What the Hell is Really Going On?

When I read about the Nord Stream sabotage, I was thinking that the CIA and the State Department were figuring a way to force the Europeans to back their play in the Ukraine.  After all, if there was no way to get gas to Europe except through the Ukraine pipelines then effectively, they would have to go along with beating Russia to get the gas back.  But suddenly it seems like there’s more going on here.

What it is, I’m not sure.  Will it be some kind of October Surprise to sway the Mid-Term election?  Will these maniacs go to the brink with Russia to try and win the mid-term elections.  Is Creepy Uncle Joe going to go on television before the election and tell us that war with Russia is imminent and the only way he can win that war is to have a united Congress to rubber stamp his every action in the war?  It’s hard to believe he would do something that crazy.  But then again what’s crazy nowadays?

But what else could be going on?  Could this really all be about not letting the Germans buy natural gas from Russia?  That seems absurdly trivial when questions of nuclear war are being considered.  Surely war and peace are at a much higher level of US foreign policy than commercial relationships between European nations even if one of them is Russia.  But that is the claim of some people.  That we are trying to prevent Europe from cozying up to Russia because we want to prevent anything interfering with our hegemony over the West.

All of these actions and motives are bizarre to say the least.  It no longer seems that our foreign policy is being run by people who are grounded in reality.  Brinksmanship in the Ukraine is the height of dangerous behavior.  Sabotaging critical infrastructure that our closest allies depend on for the energy supply for their homes and businesses seems insane.  Having Joe Biden repeatedly state that the United States would get into a shooting war with China over Taiwan when the Chinese weren’t making an issue of it is just plain stupid.  But maybe that’s the point.  Maybe very stupid people are running our foreign policy now.  Maybe this is the best they could come up with to stave off the collapse of their “new world order” which seems to be coming apart at the seams everywhere we look.

After all, the EU is seeing defections from their immigration policy in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and now also in Sweden and Italy.  The BRICS and some other countries have rejected Washington’s embargo of Russian petroleum and mineral products.  And more and more Americans are tired of the madness that’s been going on for the last two years over COVID, crime and the destruction of the economy.

So if this is the Elites flailing around to distract us from the shambles they’ve made of everything, then my only fear is that we may not survive to see them rejected at the polls.  After all it’s still about forty days until election day and at this rate they’ll have triggered nuclear Armageddon and a Great Depression simultaneously before they can be fired.

Is this all just Joe playing “tail wagging the dog” or are these people so delusional that they think they can do any crazy damn thing and get away with it?  Maybe it’s too much to hope to know what’s really going on but I assure you I’m not the only one thinking that we’ve descended into a mad house.  The slogan that the Republicans should use for both 2022 and 2024 is, “Had enough yet or do you want the crazy to keep going?”

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11 months ago

Whoever the actors and whatever the motivations behind any of these continuously occurring catastrophes, the fact is that none of this mess existed before this current crop of idiots came to power. The only question is whether malice or incompetence, or perhaps both, is at fault.