El Presidente

Hard news.  No corned beef was to be had at the local grocery store.  So now we have cabbage and potatoes and no beef.  Shocking and depressing.  Well, we’ll see.  If we have it another day it’ll count.

Out in the real world today.  Some bank business and visiting some folks.  Got back to my regular exercise routine after a week of snow shoveling.  Finally had a chance to listen to the ZMan’s podcast this afternoon.  It was a discussion of the Irish “Troubles.”  He explains how some of the lessons learned there could be applied to our situation with respect to the occupying army we face.

Looking through the news articles I saw that various federal and state prosecutors are trying to get up the nerve to indict Donald Trump for everything from soliciting sex (Stormy Daniels) to treason.  And another article said that YouTube has restored Trump’s account on the video site.  Boy, do they hate that guy.

But the biggest stories are about failing banks.  Apparently, a reckoning is finally setting in over our reckless, seemingly endless trillions of dollars conjured out of thin air.  You can see it happening.  In 2008 we saw the first wave.  After the Bush II wars and the loosening of home mortgage requirements had maxed out the federal government’s credit card, the investment banks were overleveraged and Lehman Brothers sank under the weight.  The Fed rescued the even bigger banks and GM and we saw the beginning of “too big to fail.”  The stock market has been propped up by zero interest rates for a decade and more but with the COVID debacle and the insane energy policies of the Greenies, inflation has roared back to life and so the government economists tried to raise the prime rate to tame this inflation.  But that puts all these zero rate bonds under water.  And the little banks then see people stampeding out looking for a way to get some return on their money.

And the result is smaller investment banks like SVB go bust.  Now it’s thought the Fed will stop increasing the interest rates and maybe even back it down.  And that will reignite inflation and impoverish the working class.  “Well so what?” says Joe Biden, “as long as the banks stay open.”

And we hear that consolidation is ahead and when the dust settles there will be only four or five banks left.  And since those banks are too big to fail what it really means is that the banks are really now just another name for the US Treasury.  And that’s supposed to make us feel better.

But what’s the next step?  So essentially the US government now guarantees all of our money in all banks.  And not just $250,000 or $500,000 but however much you have.  And what’s next?  When another big corporation starts failing like Google or Meta will the Feds prop it up too?  And what about smaller companies?  You see where this goes.  There will be one car company, one giant retailer, one appliance company, one social media company, etc. and all of them will be propped up by Uncle Sam.  And the employees of those companies are effectively employees of the government.

What is being described is a socialist country like Britain in the 1970s, or as the worst case, the Soviet Union.  Long before we get to that endpoint our currency will no longer be considered the world’s reserve currency.  It will be considered toilet paper.  But the way things are going nobody will do anything about it.  Nobody wants to rock the boat.  We just slowly settle into endless bureaucracy, mediocrity and dependence.

So, in this pathetic version of 1984, Big Brother is Joe Biden; a lying dementia case who smiles or shouts or cries depending on which lies he’s selling that day.  But somehow he’ll have to explain away the fact that America is becoming Cuba.  I guess he can buy an olive drab uniform, grow a beard, smoke a cigar and start calling himself “El Presidente.”  Yeah, it’s about right.


Chemist replies:

Not so fast, Photog. The US government will not guarantee all the deposits in all of the banks. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that: uninsured deposits, would only be covered in the event that a “failure to protect uninsured depositors would create systemic risk and significant economic and financial consequences.”
Josh Hawley relied: “Let me translate that, you only get protection if you’re a woke billionaire who gives a lot of money to Democrats.”

I can easily see Biden letting a red state bank fail and telling the red state depositors to suck it up. Just like he is letting the people in East Palestine suffer.
If you vote GOP you don’t matter in Biden’s America.”

You make a good point Chemist.  If Gavin Newsome asks Uncle Joe to help out he will.  If I might lose money that would be a source of humor and nothing else.


A Red-Pilled America

What happens when everyone knows the country is rigged?  What is lost when half the country thinks they’ve witnessed the end of honest presidential elections?  I have to assume that Joe Biden thinks the answer to those two questions is nothing.  And maybe he’s right.  After all, he’s still president, the FBI has the dissidents from January 6th tucked away in prison and he’s just hired 87,000 new IRS agents to punish that half of the country who don’t like him.  And maybe he’s planning to stage a repeat performance on election day this year.  But if he believes that I think he’s wrong.

I think one of America’s greatest strengths was the belief by a large majority of its citizens that this was an honest place where the rules were followed and the will of the people was abided by.  I think the belief in that provided the leaders with enormous legitimacy which the American people would rally around when an emergency or crisis required them to unify their efforts and make sacrifices.  Probably the greatest example was World War II.  Our fathers selflessly signed up for the war in the millions even before the draft was initiated.  They sacrificed their lives to protect their country in a tremendous show of patriotism.

On a smaller scale a similar wave of patriotic zeal swept over the country after 9/11/2001.  Even pacifists and socialists rallied round the flag and supported the war and the actions that had to be taken to protect the country.  We even sacrificed some of our freedoms by supporting the Patriot Act.  So, belief in the legitimacy of the government and trust in the honesty of our leaders was a big part of why the United States was a tremendous force in the world.  We believed we were the real deal.

