In the Wake of Looting, San Francisco a “Ghost Town”

The NY Post reports that in the wake of smash and grab looting of some of the most expensive stores in San Francisco the store owners have boarded up their store and hired security guards to protect their businesses and employees from the threat.

The end quote encapsulates the situation.

“Being soft on criminals has its consequences. For San Francisco, the result is a ghost town. For decades, this Bay Area destination has held conferences where it held itself up to the world as a model of a “livable, walkable” city.

Not any more.

“People are scared to go downtown,” native resident Tandler told me.

“This is the destruction of a city.””





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Bigus Macus
Bigus Macus
1 month ago
  1. There is one area in SF that won’t be effected. China Town, the Tongs won’t let it happen.
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