Conservative PACs Dominate Texas School Board Elections

Candidates backed by conservative political action committees (PACs) swept Texas school board elections held on Saturday, as last year’s nationwide pushback against critical race theory materializes into on-the-ground victories.

Among the big winners was the 1776 Project PAC, a group that defines itself as forwarding those who “want to reform our public education system by promoting patriotism and pride in American history.”

Another group that found success over the weekend was Grapevine-based Patriot Mobile, a cellphone company that poured half a million into a PAC to support candidates in Tarrant County school districts, according to The Texas Tribune.

All 15 candidates endorsed by 1776 Project PAC won their races across six school districts representing suburban Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, the group announced through Twitter.  Out of 11 endorsed candidates by Patriot Mobile Action, 10 won their races.

1776 Project founder Ryan Girdusky highlighted during an interview with Breitbart that his organization has a perfect record so far this year, and he hopes to continue the success with the upcoming school board elections in Georgia and Maryland.”

Now if we could multiply this success by about a thousand that would be a good beginning.  But it’s still encouraging that it’s at least starting to happen.  These are the victories that have a real world impact.  Kids are protected and Leftists who are damaging children can be stopped.  Kudos to the groups organizing this effort.

A Box of Crayons

Watching Camera Girl and Princess Sack of Potatoes sitting side by side, each with a piece of paper and sharing a big box of old crayons was inspirational.  In our age where belief in everything has evaporated and where learning has degenerated into a kindergarten struggle session over sexual identity, I’m watching creativity and learning leap frogging a generation and dispensing with computers, tablets, phones and all the other modern clap trap of the hive mind.

The little girl is recovering from a bad cold so she’s not quite as frenetic as she usually is, so sitting still to color for an extended period is a little easier.  But the grandmother still has to expend a considerable amount of skill to keep the activity going.  Discussions about the different colors and their varying subjective value for representing a dog or a tree or a car are conducted.  And plans are made for where and how these masterpieces will be displayed on the refrigerator and what older treasures can now be stored for posterity in the Art Repository (attic).  Learning to draw circles and triangles, squares and stars is mixed in with printing the letters of the alphabet and the numbers from one to a hundred.  All the ancient knowledge is available through a grandmother’s gentle teaching methods.

Eventually art period will end.  Creativity will yield to less cerebral pursuits.  Camera Girl will bring out the blocks or a story book or move the operation to the kitchen where making pizza dough or baking a cake will take center stage.  But what I can see is that the crumbling of our society is an unforced disaster.  We are abandoning our children’s minds to terrible people who have no ability or intention to teach useful skills.  That little girl, barely three years old, will soon have the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic that fifth graders in some inner-city schools will lack at age eleven or even older.  And it has nothing to do with intelligence.  In the nineteenth century even the slowest children were proficient in writing and arithmetic by eighth grade.  That was all the schooling they ever received.  But they were competent to participate in civil life.  They could make change for a sale and correspond with their distant relatives in grammatical and expressive English.  Based on the comments I’ve seen displayed on Twitter and “TikTok” that is a long dead situation.

But this is an entirely voluntary mental death that is happening.  We don’t have to participate in this societal suicide.  Those of us who care can send our children to good schools or if necessary, home school them.  It’s a hackneyed phrase to say that “children are our most precious possession.”  But that doesn’t make it any less true.  Ultimately, they will be all that will remain of us.

So, anyway, that’s what I have to say.  I had no stomach to talk about Biden today.  I needed something positive to think and talk about and I received inspiration by seeing that small human doing something creative and positive.  Some good was done here today and more will be done tomorrow and the day after.  Hopefully by the time my grandchildren are grown we will have rejected much of the madness currently wreaking havoc in our world.  We must fix this world for our children or there won’t be a world left.  Start small, start local and do something positive.

School Vouchers Should be the Path Forward for Education in this Country

The public schools have become a hopeless trainwreck.  The best way I see for escaping this defective system is to provide any parent who wants to opt out of the local public school, with the dollar equivalent cost of the local public-school education as a voucher and let him find a better school.  This will serve two purposes.  It will better educate the youth of America and it will force the public schools to improve or wither away.

