The Maddening Stupidity and Weakness of This Generation Throwing Away the Legacy of America

To anyone born before about 1965 it must seem like an evil miracle that everyone born after that time was brought up thinking that America was not the greatest place to live in the present world and at anytime in history.  It just seemed self-evident that compared to all other places and times, here was almost a heaven on earth.  And not just for the rich and talented.  A ditch digger in the United States of the second half of the 20th century lived better than any Emperor of Rome or even the Emperor of the British Empire right up till when that term stopped having meaning.

We enjoyed unlimited freedom and practically unlimited opportunity to enrich ourselves and our children and to enjoy health and leisure and command inventions like an automobile and telephony that simply didn’t exist even fifty years earlier.  Even the so-called downtrodden black minority enjoyed health and wealth that their ancestors in Africa and even their cousins in present Africa would trade their right arm and leg to possess.  Whatever social injustices and legal injuries some of them suffered, these paled in comparison to the horrors of places like Zimbabwe or Rwanda even today.  By and large anyone who said he would trade living in this country for any other place on Earth that would take him was lying either to himself or to the world at large or to both.

So, can you imagine the irony of someone like me contemplating leaving that place?  Think of what a diminution of those former freedoms we must have suffered for places like Hungary and Poland and even Chile to look like attractive alternatives.  These are places which in their past have been enormously repressive and lacked fundamental rights like freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  But now they seem almost like bastions of freedom and islands of sanity in a sea of madness.

And the worst part of it is knowing this generation succumbed to the poison that their teachers and professors indoctrinated them with while my generation had to pay them to do this damage.  My property taxes and my college tuition payments subsidized this poisoning of the following generation of American youth.  As parents we would have been better off burning Harvard and Yale and every other college in this country to the ground and thereby unemployed those sociopaths that indoctrinated the present generation of helpless fools.

Well, if this was the inevitable outcome of American democracy then it was a fool’s paradise.  Maybe there can’t be a Heaven on Earth.  Maybe it’s impossible to raise people up.  Stupidity seems to be the endemic condition of most people and the only way they learn anything is for reality to slap them in the face, minute by minute.  So be it.

It will be interesting to see if some remnant of realistic people in this country push back against the pathetic losers that accept all this nonsense that is being perpetrated by the Left against us.  There are some small beginnings.  DeSantis in Florida.  Some other places down south.  If they decide to make a stand maybe something will be done.  But it is surely discouraging to hear what passes for the official history of the United States.  The lies and stupidity and irrationality of their version of American history is so false and one-sided that it staggers the imagination to know how feeble are the minds of those believing it.

Well, this is just a rant for a Sunday afternoon.  I’d better get back to doing something useful like cutting the grass and putting away the summer gardening equipment.  It does give me some ideas for stories though.  I’ll invent some characters who are brave enough to fight back.  That will be fun.

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