Something to Show To Confused Children and Their Parents

Tucker Carlson interviews a young woman who has “de-transitioned.”  In other words she got over her delusions that she was male and now realizes that she allowed herself to be convinced by the trendy trans-gender influencers that she wasn’t a normal girl.
This young woman very eloquently and movingly describes how her normal awkward feelings going through puberty were interpreted by these dangerous outsiders as definite signs that she was “trans.”

Kudos to Carlson and especially this young woman for speaking out about what a dangerous thing it is convincing vulnerable and suggestable teenagers (and younger) that they should disrupt the critical physical changes going on during puberty.  Dosing children with puberty blockers and hormones is madness.  How much worse then is surgically mutilating them?  Carlson is performing a public service.  This interview should be required viewing for any parents out there.

Protect your kids.

Add Alabama to the List of States that Want to Save their Children

DeSantis has started a revolution.  And it’s spreading.  First Virginia, then Texas, Alabama and several other states are working on their own versions.

Here are some quotes from the article

“Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed two bills related to transgender issues and sexual identity into law.

One outlaws transgender youth’s access to gender-affirming medications. The law makes it a felony to prescribe puberty blockers or hormones to trans youth under 19.


The second bill prevents teachers from providing instruction on sexual identity to students in kindergarten through fifth grades. It also requires students in public K-12 schools to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match the gender designated on their birth certificates.


“We should especially protect our children from these radical, life-altering drugs and surgeries when they are at such a vulnerable stage in life. Instead, let us all focus on helping them to properly develop into the adults God intended them to be.”


Ivey released this statement upon signing this bill into law: “Here in Alabama, men use the men’s room, and ladies use the ladies’ room – it’s really a no brainer. This bill will also ensure our elementary school classrooms remain free from any kind of sex talk.


“We don’t need to be teaching young children about sex. We are talking about 5-year-olds for crying out loud. We need to focus on what matters – core instruction like reading and math.””

Good let’s hope it spreads to the rest of the red states and maybe beyond.

Utah Overrides Gov Veto to Ban Transgender Sports Madness

Even though Utah’s Gov. Spencer Cox vetoed the anti-transgender sports bill, their House and Senate mustered the necessary 2/3 majority needed to override the veto.

Lately even red states like Utah are showing purple tinges when it comes to hot-button topics like trans-gender rights.  It’s good to see that even if their governor is a RINO at least there’s still a strong majority of legislators in Utah to bring sanity to the state.




Progressive Swedes Admit Puberty Blockers for Children is Medical Malpractice

The Swedes are not conservatives.  They are ultra-feminists.  But they have looked clearly at the medical results of using these drugs on children and they recognize that they damage the bodies of children sometimes tragically.

“The new guidelines come just months after a report claimed that doctors at the Karolinska University Hospital had been well aware of children with injuries as a result of hormone blockers for months before the injuries became public in November.

In one case, a girl who wanted to become a boy was put on puberty blockers at age 11 and developed serious side effects after five years of treatment, including osteoporosis and damage to the vertebrae in the child’s back.

“He felt so bad that he tried suicide attempts on several occasions. We didn’t understand, we thought our child would feel better from the treatment,” the mother of the child said.

Karolinska University Hospital, once a pioneer in gender dysphoria treatment for children in Sweden, stopped recommending hormone treatments in May of last year due to potential side effects from the treatment.”

The trans-psychopaths in our country don’t want to know the truth.  Hurting children doesn’t interest them.  Affirmation of their self-image does.  Hopefully people fighting this in our country will look at the results that the ultra-progressive Swedes discovered the hard way by being at the cutting edge of insanity.

I Don’t Do Modern Pronouns

I was just reading an article that was supposed to explain how unfunny “comedians” were really very funny in the new meaning of funny, which means they are “saying something important.”  Anyway, unsurprisingly, I wasn’t convinced.  Unfortunately, halfway into the article they started talking about some non-binary comic.  And the writer started talking about “They said this” and “the audience reacted to them.”  After a few seconds I realized that the writer was referring to some one guy wearing a dress as them.

I don’t call one person “them.”  I don’t even do it when there is just the indeterminacy of where we don’t know if it’s a man or a woman.  I say, him.  If it turns out to be a woman, so be it.  But I sure as hell am not going to use a plural pronoun for anything that only has one head on its shoulders.  The world is screwed up enough already without us forgetting the difference between one and two.