This will be an enormously expensive undertaking.  Currently the budget for primary and secondary public education is in the range of 750 billion dollars a year.  But really what it requires is the federal government to fund the initial outlay and then the local governments to repay the federal government for the children that do not attend their local public schools.  Of course, the public schools will become a smaller and smaller part of the education system and the states can figure out a way for the tax revenues that currently pay for education to be distributed directly to the parents instead of going through the federal government.  And with the competition from other schools the cost of education will most probably be lower than what the public schools currently cost the local towns and cities.  After all New York City has the most expensive public school system in the country on a per child basis but the achievement level of all but the few gifted schools ranges from mediocre to abysmal.  Competing with it on a dollar basis should be simple.

The outcome of allowing school choice in the United States would be the largest single increase in the intelligence of Americans since the space race pushed math and science education into the limelight back in the fifties and sixties.  Suddenly kids who had languished in terrible schools all around this country, especially in the cities, would find out that they had brains that actually worked.  And without the poison of the woke narrative being dripped into their heads kids might figure out that there was more to life than staring at their phones.  And with a real-world curriculum, kids and parents would have a common base of knowledge from which to understand each other.

So, this will never happen.  The school teachers are the most powerful voting block in the Democratic coalition.  Their privileges are jealously guarded by the recipients of their donations and votes.  And it would require tremendous voting change in this country to make school vouchers happen for the general population.  The public-school teachers know that if they have to compete against private schools, they’ll be forced to actually teach children instead of doing whatever it is they currently do.  That’s a gravy train they’ve been on for decades and they will do whatever it takes to keep it going.

But the only voting block bigger than the teachers’ unions is the parents of America.  Currently the mothers vote for the Democrats in a lopsided way.  If they ever came to their senses and voted for their children’s welfare instead of for their feminist vanity then there would be a chance of fixing things.  There have been the first stirrings of this in Virginia with the Youngkin revolt.  It would require an enormous shift to allow something like school vouchers to become law.  Because of this difficulty many people think it is more reasonable to reform the public schools but I see that as a false choice.  The inertia of the current population of teachers and administrators in the schools is an irresistible force that cannot be changed.  It can only be abandoned.

Reclaiming the Family – Part 8 – The Future Belongs to the Active

Average Americans have been passive participants in the troubling events that have surrounded them for decades.  We have watched in silent horror as all the bedrock axioms of normal life have been upended and crazy people have been encouraged by those in authority to destroy the fabric of our lives.   And it’s accelerating.  Previously, various forms of degeneracy were the innovations that the powers that be were foisting on us.  But now crime and chaos have been added to the list of activities that are being sanctioned by the governing powers in charge of our society.  The George Floyd riots are the signal that functional civil society has been abandoned by, at least, the Blue State establishment.

During the decades that this devolution has been progressing there have been attempts by the saner members of our leadership to resist this madness.  I guess the Reagan presidency was a reaction against it.  The Trump election in 2016 was also a reaction to it.  These were attempts to claw back control of the country as a whole from the progressives who have slowly but surely taken control of almost all the levers of power in the United States.  There may be another breakthrough in 2024.  If the Republicans can keep the Congress and capture the presidency there is some hope that they can at least temporarily reverse the damage being done in this country by the forces of chaos that are intent on tearing the whole thing down.

But I don’t think it’s wise to depend on some hypothetical permanent victory of the Right over the Left.  Even if it does happen at some point, it may be too late to benefit you or even your descendants.  I think it’s incumbent on each of us to look at what services and benefits are no longer available form our government or communities and find substitutes and work arounds on our own.

I think the most important service we have to address is educating our children.  The public schools are worse than useless.  They are in fact a detriment to the education and socialization of children.  I won’t go through the litany of failings and problems with public schools.  Suffice it to say that outside of a few communities the education children get in public schools is worse than useless.  It’s poison.   It is the responsibility of parents to provide for the future of their children as best they can.  Providing them with the chance to thrive in society is crucial and not only is the public-school environment failing to provide them with the rudiments of education but all of the schools from pre-K through graduate schools indoctrinate young people with propaganda that is wildly anti-survival.  Students are fed anti-human lies that encourage them to reject normal goals such as business success and family formation because of nonsense about “saving the planet” and developing their individuality.  What they need is basic survival skills like math and language skills followed by practical training in a profession or a trade.  That is what parents should be selecting for in a school.  And you’re going to have to pay for it.

