“But he himself went up alone into the secret room under the summit of the Tower; and many who looked up thither at that time saw a pale light that gleamed and flickered from the narrow windows for a while, and then flashed and went out. And when Denethor descended again he went to Faramir and sat beside him without speaking, but the face of the Lord was grey, more deathlike than his son’s.”

(J.R.R. Tolkien,” The Lord of the Rings)


Everybody reading (and writing) this post is a news junkie.  So, thinking about political matters is part of our nature.  But constantly reading the news and opinion pieces all day long is bad for you.  It creates a lot of stress.  It can depress you.  And over the long haul those kinds of things can kill people.

But there’s another thing it does to you which also causes enormous damage.

It distracts you.

When you follow these stories and agonize over the drip, drip, drip of the unfolding drama on line or in the media you lose track of the important things you should be thinking about and doing.  You are distracted.

Now I am the poster child for this behavior.  During the post-9-11 period I obsessed over every detail of the war news.  I think I spent the whole Bush presidency looking at the casualty data coming out of Iraq.  And, sure, that was a vitally important aspect of the news but it blinded me to what I should have been thinking about.  I should have been questioning the underlying reasons why George Bush wasn’t obsessed with eliminating those injuries and deaths.  I was missing the bigger picture.

And more importantly, it distracted me from paying attention to my own private matters.  Financial considerations, professional responsibilities, even family concerns took a back seat to what was going on half a world away because I became obsessed with the details of a drama that I had no control over and which was played out on a medium that had become omnipresent.

As a reality check, I admit I am still obsessed with the details of the culture war that has engulfed our world.  In fact it’s at the center of one of my primary activities, this blog.  But like a recovering addict I’ve developed a program for modifying my behavior and rebalancing my life away from the source of the compulsion.

The first rule is to monitor your time and limit the amount of time you spend reading the news and opinion journals.  That’s key.  Figure out how much time you need to accomplish all the other things in your life that need doing and then allocate something less than the remainder of the day to your obsession.

The second rule is to develop a clear understanding about how things work in the real world.  That way you can clearly distinguish in your mind the things you have control over and things that you do not.  If you can convince yourself that you are already doing everything possible to mitigate the problems you worry about, it may relieve you of some of your anxiety.

As an example, if you’ve decided that electoral fraud has already made election of a Republican president or a Republican senate impossible then it’s no longer sensible to spend endless hours worrying which Republican candidate will be nominated.  This might allow you to concentrate your efforts on finding a Red State to move to and deciding which candidate in that state you want to see as governor.

And the third rule is ENJOY YOUR LIFE.

Fretting over the antics of the clowns in Washington steals from you time and happiness.  There’s always plenty of time when you can obsess about the horror we see every day in the news.  Pediatric transgender medical malpractice, deep state trespasses against the constitutional rights of Americans, green energy frauds, state-sponsored anti-white violence; you name it.  There are enough outrages in the news every day to rob you of joy for the whole twenty-four hours.  But don’t let it.

Compartmentalize the time you waste on line fussing and fretting.  Force yourself to walk away and do something fun or useful or both.  And by doing this you will imperceptibly make the world and your world that much better.  Because while you’re sitting there fretting, you’re not making things better you’re just making yourself worse.  And you’re making the little bubble that is your world worse.

So, after you read this break away and rejoin the real world and go outside and breath some fresh air and tackle some real-world problem and check it off your list.  Denethor, drop the palantir and pick up a sword.

Culture Wars are Long Wars – An Essay by Tanner Greer

This fellow provides supporting evidence for his thesis that the culture war has permanently captured the millennial generation and the people we need to convince and convert are Gen Z.  So his theory is that as the millennials take over the running of the country their belief in socialism and woke morality will be the orthodoxy of this society and it will take another generation to escape from it.  That’s a pretty sobering thought.  If you’re interested in theories on how orthodoxies become established and then overthrown take a look.

Culture Wars are Long Wars



Separating Our Problems into Actionable Buckets – Part 1

One of the problems with our present situation is that it’s not just one problem.  And worse than that, it’s not as if all of these problems we have are arranged in such a way that any single action undermines all of them like some kind of keystone that once removed destabilizes the whole structure that is arrayed against us.  And maybe there is such a thing that can neutralize the Left’s hold on our country but if it does exist it probably involves the use of brute force.