So here I am in the land of the pronouns.  I understand in Canada you can go to jail for using the wrong pronouns.  Isn’t that wonderful!  I guess I’m waiting for the day when someone tells me his pronouns and expects me to go along with the joke.  I’ve already figured out what my action will be.  I’ll just walk away.  And that’ll be that.

The way I look at it these are hostage situations.  Your sanity is being held hostage by someone who is imposing on your sense of politeness.  Frankly that’s not someone I want to talk to.  If someone asks me my pronouns I’ll say, “Guess.”  If they guess wrong then that’s not someone I want to talk to anyway.

Let’s face it, this is all a big game of intimidation these people are playing.  Knuckling under to humor them is a big mistake.  I remember about twenty years ago a manager at a company I was consulting at told me that the company had gone to gender neutral English.  I just ignored her.  And four or five years later I was in a meeting when I said “he” in the context of someone performing some work function.  At the meeting there was this progressive dweeb that no one could stand and he shouts out, “You mean they!”  I replied, “No, the job description requires one person to do the task.  “They” implies more than one.  That will confuse the operators.”  He continued to argue but the moderator forced us to move on.  That was the only time that I had to discuss pronouns with the Left.

Luckily, I’ve moved into a place in this world where no one is policing my speech and I intend to keep it that way.  When I write fiction, I also avoid gender neutral phrasing.  I feel the King’s English as it was taught to me by the good nuns at my grammar school is still good enough for these fallen times.

And I look forward to the time when we come to terms with men who wear dresses and want to compete in women’s sports.  Reality is that thing that bites you on the butt when you pretend it doesn’t exist.  One of these days we will get up the courage to tell these people that their mental illnesses do not compel normal people to pretend things that aren’t so.  If a man wants to wear a wig and a dress and mutilate himself that doesn’t compel me to call him ma’am.  In fact, I think it means I can decide to exclude him from my life altogether.  That’s called freedom of association or maybe freedom of disassociation.  Both work.  See, I’m flexible.

Dave Chappelle – The Only Man in America Who Has Freedom of Speech

First things first.  Dave Chappelle is not a right-wing guy.  As far as I can tell he’s more or less a leftie.  But he’s a comedian and he makes fun of lots of things.  He makes fun of black people and white people and Asian people and whatever other people there are out there.  And being black he can do that.  But can he get away with satirizing the LGBTQ mafia?  Turns out the answer is, so far yes!  Chappelle seems to be so popular and so commercially valuable that Netflix has refused to cave to the cancel culture’s demand to kill his latest comedy special, “Closer.”

Closer is the sixth and last installment in a series that Chappelle produced for Netflix.  And in the previous episode Chappelle talked about how the speech codes around LGBTQ people were a sore point with his business partners in TV and Hollywood.  He could use derogatory names for white people and black people and brown people and yellow people but he couldn’t for queer people.  And he let you know that rubbed him the wrong way.

In this latest installment he zeros in on the phenomenon of cancellation against anyone who admits to believing that a so-called trans-man or trans-woman isn’t exactly the same as an actual man or woman.  He gives as an example Bruce Jenner in his mutilated form “Caitlyn.”  Chappelle says,

“I shouldn’t speak on this because I am not a woman, nor am I a trans. But as we established, I am a feminist. That’s right. I’m team TERF. I agree. Gender is a fact. You have to look at it from a woman’s perspective.”

“Caitlin Jenner was voted Woman of The Year her first year as a woman! Ain’t that something? She’s better than all of you.”

“Gender is a fact. Every human being on Earth had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on this Earth. That is a fact,” Chappelle said.

These quotes have actually been scrubbed by the news site that posted them to remove the various obscenities Chappelle adorned them with but they make the point.  The social media sites and the entertainment industry and just about all the powers that be are determined to force everybody on Earth to pretend that a man in a sundress, sexually mutilated or not, is exactly the same as a real-life woman.  And Dave Chappelle is the only man in the world who can get away with telling them that they’re lying.

What’s wrong with this picture?  We used to brag to the world that America was a “free country.”  That used to be the line.  If someone said, “Do you know what I think?”  And you knew you weren’t going to like that opinion you’d say dismissively, “Sure, go ahead, it’s a free country.”  Now that’s a joke.  You can’t say anything you really believe.  If you do, you’ll lose your job or your membership in a club or your bank account or your credit card or your website or your ability to fly on a plane.  The only guy in America who can speak his mind is Dave Chappelle.