The next service that we all have to be selecting for is public safety.  Living in an American city is now a very risky proposition.  There may be some large cities that are reasonably safe.  But finding them will require careful research.  Even suburbs and towns may be afflicted with the scourge of organized and disorganized criminality.  What we have to do is evaluate the areas we are considering as long-term homes and determine if our families will be safe and free from constant anxiety while moving around their extended circle of destinations.  Crime statistics are one research tool.  Another will be the political support both major parties get in the area.  Look very carefully at where you decide to live.  Moving is expensive and painful.

Employment is another important area where an active approach is very important.  If your profession is already established then you are to a large extent tied into the locations that you can set up a home base.  Of course, lately remote work has taken hold in a number of companies and professions.  But for others this isn’t a practical choice.  For many professions, American industry has severely limited the opportunities for employment inside the country.  Whole industries have been transplanted to Asia leaving careers in engineering and management severely reduced in the numbers of positions available.  For some people becoming an ex-patriot employee is an important option.

For the young who don’t currently have a profession or for those willing to change professions choosing a trade or profession that allows you to work outside of the “woke” corporations is an attractive feature.  Self-employment as a craftsman or small business owner provides flexibility and protection against being brow-beaten and even fired for not displaying the requisite amount of social justice fervor on the job.  It has to be admitted that the choice of avoiding the corporate hierarchy means you will probably never be a multi-millionaire or travel in the corporate Lear jet to Davos to hobnob with Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.  But that may be one of the advantages too.  You’ll still have some self-respect and time to spend with your family.  Look at the areas of the country you want to live in and see what are the best opportunities for employment that fit your skill set.  You may have to be a little flexible with what you do for a living to live where you want to live.

The other thing you will want to be active about is participating in local government.  Find out who runs your town.  Go to town meetings.  Find out who the local Republicans are and find out if they’re useful or useless.  You might even have to run for dogcatcher just to get something useful done in your area.  Find out about your local police department.  Find out if your town is embarking on any kind of radical “affordable” housing project.  Often that is code for bringing in deadbeats and illegal aliens into the suburbs.

It’s your job to shape your environment.  It’s what humans have done from time immemorial.  As Americans we had a century of living under the umbrella of a powerful, mostly competent government that improved the lives of its citizens.  That time is over.  We live under a rapacious oligarchy that is trying to hold onto the shrinking resources of a declining global empire.  Finding pockets of prosperity and sanity in the crumbling American Empire will be a challenge for those who don’t want to just give up.  That’s your challenge.  And if by some miracle we, the people, manage to wrest control of America away from the oligarchs and reestablish this country as a sane and prosperous nation, you’ll be ahead of the curve if you’ve already set yourself up by being an active agent of your own happiness.

Reclaiming the Family – Part 8 – School

All of the nonsense that has been going on with schools adopting CRT to teach our children that white people are evil has made it painfully obvious that leaving your children’s education in the hands of the politicians and the school boards and the teacher’s unions is wildly irresponsible.  They’ve already ruined at least two whole generations of Americans in the last forty years.  We can’t afford to let them finish the job off in the next twenty.

The options aren’t great, and in some places, choices are nonexistent.  But just ignoring the problem means handing over the future of your children to terrible people who will fill their heads full of dangerous lies and nonsense.  So do the work and find out what your options are.  Let’s take this in order from best to worst.

The very best-case scenario is you live in a place where the state government and the local town government hasn’t allowed progressives to poison the curriculum with things like an anti-American version of history.  And even if this is true and even in the best of places there will have crept in the insidious poison of diversity and inclusion.  That means that lessons on George Washington and Daniel Boone will be pushed aside to drag out Harriet Tubman and whatever other Civil War holdovers they’ve dug up to impress on the children all the important contributions that minority members have made to America.  So instead of Alexander Graham Bell, and Henry Ford and Thomas Alva Edison they’ll dig up the guy who invented the traffic light because he was black.  Never mind that the telephone, the automobile and the electrification of the United States were revolutions that changed the way human beings lived everywhere on Earth.  But they were straight white men so they want to drop them down the memory hole.  So that is what you are dealing with.

