Tucker Carlson Describes the NSA Spying on Him

In this interview with Maria Bartiromo Carlson describes the facts of how he knows that not only has the NSA spied on his phone text messages but also leaked them to journalists.

The best line was from Bartiromo who described the tactic as the “stuff of banana republics.”  And that’s exactly right.  We either have become or always were a banana republic.  If the FBI and NSA have always been doing this then this has always been a police state.  Even if they only used these tactics against the presidents and congressmen they didn’t like then effectively the security agencies are our masters and are running the country.

This sickens me in a way that I thought I was past feeling.  I knew they went after Trump.  But this is the stuff of KGB or Stasi tactics.  Honestly, if the Republicans don’t latch onto these things and use them to do whatever is necessary to push back then we’re just a permanent slave state, no better than North Korea or Cuba..