Vox Populi, Vox Dei – 2020 Style

Well the voting is done and the vote counting was performed using our brand new Dominion Voting System.

It’s a funny thing, last night at 2 am I took this screen shots.

Early Returns



But when I woke up this morning there had been a surprising amount of activity

Final Certified Results


I was a little skeptical at first because the analytics hadn’t registered all those new votes but then I saw that the caption said that the results were certified and final so I knew it was alright and I felt better then.  Camera Girl is raising a fuss because she is just a poor ignorant peasant girl who doesn’t understand “science.”  She said something about bringing in the military which I don’t claim to believe is an option.  Well, whatever.

But just to show that I’m a reasonable man who can reach across the aisle and all that I’ll sprinkle a few Dementia Joes and Creepy Uncle Joes and even an occasional Groper in Chief and Faux Joe from time to time just to show the lumpen proletariat that I am indeed a man of the people.  Well, I have to get back to my hummingbird tongue juice pool party with the Beijing Boys.  Man, they’re a nice bunch of guys.

Hey, Swalwell, get out of that pool, I saw those bubbles around you.

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Tyler, the Portly Politico

This cracked me up, photog. Literally laughing out loud, haha. Good one!