Finding my Niche in the Underground

In our war with the Left there are many avenues to pursue and many different talents are needed.  And one person may be multi-talented enough to work on several different aspects of the war and others are only able to do one thing.  And some men are great leaders while others really should restrict their efforts to ditch digging.  Now while it has been said that I am first in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of my blog readers, I have to admit that it was I who said it just now and it has yet to catch on with the cool kids.  So, I have been thinking of late where exactly I think I can do the most good in this forever war.

The results of the recent election debacle have convinced me that the war between the Left and Right will be very long and inconclusive for the rest of my life.  And since life is short, I think I’ve decided what I’ll do in the war.  If we’re not going to fade out by attrition, we need to build a social organization that in addition to allowing us the ability to surround ourselves with normal people will also attract the young people away from the current on-line death trap that the Left has built.

I have been giving a little thought to how something like a fraternal organization would have to work under the conditions we are constrained by.  It will be made up of local off-line chapters that will have to be invitation only.  The on-line aspect can be a coordination function along with a way to share information and pass along things that have worked and not worked.

My idea is to try and form such a local group and use it as a model for others to copy.  I’m trying to decide how many men are needed to form a council that will steer the group and what is the optimal size for the whole chapter.  I think the council will be organized around meetings that coincide with a rotating poker game.  And the venue can be fixed because I have a big basement with a pool table and room for at least twenty or thirty people (of course not all in the same game) but the other members of the council can rotate the responsibility for bringing the food and drinks.

From my point of view the trick is selecting activities that will attract the younger people.  What we are primarily interested in is attracting young men in the 18 to 35 age group and in order to do this successfully we’ll need a way to attract women in the same age group to some aspect of the organization.  This is much trickier.  In the old days you could sponsor a dance or a picnic and that would draw young people.  Maybe that is still a viable idea but it might just as easily be rock climbing or hiking or a landscape photography outing.  Maybe we could even get involved in self defense classes and who knows I could even sponsor a literary society.  But however we do it we’ll have to find a way to pre-select for the kind of people we are interested in.  I was going to try to make some contacts in the more traditional churches to locate good people.

And to be blunt we are also going to have to figure out a way to deselect any members or associated folks who turn out to be incompatible with the tenets of the club.  And that is something that the council will have to work on, the rules.  I have some ideas but until I try this thing out on other people, I don’t know what will be the reaction.  And I think there will be plenty of flexibility on how things get done as long as it can’t get away from the original intent and end up like all the other converged organizations like the Boy Scouts and the other mainstream clubs.

One idea that I heard espoused before was to have our membership join some established organization and form a group within a group.  That way we could leverage the advantages of an established entity like their resources and presence but figure out ways to accommodate our membership.  I kind of like the club within a club idea.  The same approach might work with schools and even work places.

You all know I want to call it the He Man Woman Haters’ Club but that name may be copyrighted.  So, I’ve asked a lawyer friend how I can find out if the name is available for use.  It has a such a good ring to it and gets to the heart of what’s wrong with America today.

Now here’s the rub.  COVID.  How do you do any of this in New England right now?  Well you don’t.  But what I can do is start working out the who, what and where questions now so that I can get rolling once they’ve let us out of our cages.  So that’s my plan.  What do you think?

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1 year ago

Instead of a dance, how about a movie night with discussion? You seem to have quite the library of movies and like talking about them. I can see this attracting both men and women.