photog’s Right-Wing Guide – Part 3 – Cultural Identity, Education and Community on the Right

Why is the Right, or let us say the traditionally oriented Americans always under siege?  Ostensibly because the culture and the education system have declared many of the practices and beliefs that we hold sacred to be morally wrong or even illegal.

Let us take an example.  If you work in a company and Dennis is your manager and one day Dennis’s boss calls everyone into a conference room and informs you that Dennis is now Denise and when “she” returns from surgery “she” will be wearing dresses and a wig and you should call “her” Denise and show your support “her” by joining the LGBTQ allies club and invite “her” to all of your family occasions you probably would be pretty unhappy, especially if Dennis with a wig is extremely creepy and hypersensitive to any issues either personal or work related.  About the only thing you can do to avoid this nightmare is look for another job.

And this is not a made-up example.  I have experienced this one myself.  Although this is a pretty egregious example, there are a hundred other problems large and small that now make life in the progressive world miserable.  What they have done is to preclude people like us from living life the way we want to.

And what are our choices?

  • We can fight a civil war and impose our values on our opponents.
  • We can fight a civil war and divide the country into an area for ourselves and an area for our opponents.
  • We can just give up and be slaves.
  • We can get together in the areas that we control and create our own organization that give us the space to live the way we want.

Choice number four is the one that I want to talk about here.  It’s probably impossible to attempt to organize a community within any of the blue states.  They would go out of their way to persecute anyone they found trying to avoid their traps.

In a Red State you will be allowed to at least organize a community your own way.  That is the critical precursor.  But it’s just the beginning.  Because our opponents follow us into the areas we control the only way to avoid the endless aggravation, we are going to need a system that allows us to separate ourselves from them.  People are always talking about building our own Facebook and Google but what we really need is our own schools and churches and businesses.  As an idea of how something like this can work think of the Amish.  Obviously, they are an extreme example.  They are completely a people apart.  And they live by rules like no one else does.  But no one can propagandize their children or tell them how to worship their God and no one can tell them how to live because they form a self-sufficient community that doesn’t need anything and doesn’t want anything from the outside community.

But we don’t have to go that far.  We need our own churches and we need our own schools.  Those organizations will allow us to socialize and form a community because those organizations will be allowed the freedom to define a community.  And within that community can grow up the small businesses that are needed in communities.  Small stores and tradesmen and car dealerships and banks and whatever other local businesses that people can think to open.  Outsiders may move into a town where a community exists but they won’t send their kids to your school and they won’t go to your church because they don’t believe what you do.  A tight knit community has the environment you need to support children growing up and provides a pool of young men and women who will form the next generation of new families.

Can we do it without a church and a school of our own?  I would say no.  And not just because it will give us the constitutional protection it affords.  It’s the other way around.  A church and a school will foster a sense of identity.  And only that identity will allow us to survive the nihilistic deconstruction of our culture that is the true mission of the progressives.

In my next installment I’ll speculate on what the content of this new identity might be.

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1 year ago

“We need our own churches and we need our own schools.”

Schools especially. It is because of the left’s takeover of the entire educational system that we find Americans marginalized in our own country.