Here’s Another Poll That Says, “It’s the Economy Stupid.”

The Democrats are working as hard as they can to replace the lousy economy on the minds of voters with anything else; abortion, the Ukraine, gun violence, January 6th, anything.  But it hasn’t worked:

“In the latest Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP Poll conducted in early September, we asked Americans to pick top-3 issues facing the country. The economy came as the top issue for most. It does not matter what party you are from; the sentiment is shared across the political spectrum.

The economy is the #1 issue for nearly half (48%) of the Americans who took part in the poll. It is important to 38% of Democrats, 63% of Republicans, and 46% of Independents.

The #2 issue is Gun violence/Gun control at a distant 27%. Democrats (37%) think it is important and it is ‘somewhat important’ to Independents (21%), but it has limited appeal to Republicans (15%).

Immigration and border security (24%) is the #3 issue. While immigration and border security is a critical issue for one-half (49%) of Republicans, only 21% of Independents think it is important.

Many Democratic politicians want to leverage abortion as a wedge issue, but it has only limited appeal. One in five (21%) think it is important, with 26% of Democrats and a similar share of Independents (25%). Only 13% of Republicans rated it as a top issue.”

So apparently Americans aren’t as clueless as the Democrats hoped.  Sounds hopeful.  Let’s just see if the voter fraud machine is ready to crank out more fake Democrat victories.

Handicapping November 2022

Of late I’ve stated that the coming November elections will be a clear indicator of how much hope there remains for the American political system.  My often-repeated basis for this statement is that the various progressive organizations have totally dropped the mask and exposed their disregard for all legitimate behavior.  And by this, I mean the activities of the last two or three years during which we were exposed to complete loss of freedom during the COVID lockdowns, the collusion between the federal government and the tech companies to silence and punish dissenting opinions, the selective enforcement of laws by the Justice Department.  In addition, with the outbreak of stagflation history informs us that the party in power is always punished severely by the electorate.

Based on this situation we find ourselves in, I would assume that if the American electoral process is still functioning, the Democrats would be handed strong losses in both the House and Senate.  Currently the polls indicate that the Republicans will reclaim the House with a ten to twenty seat majority.  The Senate is much closer with current estimates indicating that the Republicans will take two seats and have a slim majority.  To my mind that is hardly the outcome to be expected when every indicator of government failure is flashing bright red.  To my mind this indicates that the system has stopped working.

But to be fair I think I should define what I think would be a functioning result of the political system in these mid-terms.  As far as absolute numbers I’d say that the House would have to give the Republicans a forty-seat majority.  And the Senate wouldn’t provide that lop-sided a change but I would expect to see all the purple state contests go to the Republicans.  That would be Arizona, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Georgia and Nevada.  In addition, I’d expect to see a couple of governors of blue states getting ejected.  Specifically Wisconsin and Michigan should be looking to boot out their governors.

So that’s my definition of a healthy American electoral response to the dysfunction and malfeasance that has been on display by the Democrats in the last few years.  If something resembling this response occurs, I will be heartily encouraged that maybe we can vote our way out of this.  Then it will be up to these politicians to use the people’s mandate to begin holding Biden and company accountable for their reckless misuse of our government.  I’d expect investigations to conclude with an impeachment of at least Biden.  Of course, we won’t have the votes in the Senate to convict him but it will show responsibility on the part of the House.  And it will set the stage for replacing Biden in 2024 with a Republican (Donald Trump) who intends to repair the damage.

But if we end up with the ten-seat majority in the House and a one or two seat majority in the Senate I’ll consider that proof that the United States is no longer able to change course in response to disaster.  Whether this is the result of widespread voter fraud or due to a majority of the electorate having been bought off by the promise of free stuff really doesn’t matter.  The outcome will be the same.  Democrat control of the United States federal government will be assured.

And if that’s the case I will spend my time looking for a Plan B.  whether that’s a red state or a different country depends on how the red states stand up to the feds.  There have been some positive signs in Florida and Texas.  Maybe they’ll move forward with these actions and establish their states as sanctuaries for freedom loving Americans.  Maybe they’ll expand this by joining with neighboring states to form a freedom zone within the United States.  It could be a very large zone.

But that’s a story for the future, after November.  First things first.