But this is the best case.  So maybe your school is even better than that.  They give them the real history and just sprinkle a little Harriet Tubman on at the end.  In that case congratulations.  If the teachers aren’t crazy radicals, you’ll be able to have your kids go to the local public school without turning them into woke losers.

But let’s move down the ladder from there.  Suppose the local school is much worse.  Then you’ll find that not only are the kids being indoctrinated with the whole inclusivity/diversity claptrap but in addition, they are being handed critical race theory on top of that.  They are being systematically taught that white people are evil people who by their very nature enslave other races and even in our modern free society are responsible for all inequality and injustice.  And in addition to the racial component there will be the LGBTQ propaganda.  They will learn that the worst of white people are straight men.  That queer people are being driven to suicide by horrendously bad treatment and that even straight women are the victims of systematic oppression by the “Patriarchy.”  They might even try to convince your kids that they’re actually not the boys or girls they were born as but the opposite.  That they’re actually wonderful trans people who with the magic of hormone therapy and castration or mastectomy can change their sex and become some wonderful new monster.

So, if this is your local school then you have to look for the next alternative.  If circumstances allow and you can find a town with better schools nearby you could move.  If that is unrealistic then you could look for a religious or private school that specifically avoids these types of problems.  If you can find such a school it would be your best alternative.  But be aware it will not be cheap.  It will be very expensive.

If that is either unavailable or just beyond your financial means then the next choice is some kind of home schooling.  Now I can think of two ways this could be done.  One is for the mother to stay home and teach the children herself.  This may be very difficult.  Losing a salary may be extremely painful for some families.  But it has the added advantage that you’ll know exactly what your children are learning.  But if homeschooling is impossible to arrange then as a final option you can allow your children to go to the poisonous woke school but provide additional and counteracting instruction yourself either at night or on the weekends.  You can look at the lessons that they get from school and provide corrections for these that allow the children to see how they are being misled.  You can even explain to the children that we live in a world where the truth is being suppressed by the government and it’s necessary for those who would know the truth to pass it along clandestinely.  And in fact, since children enjoy rebellious behavior, you might find it easier than you think to engage your children in this dissident behavior.  If handled correctly they can even fulfill the requirements of the fake history and social studies they are taking but with the added advantage that they know the true story underneath and will see the subtly of how life in an occupied country has to be managed.  This will actually give you something to bond over and will force you to have good answers for the charges that Leftists level against Western Civilization.

So, these are the choices I can think of for us going forward.  Hopefully in the future school choice will be something that our side demands to prevent their toxic schools from being our only choices.  But for now, we must be adaptable to the existing situation and do everything we can to prevent our children from being buried in their lies.

The Maddening Stupidity and Weakness of This Generation Throwing Away the Legacy of America

To anyone born before about 1965 it must seem like an evil miracle that everyone born after that time was brought up thinking that America was not the greatest place to live in the present world and at anytime in history.  It just seemed self-evident that compared to all other places and times, here was almost a heaven on earth.  And not just for the rich and talented.  A ditch digger in the United States of the second half of the 20th century lived better than any Emperor of Rome or even the Emperor of the British Empire right up till when that term stopped having meaning.

We enjoyed unlimited freedom and practically unlimited opportunity to enrich ourselves and our children and to enjoy health and leisure and command inventions like an automobile and telephony that simply didn’t exist even fifty years earlier.  Even the so-called downtrodden black minority enjoyed health and wealth that their ancestors in Africa and even their cousins in present Africa would trade their right arm and leg to possess.  Whatever social injustices and legal injuries some of them suffered, these paled in comparison to the horrors of places like Zimbabwe or Rwanda even today.  By and large anyone who said he would trade living in this country for any other place on Earth that would take him was lying either to himself or to the world at large or to both.