So, putting that aside let’s talk about how we can act on separate aspects of our problems with the Left to minimize the damage that it does to us and allows us to maximize the quality of our lives.

To do that we might look at the different impacts that the Left has on us and order them from worst to least damaging.  For instance, recently the well known beauty pageants like Miss America and Miss World have begun allowing “transwomen” to compete.  As horrendous as the idea of this is, the actual damage to my life is relatively limited.  I don’t think I’ve ever watched more than the clips of the winner crying and hugging the other contestants as if she didn’t hate all their guts.  So even though it is an abomination I’m not losing any sleep over it.  And that’s good because my chances of stopping castrati (I assume) from participating in the swimsuit competition are decidedly closer to none rather than slim.

On the other hand, if I had children in a school that announced that they were going to indoctrinate them in critical race theory in general and transgenderism in particular, I’d be extremely upset about the damage that would do and I would be looking for a way to avert this situation.  I would look into protesting to the school board and failing action from this, I would look for a private school that would preclude this sort of propaganda.

So notice the difference.  If a minor problem for which no real solution exists can be detached from a major problem for which a real solution does exist, I can stop moaning and groaning about the transgender nightmare and do something about the problem.

So that’s the approach, look for how a general problem impacts me and mine and concentrate on solutions that address that specific impact.  Sure, if a general solution appears that would be great.  If Bruce Jenner gets his sanity back and denounces the Kardashians and declares himself a castrated man and stops wearing dresses and high heels and begs America to force all “trans-people” to undergo electroconvulsive treatment until they snap out of their insanity then maybe we won’t have to worry about psychos indoctrinating our children.  But I think it would be wise not to wait for that.

So that’s the approach I want to take with this idea.  Find the particular critical problem and look for an actionable and effective solution.  Feel free in the comments to provide any examples of these kinds of problems and the practical solutions you can think of.  It would also be useful to list which critically important problems currently lack effective solutions altogether.

I Come to Bury the Oscars Not to Praise Them

I read today that the Oscars took place last night and that the ratings had shrunk by 58% below the already lowest ratings of the year before.  I laughed heartily for several minutes while I read the details of this farcical proceeding.  I think the very best bit was the fact that the Best Actor award was saved for the end to highlight what they hoped would be the victory of the star of the Black Panther super hero movie who died of cancer.  But then he surprisingly lost to Anthony Hopkins in a non-Hannibal Lecter part.  And then just to add insult to injury Hopkins didn’t bother to stay up to accept the award and it had to be accepted by the janitor at the laundromat where the ceremony took place.

It’s just marvelous to watch as these creepy perverts who lecture us on morality fall into the dustheap of history.  Even the shills who pretend to provide honest reviews of these awful movies admitted this year that even they had never heard of some of these movies and that there was little or no chance that anyone who wasn’t forced at gunpoint would pay to see any of them.

Here’s the list:

  • Nomadland
  • The Father
  • Judas and the Black Messiah
  • Mank
  • Minari
  • Promising Young Woman
  • Sound of Metal
  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

The only one that has at least a reason to be on a list of American motion pictures is Mank.  It’s about an American movie director during the Golden Age of Hollywood and stars Gary Oldman whom I really like.  All the rest of the movies are either diversity projects or so awful that they’re basically daring you to go see them, or both.  Nomadland won the Oscar because the director is a Chinese woman.  Reading the plot summary, I was struck by how awful it sounded.  The Father was the movie that Anthony Hopkins won the Best Actor award for.  He plays an Alzheimer victim.  The Sound of Metal is the story of a heavy metal drummer who is going deaf.  Judas and the Black Messiah and The Trial of the Chicago 7 are the obligatory black struggle films.  Minari is the obligatory Korean immigrant story.  And finally Promising Young Woman is the female empowerment rape revenge movie.

Wow.  Who wouldn’t want to just run out and see all these movies over and over again?

