Separating Our Problems into Actionable Buckets – Part 1

One of the problems with our present situation is that it’s not just one problem.  And worse than that, it’s not as if all of these problems we have are arranged in such a way that any single action undermines all of them like some kind of keystone that once removed destabilizes the whole structure that is arrayed against us.  And maybe there is such a thing that can neutralize the Left’s hold on our country but if it does exist it probably involves the use of brute force.

So, putting that aside let’s talk about how we can act on separate aspects of our problems with the Left to minimize the damage that it does to us and allows us to maximize the quality of our lives.

To do that we might look at the different impacts that the Left has on us and order them from worst to least damaging.  For instance, recently the well known beauty pageants like Miss America and Miss World have begun allowing “transwomen” to compete.  As horrendous as the idea of this is, the actual damage to my life is relatively limited.  I don’t think I’ve ever watched more than the clips of the winner crying and hugging the other contestants as if she didn’t hate all their guts.  So even though it is an abomination I’m not losing any sleep over it.  And that’s good because my chances of stopping castrati (I assume) from participating in the swimsuit competition are decidedly closer to none rather than slim.

On the other hand, if I had children in a school that announced that they were going to indoctrinate them in critical race theory in general and transgenderism in particular, I’d be extremely upset about the damage that would do and I would be looking for a way to avert this situation.  I would look into protesting to the school board and failing action from this, I would look for a private school that would preclude this sort of propaganda.

So notice the difference.  If a minor problem for which no real solution exists can be detached from a major problem for which a real solution does exist, I can stop moaning and groaning about the transgender nightmare and do something about the problem.

So that’s the approach, look for how a general problem impacts me and mine and concentrate on solutions that address that specific impact.  Sure, if a general solution appears that would be great.  If Bruce Jenner gets his sanity back and denounces the Kardashians and declares himself a castrated man and stops wearing dresses and high heels and begs America to force all “trans-people” to undergo electroconvulsive treatment until they snap out of their insanity then maybe we won’t have to worry about psychos indoctrinating our children.  But I think it would be wise not to wait for that.

So that’s the approach I want to take with this idea.  Find the particular critical problem and look for an actionable and effective solution.  Feel free in the comments to provide any examples of these kinds of problems and the practical solutions you can think of.  It would also be useful to list which critically important problems currently lack effective solutions altogether.