.
We will not win until the media is destroyed. Fortunately, they seem to be well on the way to doing that for us. Witness Disney.