Well anyway, it’s truly gratifying to see that they’ve finally crashed and burned their whole tawdry industry and there’s nothing left to do but dig a whole and bury the whole stupid enterprise underneath that broken down Hollywood sign on the hill.  It should be interesting to see if some country that isn’t completely infected with woke imbecility manages to start making movies that people want to see.  I know it seems unlikely but honestly in the past it happened all the time.  Maybe it’ll have to be stone age people in Papua New Guinea or the Amazon jungle.  Places that have never heard of Hollywood.  Or maybe space aliens might crash land and take up movie making as a way to earn money to buy repair parts for their warp drive.  But however it happens, I’d like to think that someday we’ll do better than this crap.

Weather I Like it or Not

April showers bring May flowers but we had a forecast yesterday, that called for a couple of inches of snow.  That seemed uncalled for to me.  The tv weather reports have been handed over to the B-Team since the COVID meltdown so I’m never sure anymore if it’s just mopery-dopery or something more fiendish.

These woke times have really shaken my faith in all the institutions.  There was a time when you could depend on the tv weather girl to be young, highly attractive and almost disgustingly cheerful as she told you what to expect from the sky over the next 24 hours.  Last week I was watching the evening news when a surly middle aged fat woman berated me about the climate.  I was pretty shocked.  I looked at Camera Girl and said, “What the hell have they done to the weather girl?  She’s morbidly obese!”  She volunteered hopefully, “Maybe she’s pregnant?”  I couldn’t watch.  I turned off the tv and stalked off.

Many things have indicated to me that our culture is doomed.  But the collapse of the weather girl standard, I believe, is the surest sign of the coming apocalypse.  And I’ll know that we’ve reached the final hour when at 7:30 one night the anchor will call out to the weather girl and a fat hairy bald man in a blonde wig and an ill-fitting sun dress will stand in front of the green screen and sashay through an interpretive dance for the forecast.  On that day I’ll pack my bags and start driving for Mexico.

Our neighbor to the south may be the land of narcotraficantes, duffel bags full of human heads and Montezuma’s revenge but I’m guessing that they are years behind us in the weather girl appearance death spiral.  And if I’m wrong about that I’ll keep heading south until I reach that Shangri-La where a pretty woman in a short tight dress walks me through the barometric and precipitation-based predictions.  I don’t much care if she’s a blonde, brunette or red-head.  I will keep going south until finally when I reach Tierra del Fuego if I still have to see a guy in a sun-dress I’ll know it’s all over and I’ll swim out to sea heading for Antarctica.  Maybe I’m exaggerating.  But you get the idea.

Now in case you think I’m a fanatic I want to assure you that I disagree with those countries that have taken the weather girl standard and gone overboard in the other direction.  I think it’s Russia or somewhere that has a channel that features naked weather girls.  I strongly disagree with this concept.  Oversexualizing the weather is wrong.  When someone is telling you about the weather you need a certain amount of resistance to what is being said.  Here in New England, I often find myself yelling at the weather forecasters male and female.  They torture us with absurdly vague and dangerously misleading descriptions of the weather.  How can you predict a range of zero to 34 inches of snow and expect not to get death threats?  How can you predict torrential rain and then yammer on about the drought warning in the same breath?

But imagine if a naked woman was telling this to you.  You’d be powerless to complain.  You’d have no choice but to take whatever advice she gave you.  You would outfit your car for the morning commute with both an inflatable survival raft and a snow shovel.  I need to be able to rail against the weather reader.  I can’t allow any kind of sexual quid pro quo to exist.  I want them to wear clothes.  I only insist that the clothes match the binary tag of their sex chromosomes.  Do I ask too much?  I think not!

photog’s Right-Wing Guide – Part 3 – Cultural Identity, Education and Community on the Right

Why is the Right, or let us say the traditionally oriented Americans always under siege?  Ostensibly because the culture and the education system have declared many of the practices and beliefs that we hold sacred to be morally wrong or even illegal.

Let us take an example.  If you work in a company and Dennis is your manager and one day Dennis’s boss calls everyone into a conference room and informs you that Dennis is now Denise and when “she” returns from surgery “she” will be wearing dresses and a wig and you should call “her” Denise and show your support “her” by joining the LGBTQ allies club and invite “her” to all of your family occasions you probably would be pretty unhappy, especially if Dennis with a wig is extremely creepy and hypersensitive to any issues either personal or work related.  About the only thing you can do to avoid this nightmare is look for another job.

And this is not a made-up example.  I have experienced this one myself.  Although this is a pretty egregious example, there are a hundred other problems large and small that now make life in the progressive world miserable.  What they have done is to preclude people like us from living life the way we want to.