So, can you imagine the irony of someone like me contemplating leaving that place?  Think of what a diminution of those former freedoms we must have suffered for places like Hungary and Poland and even Chile to look like attractive alternatives.  These are places which in their past have been enormously repressive and lacked fundamental rights like freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  But now they seem almost like bastions of freedom and islands of sanity in a sea of madness.

And the worst part of it is knowing this generation succumbed to the poison that their teachers and professors indoctrinated them with while my generation had to pay them to do this damage.  My property taxes and my college tuition payments subsidized this poisoning of the following generation of American youth.  As parents we would have been better off burning Harvard and Yale and every other college in this country to the ground and thereby unemployed those sociopaths that indoctrinated the present generation of helpless fools.

Well, if this was the inevitable outcome of American democracy then it was a fool’s paradise.  Maybe there can’t be a Heaven on Earth.  Maybe it’s impossible to raise people up.  Stupidity seems to be the endemic condition of most people and the only way they learn anything is for reality to slap them in the face, minute by minute.  So be it.

It will be interesting to see if some remnant of realistic people in this country push back against the pathetic losers that accept all this nonsense that is being perpetrated by the Left against us.  There are some small beginnings.  DeSantis in Florida.  Some other places down south.  If they decide to make a stand maybe something will be done.  But it is surely discouraging to hear what passes for the official history of the United States.  The lies and stupidity and irrationality of their version of American history is so false and one-sided that it staggers the imagination to know how feeble are the minds of those believing it.

Well, this is just a rant for a Sunday afternoon.  I’d better get back to doing something useful like cutting the grass and putting away the summer gardening equipment.  It does give me some ideas for stories though.  I’ll invent some characters who are brave enough to fight back.  That will be fun.

What Are the Priorities?  (Part 1)

In the world that we find ourselves in, what are the most important things?  To my mind, the most important thing is to save the next generation from the poison flooding the world.  That’s education and protection.  After that I’d say the priority is to harm our enemies. Those seem to me to be the most important things.

Let me start with the second item first.  How do we harm our enemies?  We attack the things that benefit them most.  One of those things is the federal government.

The swamp in Washington is a double dip.  First off it is paid for from our taxes.  So, these vampires by definition are making us weaker just by existing.  Secondly, these useless people use their positions to undermine our way of life at every turn possible.  They attack us from the Education Department, the IRS, all of the regulatory agencies that force businesses to discriminate against us and micro-manage our every move.  In addition, in their private lives these blood-suckers donate this money we pay them to Democrats and non-profits that work against our interests wherever they can.  Thinning their numbers even by a little is a big net positive.  President Trump is working at this steadily.  This is a good thing.

Next on the list of things to harm is Silicon Valley.  This is a triple dip.  First off Google and Amazon and the others are paid by the NSA, CIA and the FBI with our own money to spy on us and gaslight us.  Secondly, these same companies, de-platform and marginalize us at every turn and thirdly these tech companies are havens for myriads of the most progressive and poisonous of SJWs and also import enormous numbers of foreigners.  Here there have been hints by the President and his administration that steps can be taken to tackle these problems.  But so much more can be done.  Deplatforming and active sabotage of non-leftist businesses and individuals are probably the easiest target for the Justice Department and the Commerce Department to attack.  I would hope to see more of that sort of activity now that the AG has been installed.

Next in line is the schools and colleges.  This also a simple matter of the Justice Department exposing and prosecuting the anti-male, anti-white bigotry that passes for business as usual on campus.  Every time a campus riot is allowed to deny a speaker the right to appear at a speech or rally this should be followed up with a lawsuit against Berkley or Harvard or Columbia.  Every time a professor harasses a student for not agreeing to a leftist statement unrelated to the curriculum of the course a complaint should be lodged and legal action taken.  And the other action to be taken is the purse strings.  The federal government must cut off funding any of these curricula that promote useless and damaging pursuits.  Anything with the word “Studies” after it is probably a good bet.  Women’s Studies, Queer Studies, etc.  This would also be very fertile ground since without a doubt no matter how little remains of these departments more could still be trimmed without fear of losing something useful.

So President Trump, here is your template for helping your supporter.  Read it and do it.

In the second part of this essay I’ll consider what should be done to protect our own.