Country Singer John Rich is Opening a Bank for Deplorables

It’s a hopeful sign that several new anti-woke organizations are springing up in media, commerce and financial fields now.

John Rich is a country singer who was part of the popular duo “Big and Rich.” along with Larry Elder and Dr. Ben Carson are starting a bank called Old Glory Bank.  Rich says:

“People are getting their credit cards turned off if they go to the wrong protest or if they make the wrong social media posts. They’ve weaponized our bank accounts basically, at this point. There’s a whole group of real patriotic Americans who just believe in freedom of speech, and they wanted to create a new platform for regular Americans to be able to do their business.” Elder said “We offer full online banking services. So those of you who were threatened with having your accounts shut down or you’re with banks that have threatened to have others shut down and you don’t like the values of your bank, there’s a home for you at Old Glory Bank.”

Hard to say how this will pan out but it’s hopeful that someone is doing something.  Who knows, the day may come when I’ll be a customer if the rest of American business keeps heading down the highway to Hell.

A Multipolar World Might be the Answer to Cancel Culture

If an American film maker or author said that effeminate men were a disgraceful role model to show children in books or movies he would be finished overnight.  His movies or books would be burned in a bonfire at every university and Silicon Valley campus.  He would be banned on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.  He’d never work in Hollywood or have another book published and he might even have his credit cards and bank accounts shut down.

And yet Chinese leaders said that very thing a few months ago.  And Russia’s leaders express the same disdain for America’s LGBTQ fetish.  Hollywood has catered to the Chinese market for the last ten years at least.  They self-censor their movies to prevent offending Chinese sensibilities on politics and social subjects.  But when Hollywood hears Chinese leaders saying such things, they keep quiet.  Cancel culture can’t go after Xi Jinping.  First off because they need his money, secondly because he’s not ruled by Google.  China has control, strict control on its on-line ecosystem.  In America Facebook can cancel the President of the United States.  In China the General Secretary can cancel Facebook, or Twitter or any other tech presence that displeases him.

And moving beyond social media China has its own financial systems that are beginning to emerge out of the shadow of Western banks and the Fed’s dollar infrastructure.  Russia has recently negotiated a trade agreement that will allow it to sell oil and gas using China’s yuan currency instead of the dollar.  And likewise, instead of Visa and Mastercard, China has its own credit card platform (UnionPay) that Russia will be shifting over to.  Perhaps in the not-too-distant future American conservatives might find themselves using that same credit platform after they’ve been bounced out of the American credit systems.  We might have to pay a premium to do it but knowing that your livelihood isn’t at the mercy of social justice warriors would be incredibly liberating.

The next thing to explore is the cultural products of these other cultures.  Maybe the Russians and Chinese have movies and books that are more in line with the tastes of the cancelled conservatives living in the West.  I’d hate to think I’ll have to learn Mandarin and Russian to enjoy a comedy or a drama but technology can come to the rescue on that.  Seamless computer-generated voice and lip dubbing could create English language versions of foreign films in the near future.  It’s been at least twenty years since I could say that the majority of the best picture nominees for the Academy Awards were watchable.  Lately I doubt that even the target audience for these movies are interested in watching these pathetic excuses for entertainment.  I think it’s entirely possible that some non-Western country will rediscover the formulae that Golden Age Hollywood used to entertain the whole world in the 1930’s and -40’s.  We’re all entertained by the story of boy meets girl, not trans-boy meets trans-girl.  We want a crime story where the cops are the good guys, not a story of heroic Antifa burning down Portland.

Sure, the idea that we will have to depend on non-Western countries to provide us with commercial and cultural choices that we can’t find here in the cradle of freedom and land of capital opportunity is a rebuke of our civilization but as a practical consideration it would be the solution we need.  At least until sanity returns to the West.  Now it may turn out that choices will start to appear in America.  I’ve seen that payment processors have appeared that will defy the cancel culture police and cater to the deplorables.  Maybe soon movies will be created in America for normal men and women.  But even these innovations may be driven to some extent by the knowledge that some non-Western nations are immune to the attacks of the cancel culture warriors.  So, death to the global empire and long live cultural diversity, and down with the cancel culture.  At least until I get the whip hand, then we’ll see!

The Coalition of the Cancelled

Charlie Rose, Mark Halperin, Matt Lauer, Andrew Cuomo, Chris Cuomo, Jeff Zucker, Whoopi Goldberg.  What do all these names have in common?  They’re all feel-good stories about the Left.  For all but the last name on that list there is a causal chain that has come to be known as the MeToo movement.  All of these men have been brought down because they were blindsided by the changes to what was considered acceptable and unacceptable male/female behavior among the corporate Left.  And since they are all progressives it means they had to be cast into the outer darkness where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth for being heretics to the narrative.  And one more case is waiting in the wings, Don Lemon.  CNN’s parent company is looking to change directions and they may use as an excuse to fire him that Lemon is facing criminal charges for a sexual assault charge based on his disgusting behavior.  With any luck he’ll be hung out to dry too and will have to join Jussie Smollett in the ranks of gay, black former celebrities.  But this is just the nature of the intersectional grievance culture.  It’s always looking for more heads for the chopping block of social justice outrage.  Cancelled and punished sinners are always in demand.

Whoopi Goldberg on the other hand is a special case.  She is the literal manna from heaven.  Along with the other harridans on “The View” she opines on everything from Roman Polanski’s rape of a thirteen-year-old girl, to Bill Cosby’s date rape trial, to the Holocaust.  And no matter what else she does she always manages to sound like an ignoramus.