And what are our choices?

  • We can fight a civil war and impose our values on our opponents.
  • We can fight a civil war and divide the country into an area for ourselves and an area for our opponents.
  • We can just give up and be slaves.
  • We can get together in the areas that we control and create our own organization that give us the space to live the way we want.

Choice number four is the one that I want to talk about here.  It’s probably impossible to attempt to organize a community within any of the blue states.  They would go out of their way to persecute anyone they found trying to avoid their traps.

In a Red State you will be allowed to at least organize a community your own way.  That is the critical precursor.  But it’s just the beginning.  Because our opponents follow us into the areas we control the only way to avoid the endless aggravation, we are going to need a system that allows us to separate ourselves from them.  People are always talking about building our own Facebook and Google but what we really need is our own schools and churches and businesses.  As an idea of how something like this can work think of the Amish.  Obviously, they are an extreme example.  They are completely a people apart.  And they live by rules like no one else does.  But no one can propagandize their children or tell them how to worship their God and no one can tell them how to live because they form a self-sufficient community that doesn’t need anything and doesn’t want anything from the outside community.

But we don’t have to go that far.  We need our own churches and we need our own schools.  Those organizations will allow us to socialize and form a community because those organizations will be allowed the freedom to define a community.  And within that community can grow up the small businesses that are needed in communities.  Small stores and tradesmen and car dealerships and banks and whatever other local businesses that people can think to open.  Outsiders may move into a town where a community exists but they won’t send their kids to your school and they won’t go to your church because they don’t believe what you do.  A tight knit community has the environment you need to support children growing up and provides a pool of young men and women who will form the next generation of new families.

Can we do it without a church and a school of our own?  I would say no.  And not just because it will give us the constitutional protection it affords.  It’s the other way around.  A church and a school will foster a sense of identity.  And only that identity will allow us to survive the nihilistic deconstruction of our culture that is the true mission of the progressives.

In my next installment I’ll speculate on what the content of this new identity might be.

Finding my Niche in the Underground

In our war with the Left there are many avenues to pursue and many different talents are needed.  And one person may be multi-talented enough to work on several different aspects of the war and others are only able to do one thing.  And some men are great leaders while others really should restrict their efforts to ditch digging.  Now while it has been said that I am first in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of my blog readers, I have to admit that it was I who said it just now and it has yet to catch on with the cool kids.  So, I have been thinking of late where exactly I think I can do the most good in this forever war.

The results of the recent election debacle have convinced me that the war between the Left and Right will be very long and inconclusive for the rest of my life.  And since life is short, I think I’ve decided what I’ll do in the war.  If we’re not going to fade out by attrition, we need to build a social organization that in addition to allowing us the ability to surround ourselves with normal people will also attract the young people away from the current on-line death trap that the Left has built.

I have been giving a little thought to how something like a fraternal organization would have to work under the conditions we are constrained by.  It will be made up of local off-line chapters that will have to be invitation only.  The on-line aspect can be a coordination function along with a way to share information and pass along things that have worked and not worked.

My idea is to try and form such a local group and use it as a model for others to copy.  I’m trying to decide how many men are needed to form a council that will steer the group and what is the optimal size for the whole chapter.  I think the council will be organized around meetings that coincide with a rotating poker game.  And the venue can be fixed because I have a big basement with a pool table and room for at least twenty or thirty people (of course not all in the same game) but the other members of the council can rotate the responsibility for bringing the food and drinks.

From my point of view the trick is selecting activities that will attract the younger people.  What we are primarily interested in is attracting young men in the 18 to 35 age group and in order to do this successfully we’ll need a way to attract women in the same age group to some aspect of the organization.  This is much trickier.  In the old days you could sponsor a dance or a picnic and that would draw young people.  Maybe that is still a viable idea but it might just as easily be rock climbing or hiking or a landscape photography outing.  Maybe we could even get involved in self defense classes and who knows I could even sponsor a literary society.  But however we do it we’ll have to find a way to pre-select for the kind of people we are interested in.  I was going to try to make some contacts in the more traditional churches to locate good people.