So that’s all gone.  Tens of millions of Americans now know that the government is run by dishonest men.  The FBI and the other intelligence agencies might as well be the mafia as far as their brutality and dishonesty is concerned.  We’ve seen judges, federal law enforcement and other deep state actors conspire to spread lies, arrest and jail innocent men and harass and obstruct the orders of our duly elected officials.  And soon over a hundred million Americans and maybe more will be convinced that this country is now corrupt and ruled by an oligarchy that will do and say whatever it takes to hold onto power.

But so what?  What practical effect will this have on America?  Well, I think it’s already having a large effect on this country.  I think the world knows we’re no longer a united country.  I think that’s why Russia, China and a growing number of countries are beginning to break away from the global economic order that we have established.  And that’s part of the reason that our economy is beginning to flounder.  The dollar isn’t as strong as it once was.  And our friends and enemies no longer look at us in the same way.  They know we’re not as strong militarily because no one will rally round the flag any longer.  Who would lay down his life for an illegitimate government that hates him?  No one.

And this is just the beginning.  Biden has plenty more damage he wants to do.  Unchecked illegal immigration and FBI sponsored inner city crime is now a permanent reality.  As the economy deteriorates, confiscatory tax policies will surely follow to keep the government afloat.  So as public support for the government sinks our stature in the world will diminish accordingly.  Even third rate countries like Iran and Venezuela will stop fearing us and begin flouting our orders.

And that will be just a reflection of the way Americans feel about their own government.  Basically, they no longer respect it.  They only fear it.  And as we saw with the Soviet Union, even a government that controls its people through a reign of terror will eventually grind itself down to nothing through loss of legitimacy.

It’s hardly a point of pride that the Democrats will ultimately destroy their own power by debasing the United States but it does provide hope that once they crash the economy even massive voter fraud may be insufficient to keep them in office.  At that point it may be possible to salvage the country.

Thoughts on Our New Status as a Banana Republic

Tomorrow and Wednesday I’m on the road.  So, posting will be iffy.  Of course, now that Brandon is unleashing the Stasi and the IRS to round up all of us Yellow Star folks maybe I’ll be stopped at the state border and forced into a cattle car.  I hope there will be lots of straw in the cattle car.  That stuff keeps the smell down in cattle cars, I hear.

Seriously, I feel the Left and their allies in the Deep State have crossed the Rubicon.  At this point I don’t think they’ll hesitate to come after all their enemies and punish them with every trick in the book.  I expect really bad stuff to begin happening to just about anyone they can identify as “not their friend.”

You know I expected this type of thing to happen but I didn’t think it would bother me as much as it does.  It really is a complete break with the America that I believed in as a young man.  This is no different from the East Germany that we read about back in the 1970s.  It’s right in line with the things I read in Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago.  There’s the bang on the door at night and jack-booted thugs carrying off someone into the dark.  Secret courts and show trials and rat-like characters like Merrick Garland and Joe Biden.

And of course, we will be powerless to hold any of these people responsible.  Just as with the Summer of George rioting and the election fraud in 2020 those responsible won’t suffer any consequences.  Whereas innocent people will have their lives ruined and be imprisoned and robbed of their livelihood by these rats.

Joe Biden and his drug-addled son Hunter shake down China and Ukraine for millions and there are no consequences even when the moron leaves evidence of his crimes out in the open.  The FBI and the media are his fixers and they’ll make sure that nothing interrupts the graft and corruption.  But at this point only the brain dead are unaware of the depths of Biden’s dishonesty and incompetence.

November truly will be the acid test.  If the Democrats aren’t swept out of power in a tidal wave, then there is literally no hope for this once free country.  If the Democrats aren’t banished then either the American people are already brain dead or the election fraud is so thorough that we’ll never see a fair election again.  And even if the Republicans take back the House and Senate, Biden’s re-animated corpse will still be torturing our country for two more years.  With tens of thousands of new IRS employees Biden will use the death by a thousand paper cuts on his enemies’ supporters.

Well, enough whining.  It’s only a few months until November and I’m sure I can keep busy working and playing until then.  And as the Good Book says “The truth shall set you free.”  It’s better to have the bad news than to be confused by the lies.  If the bad guys have won it’s best to know.  Then you can make the decisions you need to in order to figure out Plan B.

FBI Raids Mar A Lago – US Officially a Banana Republic

So they’ve taken the final step.

It’s great to see that the Stasi are doing everything they can to alienate half the country.  If we are able to take back control of the government it should be easy to find the votes to fire and cancel the pensions of most of the rats currently holed up in the Justice Department.  That should be the campaign slogan for 2022 and 2024.

So what we have are two separate standards of justice and selective enforcement based on the political alignment of the individual.  If you are Democrats or their agents you can burn down cities and even kill innocent citizens with complete impunity.  But even if you’re the former republican President of the United States you will be deprived of your constitutional protections using trumped up charges and corrupt Washington DC judges to do the bidding of Democrat political operatives in the Justice Department.

I’d say today marks the official beginning of the United States as a banana republic.  Don’t be surprised by anything.  Should really do wonders for the Democrats chances in November.  I wonder if this might get Brandon’s approval rating into the single digits by tomorrow.