And that tells us that despite Dave Chappelle’s endless jokes about blacks being second class citizens, the rest of us are the real slaves here.  The only free man in America is Dave Chappelle.  He’s free to speak his mind in public.

22JUN2021 – Best Headline of the Week Goes to The Babylon Bee

How can you beat, “Female Weightlifter Suffers Tragic Testicle Injury Just Weeks Before Tokyo Olympics“.?

Recently Babylon Bee was able to force the NY Times to retract a statement saying that the Babylon Bee was a purveyor of misinformation instead of a satire site.  If only the Republican Party had half the backbone these guys have.

These guys deserve our support.  They are a unique resource.  And I envy their talent.

My favorite line of the article is the last, “Sometimes your testicles get in the way, Hubbard said. That’s just something we gals have to deal with.




Weather I Like it or Not

April showers bring May flowers but we had a forecast yesterday, that called for a couple of inches of snow.  That seemed uncalled for to me.  The tv weather reports have been handed over to the B-Team since the COVID meltdown so I’m never sure anymore if it’s just mopery-dopery or something more fiendish.

These woke times have really shaken my faith in all the institutions.  There was a time when you could depend on the tv weather girl to be young, highly attractive and almost disgustingly cheerful as she told you what to expect from the sky over the next 24 hours.  Last week I was watching the evening news when a surly middle aged fat woman berated me about the climate.  I was pretty shocked.  I looked at Camera Girl and said, “What the hell have they done to the weather girl?  She’s morbidly obese!”  She volunteered hopefully, “Maybe she’s pregnant?”  I couldn’t watch.  I turned off the tv and stalked off.

Many things have indicated to me that our culture is doomed.  But the collapse of the weather girl standard, I believe, is the surest sign of the coming apocalypse.  And I’ll know that we’ve reached the final hour when at 7:30 one night the anchor will call out to the weather girl and a fat hairy bald man in a blonde wig and an ill-fitting sun dress will stand in front of the green screen and sashay through an interpretive dance for the forecast.  On that day I’ll pack my bags and start driving for Mexico.

Our neighbor to the south may be the land of narcotraficantes, duffel bags full of human heads and Montezuma’s revenge but I’m guessing that they are years behind us in the weather girl appearance death spiral.  And if I’m wrong about that I’ll keep heading south until I reach that Shangri-La where a pretty woman in a short tight dress walks me through the barometric and precipitation-based predictions.  I don’t much care if she’s a blonde, brunette or red-head.  I will keep going south until finally when I reach Tierra del Fuego if I still have to see a guy in a sun-dress I’ll know it’s all over and I’ll swim out to sea heading for Antarctica.  Maybe I’m exaggerating.  But you get the idea.

Now in case you think I’m a fanatic I want to assure you that I disagree with those countries that have taken the weather girl standard and gone overboard in the other direction.  I think it’s Russia or somewhere that has a channel that features naked weather girls.  I strongly disagree with this concept.  Oversexualizing the weather is wrong.  When someone is telling you about the weather you need a certain amount of resistance to what is being said.  Here in New England, I often find myself yelling at the weather forecasters male and female.  They torture us with absurdly vague and dangerously misleading descriptions of the weather.  How can you predict a range of zero to 34 inches of snow and expect not to get death threats?  How can you predict torrential rain and then yammer on about the drought warning in the same breath?

But imagine if a naked woman was telling this to you.  You’d be powerless to complain.  You’d have no choice but to take whatever advice she gave you.  You would outfit your car for the morning commute with both an inflatable survival raft and a snow shovel.  I need to be able to rail against the weather reader.  I can’t allow any kind of sexual quid pro quo to exist.  I want them to wear clothes.  I only insist that the clothes match the binary tag of their sex chromosomes.  Do I ask too much?  I think not!

The ZMan’s Article “Rise of the Absurd” Explains Why Madness Works for the Left

If you’re interested why the Left not only tolerates obviously insane ideas and movements but actually brings them front and center the ZMan will explain it to you.  He quotes Voltaire who said “Whoever can make you accept absurdity can make you commit injustice.”  Allowing parents to sexually mutilate their children to prove we believe in transgenderism is the clearest example of this.  We have reached the point where utter madness is presented as merciful kindness to the afflicted.  1984 had the scene where the torturer in chief is presented as a priestly, kindly figure inflicting horrific punishment for the heretic’s own good.  We are there.