And to be blunt we are also going to have to figure out a way to deselect any members or associated folks who turn out to be incompatible with the tenets of the club.  And that is something that the council will have to work on, the rules.  I have some ideas but until I try this thing out on other people, I don’t know what will be the reaction.  And I think there will be plenty of flexibility on how things get done as long as it can’t get away from the original intent and end up like all the other converged organizations like the Boy Scouts and the other mainstream clubs.

One idea that I heard espoused before was to have our membership join some established organization and form a group within a group.  That way we could leverage the advantages of an established entity like their resources and presence but figure out ways to accommodate our membership.  I kind of like the club within a club idea.  The same approach might work with schools and even work places.

You all know I want to call it the He Man Woman Haters’ Club but that name may be copyrighted.  So, I’ve asked a lawyer friend how I can find out if the name is available for use.  It has a such a good ring to it and gets to the heart of what’s wrong with America today.

Now here’s the rub.  COVID.  How do you do any of this in New England right now?  Well you don’t.  But what I can do is start working out the who, what and where questions now so that I can get rolling once they’ve let us out of our cages.  So that’s my plan.  What do you think?

We Are the United States of America

We are the United States of America.  What do I mean by that?  I’ll start by defining the word we.  I’m restricting that down to the right-wing of the people living in this country.  I don’t mean any ethnicity or race or political status.  I am talking about the people who are in rebellion against BLM, Antifa, Joe Biden, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Mitt Romney, Google, Twitter, Facebook, California, New York, New England, Seattle, Minneapolis and Portland.  We believe in the Constitution of the United States as written at our founding.  We believe in the God given rights found in the Bill of Rights and we do not acknowledge the authority of the FBI, CIA, NSA, or any other government or corporate goons to try and take those rights away.  We do not acknowledge white privilege, systemic racism, critical race theory, intersectionality or any other pseudo-intellectual theory that tries to rationalize disenfranchising Americans of their freedom and rights.

We believe in the things that our ancestors have believed in for all of recorded history.  We believe in God.  We believe in a man and a woman forming a family from the children that they create from their bodies.  We believe that that family is the basis for all the good things that we hold sacred.  We believe that families support each other to form a community and those communities are what make up this nation.  Anyone like BLM or GLAAD whose stated goal is to disrupt the primacy of these families is a mortal enemy of this nation and needs to be rooted out and eliminated.  We don’t believe that sexual deviancy is something to be celebrated.  We don’t believe that men and women who are confused about their sexuality are competent to teach children about any aspect of life.  We don’t believe that the government is responsible or competent to raise our children.  We don’t believe that freedom of speech and freedom of religion are optional or conditional.  We believe in a divine right to live the kind of life we live.

Anybody who believes in or even knuckles under to these people and ideas on the Left isn’t an American.  At best he’s a pawn of these usurpers.  At best he’s an obstacle to reclaiming our country.  And at worst he’s one of them.  He’s part of the truly despicable movement that has allied itself with the globalist elite that is attempting to consolidate power over the formerly free people of the United States of America.  And they’ve come pretty far in their plan.  Most of it they did while we weren’t even aware of their presence.  We can thank the Republican establishment for that.  Their job as controlled opposition was to give the illusion of resistance to the Left while ensuring that the Left always got their way.  By diverting all power from the Right into their hands they ensured that nothing effective was ever done to save our way of life.  Well, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  I won’t be fooled again.

As the only legitimate remaining part of the United States of America we have several jobs.  One is to maintain the culture and the memory of what the United States was.  That’s a pretty big job.  We’re assaulted on every side by the Left’s war against normalcy and against our history.  Evangelizing the young and celebrating our culture is important and takes time and resources.  Resources are needed to pay for schooling and other institutions that keep our way of life alive inside the occupied territories.

Another job is to begin building the structures and institutions that will allow us to have autonomy from the leftist controlled government and corporate entities.  We’ll need our own banks and schools and companies so that the Left won’t be able to discriminate against us and deprive us of services.  We need to distinguish between those who are hostile to us and those who are not and do business accordingly.  We must build community and support each other.

And finally, we need to build up power structures at least at the state level to resist the attacks of the Left at the federal level and eventually overcome them and take back the country.  Whether this is a slow separation of Red and Blue states or a more dramatic revolt is hard to say.  But we have to know that our beliefs aren’t ignored by the people in charge.  They need to be accountable to us and we need to stay awake to what’s going on and take charge of the democratic process.  Assuming that the elites have our best interests at heart is how we got in this mess in the first place.

