The Rallying Cry of 2024 – Defund the Deep State

Let’s face it, the political activism in 2022 is a purely defensive crouch.  Taking back the House and Senate are the equivalent of bringing your arms and hands over your face while you’re on the ground being pummeled.  It’s hardly a 4D chess move.  But if we’re ever going to accomplish anything against the Leviathan in DC, we will need to starve it out.

I think the first step is to cap all federal salaries at $54,132 which is the median US salary and freeze hiring except at the discretion of the President.  Then start punishing the Deep State swamp creatures by making their lives much less fun.  Move the State Department to Baltimore and the FBI to St. Louis and reassign the sensitive jobs to direct appointees of the President.  Then reduce and simplify the income tax so it can be done with sixth grader math and convert 90% of the employees of the IRS into public restroom attendants in the high crime districts of America.

So even this guerilla warfare against the Deep State would be just the warning shots.  Whole agencies will have to be reinvented.  The FBI and the CIA have to be defanged.  In addition to repealing the Patriot Act and the FISA Courts all of the bad actors that staged the coup against Trump must be removed from positions of authority and put in charge of counting paper clips and shredding paper.  And the new work that is determined to be valuable will be given to people who won’t have the power to attack the American people again.  Those powers will be removed from the jobs.

Another priority is to legislate the venue for trials against federal employees to be in areas that don’t house large bureaucracies.  The spectacle of John Durham’s prosecutions all being acquitted proves just what kind of justice you can expect in Washington DC.

Now let’s think of what some of the consequences of this kind of change will be.  First of all, it will impoverish the Greater Washington DC area.  How great is that?  Rents and property values will collapse.  Hobo jungles will spring up in Georgetown and Chevy Chase.  PBS documentarians will be able to interview people like Antony Blinken and Merrick Garland as they huddle around a trash fire cooking their mulligan stew and hear disoriented stories about how they used to be somebody.  And DC will revert to a slightly warmer Newark, New Jersey.

I understand that there are many priorities that vie for a place among what needs to be done to save this country from the disaster that is overtaking us.  But directly attacking and taking the food out of the mouths of truly dangerous people like the deranged bureaucrats that torture us on a daily basis should be right at the top of that list.  In the long run finally getting the budget under control will require paring down the federal bureaucracy so we might as well get some fun out of it too.

And defunding the Deep State does not mean we should neglect to prosecute the bad actors who’ve done so much harm in the last few years.  I just think it will be easier and more effective if we first remove them from power.  Once you’re only earning a third of what you once were you have bigger problems than promulgating new laws on pronouns.  Instead, they’ll be concentrating on making that huge mortgage payment.  That’s the time to drag them into court to answer for their past sins.

Now the problem with all this is that legislators have a very cozy relationship with the bureaucrats.  Attacking them is tantamount to betrayal.  That is why the influx of outsiders like Marjorie Taylor Greene is such a great thing.  These people aren’t beholden to the Deep State.  The problem is they’re a handful in a sea of insiders.  This is why I almost despair of how much still has to be done.  But there’s no reason not to define the problem.  And that’s why I still bang this drum.  Carthago delenda est.

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