29MAY2021 – Good Morning Gulag Archipelago!

Our fake President is a leering, gibbering, creepy mental patient and the “intelligence” agencies have perfected their imitation of the KGB and the leaders of all the richest companies have decided to replace us with illiterate third world peons and our children believe that men in sundresses are women.

Well, dammit, it sounds like it’s time for Memorial Day Weekend Barbecue.

Good morning folks.  It’s forty degrees and raining and windy but for whatever reason I’m in a great mood.  Tomorrow’s the family barbecue and granted we’ll be moving the meal inside and the pool won’t be needed, but we’ll have a great time.

So, we’re in a bad place and it may get a lot worse but you know what?  It’s still pretty great to be alive.  Your lungs are giving you air and your blood is racing through your body and the dimwits around here have even admitted that the cops can’t beat me into submission for walking into a grocery store without a towel wrapped around my face.  Despite the cold snap the grass is growing and the birds are singing and other than cleaning the grill and buying some propane I don’t have to do anything but enjoy the day.  I put my country music thumb drive in the music system and let it play and I’ll write some more of my new story and I’ll look around at what’s going on in this sad world and maybe I’ll figure out why the Briggs and Stratton engine on my push mower died last week.  I took apart the carburetor and it looked clean as a whistle.  I’ll get a spark plug wrench today and take a look at that.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll probably buy a manual mower and start getting exercise that way.  Cutting the grass is an amazing ritual.  Sure, if you’re too busy it’s an impossible time sink to cut your lawn without an engine but it’s a pretty zen way of communing with the summer world.  Ray Bradbury has a chapter in his book “Dandelion Wine” that extols the virtues of a weekly jaunt around the yard behind a reel mower.  Of course he was living in LA at the time and there probably wasn’t any grass in his life at that point but he was hearkening back to his life as a kid in Waukegan, Illinois.  Anyway I’ve spent the last week cutting down thorn shrubs and weed trees like Russian Olive and Ailanthus and digging up their roots.  I finish up drenched in sweat and weary with aching muscles and covered in cuts and scrapes and I’ve been sleeping like a log and wake up hungry and with a clear head.

Sure it’s still a cesspool out in our culture and we are being led down the path to serfdom by evil men and our women and children are deluded but it’s not over yet.  Sanity has a way of breaking through once insanity is allowed to run amok for too long.  And when it does we need to seize our chance and look out for ourselves.  No more alliances with the middle, no more seeing their side of the argument.  Look for good people and form your own community and support each other.  The rest can and will go to hell.  That’s just the way it is.

But have a good holiday and enjoy your own damn life.  That’s what it’s about.

Relax and Don’t Borrow Trouble Until You Have To

For the second time in a week I’ve been lectured about how hopeless the election lawsuits are.  Now there is no way of knowing how things will turn out.  But assuming the worst doesn’t make sense to me.  I’ll let the President and his advisors do everything they can to straighten out this mess.  And if it works out in our favor then we’ll have great laugh about all this.  And if it goes against us then we’ll have to start figuring what will be best for us in a country that cheats its people out of their God given rights.  But why should I have to assume we can’t win?    That’s the same talk I heard back in 2016 from the same people.  Now maybe they’re right this time.  But I’ll be damned if I’m going to make that my default opinion.

One thing it’s interesting to see is who were our real friends and who turned out to be skunks.  And right on cue Fox News turns out to be populated by leftists and corporate shills who went out of their way to stab the President in the back whenever and wherever they could.  Tucker Carlson and the few real Americans left there should think long and hard about exiting for a better option.  Of course, that’s the problem with the Left owning all the media.  We were dependent on Fox to provide an alternative.  Any start up might not be able to pay high earners like Carlson the salaries they are used to.

But remember, President Trump is in charge at least into January.  That is plenty of time to decide how dire our circumstances are and to make whatever provisions are possible.  In the meantime, live your life and enjoy the season and the holidays that are approaching to whatever extent the COVID secret police will allow you.  And don’t let it all be ruined even before it begins.  I intend to have some turkey with stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, buttered rolls and candied yams.  I’ll have pumpkin, apple, strawberry rhubarb, cocoanut custard and blueberry pies available for the proceedings and I intend to watch the March of the Wooden Soldiers and Gulliver’s Travels with my two-year-old granddaughter for the first time.  We’ll sit around and the women will prepare the food and we’ll all talk about family and the things we plan to do before it gets too cold and snowy to accomplish.  And we’ll talk about the folks who aren’t around anymore and those who couldn’t be here because of the COVID foolishness.  But I sure as hell don’t intend to turn my life into a funeral because gangsters are planning to take over the country.  If it turns out that they’ve won I’ll make my plans based on that but I’ll be no worse off than my ancestors who had to deal with the Mafia and the petty aristocracy that ran Italy back in the nineteenth century.  My hope is that Americans are too stubborn to be turned into serfs.  Maybe I’m right about that or maybe I’m wrong.  But time will tell.  Let’s let the act play out.