Well, that was a lot of words.  But what I’m trying to say is that regardless of what the media tells you and how the people in charge spin what’s going on, we are still here.  We’re who we always were and we will endure.  And the way we endure is to celebrate what is true and sacred about life and reject the false and diseased.  We are strong and we are vital.  They are confused and they are fading away.  And especially at this time of year rejoice and have faith.

Analyzing the Trump Method – Learning How to Win

Watching as President Trump rallies his forces to fight the legal battle that the Democrats have forced on him reminded me just how different he is from the losers in the Republican party that preceded him.  And one of his pithy designations stands out as a marker.  He called Jeb Bush “low energy.”  And that is how I can segregate Donald Trump from the rest of the “conservatives.”  He is anything but low energy.  It is his dynamism that allows him to defy gravity.  When the other conservatives allow themselves to sink down in the quick sand Donald Trump powers up and out.  Basically, he is not afraid of tackling a challenge.  He is undaunted by hard work and not afraid metaphorically to get his hands dirty.

Another thing about him is he looks for ways to take advantage of structural weaknesses that his enemies try to hide beneath a façade of strength.  This speaks to the experience of a lifetime dealing with crooked politicians and their business associates.  He knows a stacked deck when he sees one and he knows how to use the rules of the game to his own advantage.  These things speak to intelligence and experience.

Another characteristic is that he is not an idealist.  He decisions are based on observable fact not theory.  If something has been tried and failed, he learns from that.  He’s adaptable and can roll with the punches.  This speaks to a flexibility that allows less important factors to be subordinated to higher order imperatives.

And finally, he is driven by his desire to win.  His egoism drives him to conquer obstacles of every kind, whether they’re individuals, organizations or collective barriers that stand in the way of his goals.  To this end he has assembled a team of people who work to achieve the objectives he has identified.

When I look at this list of traits what I see are the traits that I would characterize as the qualifications of a survivor.  Individuals that have these traits will survive in good times and bad.  They will thrive and rise to the top in good times and they will survive and hold their own during adversity.

This is what we need to emulate if we want to preserve ourselves, our family, our friends and the things we believe in.  We need to be energetic and adaptable in the face of adversity and hostility from the society that is endeavoring to stamp us out.  We will need to learn the rules of the game and use them to our advantage in advancing our agenda and hindering our enemies.

And finally, we need to have the pure willpower to endure the hard work and endless disappointments that await us in a struggle that basically has no end.  My generation will not see the end of this struggle.  I doubt my children will see it won.  But I have grandchildren and they are worth fighting for.  I want them to know what freedom is.  And I can settle for seeing incremental progress.  We can start by beginning the hard work of building institutions and organizations that are entirely on our side.  No more Fox News, no more Boy Scouts, no more Weekly Standards.

So, here’s to President Donald J. Trump.  Here’s to the first President of the new America.  It’s being created inside the old and it will be born in hard work and pain.  But it needs to be done and it will allow us to once again be free.  So, think about the traits you’ll need to go forward.  Decide if you have the right stuff.  Because otherwise you might as well join the hive and be comfortably absorbed into the collective and eventually painlessly euthanized.  That’s the choice.

Texas Will Prosecute Netflix Over Movie that Sexualizes Children

Netflix has been indicted on a criminal charge that alleges the streaming giant promotes “lewd visual material” of a child.

“The lawsuit centers on the release of the French film “Cuties” that has been mired by controversy since its release last month.

A Tyler County, Texas grand jury moved to return an indictment against Netflix on Sept. 23, Fox News confirmed on Tuesday via court documents.

The complaint alleges Netflix “knowingly” promoted visual material which “depicts the lewd exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of a clothed or partially clothed child who was younger than 18 years of age at the time the visual material was created, which appeals to the prurient interest in sex, and has no serious, literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.””

Perfect.  I hope Netflix is sued out of existence.  It would be poetic and actual justice.  These are awful people who would be better off in prison for the rest of their lives.  If our society has sunk this low then there is not much hope that it will survive.  In fact, if we allow this sort of thing to happen then our society should be destroyed.