Despair Among the Never-Trumpers

Almost the only good thing coming out of the veritable tsunami of chaos that is our political landscape is how the Republican elites have been literally poleaxed by the loyalty of Trump’s voters.  I mean gob-smacked doesn’t begin to describe their horror.

Here’s an article in the despicable New Yorker that mentions a litany of super PACs and billionaire donors and how all of them are too shocked by the polls to even know where to begin.  Going over some of the advertising that is meant to sway voters away from Trump, the despair that has enveloped the political operatives is quite entertaining:.

“Miller took particular aim at a seven-million-dollar ad campaign recently launched by a pro-Tim Scott super pac, in Iowa and New Hampshire, which emphasized Scott’s likability and included an enthusiastic supporter asking the camera, “Have you seen him work a crowd?” Miller wrote, “Are you f***ing kidding me with this? This is what the money is going to?!” He went on to compare the spot to “using the playbook from a peewee football game to go up against Florida State.””

It’s heartwarming to read just how flabbergasted these soulless bugmen have become.  My favorite were the quotes when the author interviewed that neocon albatross Bill Kristol:

 He sounded pretty depressed about the Stop Trump project generally. “This is where the donors are now: ‘I don’t know, it sort of looks like he’s going to be the nominee, and it looks like he could win,’ and that’s sort of correct. And then now they’re busy talking themselves into ‘You know what? Maybe I’ll just kind of get along with Trump O.K. Why kill myself to, you know, recruit Glenn Youngkin, who’s probably not going to make it? Why don’t I just keep quiet, maybe write a polite check to Trump so I’m not on his bad side, or just stay out of it?’ ”

How hilarious is that?  The donors are thinking of groveling back to Trump.  They literally have no self respect at all.  They just turn with the wind.  And is it any wonder why the Republicans are where they are.  They don’t stand for anything and they don’t believe in anything but being in power.

Well, if Bill Kristol thinks that Donald Trump will be the nominee and could win the White House then I suppose the rest of the spineless Republicans will rally round pretty soon to try and get their piece of the pie when Trump gets back in the White House.  But with friends like these he’s better off keeping the Biden cabinet in place and simply replace them with Mexican drug lords and strongmen from other banana republics.  At least they’re ruthless and he can use them to persecute his real enemies like Bill Barr and Mike Pence.

But seriously what a farce this country’s politics has become.  The hollowness of all the politicians and the bureaucrats is nauseating.  I doubt a single one of them has anything even resembling an immortal soul.  Instead when they die a tiny puff of some noxious gas like formaldehyde or ammonia will be released and then dispersed into nothingness.  And neither heaven nor hell will notice that they ever existed.

But wouldn’t it be the greatest cosmic joke of all time if the Democrat fraud machine couldn’t manage to steal the 2024 election and Trump gets back in and has his chance to fire 60% of the bureaucracy?  I think I’d die happy just knowing that all those lying sacks of crap in the State Department and all those vicious sociopaths in the FBI and CIA were working as baristas in the local DC Starbucks.

Well, I can dream.


You know I thought I should add that enjoying the suffering of the Never-Trumpers is like a special gift I’ve been blessed with.  Seeing Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney bounced out of the federal government and hearing guys like Bill Kristol crying in their beer is a gift we’ve been given.  Letting them feel a tiny bit of the chaos that they’re responsible for in our lives just feels like justice.  Viva schadenfreude.