The most memorable occasion was when she described what Polanski did to the thirteen-year-old as, “not rape, rape.”  Who could be more eloquent in her tone-deaf stupidity than that?  Her latest pronouncement was that the Holocaust couldn’t have been caused by racism because Germans and Jews are both “white.”  I’m guessing that didn’t go over big with her “View” co-host Joy Behar.

Actually, in a way it does speak to her sincerity.  Whoopi just doesn’t realize that there’s no place for honesty in the intricacies of the intersectional hierarchy.  She sees two groups of white people and all she thinks is, “how could there be racism if there ain’t no black folks around.”  And based on her experience with white people she assumes they will defer to her judgement on racism since she is black and they revere the opinions of black people with respect to the theory of racism.

Now you’d think since her name is Goldberg that she’d have done some research on the Holocaust exception.  Since World War II and especially in the entertainment industry the Holocaust has a very special dispensation.  For this special case only, ethnicity is considered equivalent to race and Hitler is defined as the racist par excellence.  By claiming that the Holocaust wasn’t a racist event she was absolving Hitler of racism.  This was indeed a bridge too far.  But Whoopi is black so she couldn’t be fired.  She was suspended which at least indicates the severity of the crime.  Luckily for her she cannot be cast into the outer darkness like all those white men.  All they could do was bring in the Anti-Defamation League to warn everyone about how dangerous this kind of talk is and how antisemites are lurking in the shadows around the set of “The View” waiting to begin the next pogrom.  And eventually Whoopi will recover a memory about how her blasphemy had been inspired by something Donald Trump must have said to her in a dream or something.

So that was about six hundred rambling words about Leftists devouring their own.  What’s the point?  Very simply, this is proof that there is no coalition of the aggrieved.  It’s every Leftist for himself out there and the fairy tale about the great circle of people who will live in harmony and peace once the straight white men are banished is just that, a fairy tale.  The cracks are there and have always been there.  When Jesse Jackson called New York City Hymietown that was his true feeling.  When lesbians speak honestly about “trans-women” they are horrified at the idea that they might be approached by them sexually.  Black men think of white feminists as “Karens.”  Asians fear inner city blacks as violent criminals.  And many black women react violently if a trans-woman shows up in the restroom they are using.

The brave new world that the woke tell us about is a product of the carefully curated social networks.  In the real world we have cities coming apart at the seams and crime engulfing the multicultural “paradises” of New York, Seattle and Chicago.  This coalition is a product of the college campuses and the imagination of the perpetual students who inhabit them.  As the economy stalls out and crime peels off white suburban women and other white-collar groups from the coalition it’s going to look a lot less robust.

My thought is it’s time to stop worrying so much about the unbeatable coalition of tomorrow and instead think more about the policy holes of today.  Republicans need to run on runaway crime and inflation.  Those are realities that force the middle class to listen.  Tomorrow will take care of tomorrow.

Dave Chappelle – The Only Man in America Who Has Freedom of Speech

First things first.  Dave Chappelle is not a right-wing guy.  As far as I can tell he’s more or less a leftie.  But he’s a comedian and he makes fun of lots of things.  He makes fun of black people and white people and Asian people and whatever other people there are out there.  And being black he can do that.  But can he get away with satirizing the LGBTQ mafia?  Turns out the answer is, so far yes!  Chappelle seems to be so popular and so commercially valuable that Netflix has refused to cave to the cancel culture’s demand to kill his latest comedy special, “Closer.”

Closer is the sixth and last installment in a series that Chappelle produced for Netflix.  And in the previous episode Chappelle talked about how the speech codes around LGBTQ people were a sore point with his business partners in TV and Hollywood.  He could use derogatory names for white people and black people and brown people and yellow people but he couldn’t for queer people.  And he let you know that rubbed him the wrong way.

In this latest installment he zeros in on the phenomenon of cancellation against anyone who admits to believing that a so-called trans-man or trans-woman isn’t exactly the same as an actual man or woman.  He gives as an example Bruce Jenner in his mutilated form “Caitlyn.”  Chappelle says,

“I shouldn’t speak on this because I am not a woman, nor am I a trans. But as we established, I am a feminist. That’s right. I’m team TERF. I agree. Gender is a fact. You have to look at it from a woman’s perspective.”

“Caitlin Jenner was voted Woman of The Year her first year as a woman! Ain’t that something? She’s better than all of you.”

“Gender is a fact. Every human being on Earth had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on this Earth. That is a fact,” Chappelle said.

These quotes have actually been scrubbed by the news site that posted them to remove the various obscenities Chappelle adorned them with but they make the point.  The social media sites and the entertainment industry and just about all the powers that be are determined to force everybody on Earth to pretend that a man in a sundress, sexually mutilated or not, is exactly the same as a real-life woman.  And Dave Chappelle is the only man in the world who can get away with telling them that they’re lying.

What’s wrong with this picture?  We used to brag to the world that America was a “free country.”  That used to be the line.  If someone said, “Do you know what I think?”  And you knew you weren’t going to like that opinion you’d say dismissively, “Sure, go ahead, it’s a free country.”  Now that’s a joke.  You can’t say anything you really believe.  If you do, you’ll lose your job or your membership in a club or your bank account or your credit card or your website or your ability to fly on a plane.  The only guy in America who can speak his mind is Dave Chappelle.

And that tells us that despite Dave Chappelle’s endless jokes about blacks being second class citizens, the rest of us are the real slaves here.  The only free man in America is Dave Chappelle.  He’s free to speak his mind in public.