I’m Not the Only One Who Thinks the FBI Must Go

Here’s another liberal who agrees with the Right that the FBI is a fascist outfit that does more harm than good.

“The FBI has always had a policy requiring that all consequential interviews be conducted by two agents — one to ask questions, the other to take notes. Then the agents return to headquarters, where the notes are typed up. The report is known as a Form 302, and it is the official record of the interview.

The interviewees are thus placed between the proverbial rock and a hard place. If they testify, they must stick to the FBI’s version. If they deviate from the Form 302, they can be charged with having lied to the agent or, at trial, of committing perjury. Hence, there is enormous pressure on witnesses to testify not as they remember a situation, but rather in accord with the Form 302.

As a result, I’ve developed a policy of never allowing a client to be interviewed without my recording it. The agents would tell me that I’m not allowed to record the interview. I replied that I have my own policy. The agents then would leave.”

Based on what I’ve read if I ever had the FBI knock on my door I’d tell them I have nothing to say.  After watching what they’ve done to people like General Flynn I have no respect or trust in these Gestapo agents at all.

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2 years ago

Agreed. Based on the last 6 years, you would have to be a fool to speak to the FBI without a lawyer and a voice recorder. This reminds me of the games that 60 Minutes plays: They record a multi hour interview and then edit it so the subject says whatever CBS wants them to say. Example: They interviewed Bill Ruger and asked him what he thought of waiting periods prior to purchase of a firearm. (This was before the Brady Bill and NICS.) Bill replied that he was not in favor of waiting periods. CBS pressed about the need… Read more »