The Quadratic Franchise

Many, many years ago I read an essay by the science fiction writer, Robert A. Heinlein about civics.  He was making the case that democracy was the proposition that a million men were smarter than one man or a few men.  And he batted that idea around.  His point was that the average man might not be the right decision maker for society.  And then he thought of how we could rig things to make democracy better.  Now, being an engineer, his first idea was based on the type of tests that would appeal to a technical mind.  He imagined the voting booth being equipped with a visual display of some sort that communicated a problem to the voter to solve before being allowed to vote.  Heinlein favored solving a quadratic equation as the qualifying test.  I can’t remember if it was a multiple-choice question or not but at the time, I saw the sense of it.  Pick some minimally difficult standard of intelligence and make it a condition for voting.

But intelligence is not the only criterion for citizenship.  Moral fitness may be even more important.  You may be smart enough to know something is a bad idea for society but if you think that you’ll personally benefit from it then you might go along with it.  So, another way to rig the franchise is disqualify people who have chosen to live antisocially.  Currently, most states disqualify felons from voting.  That seems a reasonable measure.  But I think there are other larger voting blocks that should be looked at.  Perhaps civil servants should not be allowed to vote.  After all, teachers and prison guards have controlled politics in California and other states like Illinois and New Jersey for decades based on their habit of voting in Democrats to keep their pensions and salaries robust.  Maybe anyone on welfare should be taken off the voters’ roll because they’ll vote for the liberal who will keep their gravy train flowing.

Or maybe we should go the other way around.  Maybe people’s votes should be weighted according to how much taxes they pay.  So, Elon Musk pays on average ten million dollars in taxes a year and I pay fifty thousand so his vote should count for two hundred of mine.  And the guy who pays no taxes has no vote or maybe some minimal fraction of a vote.

But of course, the absurdity of this whole discussion is that none of this matters because as Dementia Joe recently pointed out, it’s not who votes but who counts the votes, that counts.  Even when unheard of numbers of Americans came out to vote in 2020 the people who rig elections in Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Madison and Phoenix simply ran the photocopy machines ten times as long and manufactured the votes needed to fake the election result they wanted.

We can talk about who the least responsible voters are.  My favorite is women because they vote with their emotions and because they’re gullible and easily flattered into thinking their self-interest is equal to the good of the country.  But even they will recognize grim reality when it comes in the likeness of a BLM mob.  So ultimately trying to fix representative government means absolutely nothing when the ballot box is being stuffed.

I think the attempts to fix this situation and the simultaneous attempt to codify fraud by the Democrats is the biggest struggle going on right now in our country.  I don’t want to overblow the criticality of the result because the bad guys never run out of ways to degrade our country.  Literally they never quit.  But I think the attempt to fix this problem is a fair test of whether there is enough strength left in our system and in our will to turn the country around.  If after what happened in 2020, we don’t solve this problem then we’re not going to have the strength to survive the diseases that afflict our country.  They will overwhelm the system like a parasitic disease that saps its host’s strength and eventually leads to death.

Heinlein thought about civics and ways that we could improve citizenship.  But he also predicted the decay of our society under the influence of progressivism.  I think he would have recognized the symptoms we are currently suffering from but he still might have been sad to see it happen to the country he loved.

War Pig’s Feedback

I prefer the government of “Starship Troopers”. I also like the idea he postulated in “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” – that any law passed can be nullified by I believe a 1/3 vote of the People. After all if a law is so poorly written or unnecessary that a full third of your citizens despises it, it is a bad law.

I do NOT trust the form of voting in Sam Clemen’s “The Curious Republic of Gondour”, since we have seen what craziness is professed in western colleges and universities. What was it William F Buckley Jr said;- “I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.”


(Good to hear from you War Pig.  All the best.


What Could Be the Good of a Republican Win in a Purple State?

This morning there is jubilation among the normies.  “You see,” they say, “all we had to do was vote harder and all our problems would go away.”  It’s a comforting thought.  All’s right with the world.  But it’s two weeks until this election is certified and I’m sure mail-in ballots will continue to arrive right up until that day.  Just look at New Jersey.  Areas of Jersey that haven’t ever gone for a Republican did.  But the razor thin lead that Ciattarelli is clinging to will almost certainly be swept away in an avalanche of fraudulent mail-in ballots that even now are being conjured up somewhere in the dark recesses of the “Garden State.”

To my mind, the only way that a borderline state can be strengthened into a legitimate democratic entity is if the governor and the legislature take the steps to end voter fraud.  Mail-in voting must be ended or if it has to exist it has to be made honest.  And that would be no small thing to do.  Voter fraud, especially in the dysfunctional Democrat run cities is the magic bullet that the Left has found to finish off democracy in our country.  If the Right is too lazy or stupid to fix this thing then they deserve to lose.  The tragedy is that we are just as lazy and just as stupid as the idiots we have left our representation to.

So here is a good test case.  The republicans made a clean sweep in Virginia.  They took the governor’s mansion, the legislature and the attorney general’s office.  If they ever want to win these offices again and if they want to undo the damage of the last eight years, they need to abolish mail-in voting and they need to put in place strong safeguards against voter fraud and ballot box stuffing.  Poll watchers need to be able to see that voters are bringing valid identification and that no one is tampering with the ballot boxes after the fact.

Now, this is of course above and beyond the question of whether someone like Youngkin is actually a conservative.  I’ve heard him described as a Mitt Romney-type Rockefeller conservative.  If that’s the case it doesn’t much matter whether there’s an R or a D after his name.  He’ll just George W. Bush the people of Virginia to death while they stare in disbelief.

But at the least this should tell Georgia and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin that there is hope if they enact election reform.  If you care enough not to let criminals steal away your government then there is a hope of changing things.  That is the only hopeful thing I can take away from this off-year election.  That and the fact that all the Democrat Congressmen and Senators from red districts are probably scared silly by what just happened.  Maybe by some incredible miracle we’ll see the “reconciliation” bill die a deserved death and go into the mid-terms before Dementia Joe can steal the last of our money and freedom away from us.  Maybe that’s what I should ask from Santa Claus for Christmas.  Ho, ho, ho.

Election Day 20221 – Open Post – Leave Any Comments on the Elections Here

As much as elections have now become a sort of joke, I still didn’t want to miss any interesting goings on or thoughts.  So leave comments below and we can share the sad, comical or  ironic news or we can enjoy just plain schadenfreude depending on the outcomes and circumstances.

One thing for sure, if anyone listens to the network and cable coverage many false and stupid things will be heard.  But every once in a while something true sneaks through.  So pass along any items that strike you as interesting or entertaining.

9:18 PM Update

Youngkin (R) 1,249,276     54.5%
McAuliffe (D) 1,028,893     44.9%
Blanding (L) 15,175             0.7%

With 80% of the votes counted Youngkin should be a lock.  But who are we kidding?  This was exactly what went on in Pennsylvaina last year at this time   So let’s see what crap they pull later.

12:03 AM Update

The vote count has been held at 93% for about an hour so I guess that the fix will be in and we’ll have to wait until they can fabricate the requisite number of fake votes.  Interestingly, NJ has come out strong for the Republican governor candidate.  Can he overcome the fraud.  I’ll say unlikely.  Well I think I’ll call it.  When it comes to fake elections I find it unappealing to lose sleep.  So good night all.

2021 Election Day Eve Thoughts

So, tomorrow I head off to vote.  We’ve got a bunch of local elections, everything from dog-catcher to Selectmen to School Board positions on ballot and I know why I’m voting for each of my choices.  And in my town, most or all of my candidates will win.  I live in a relatively rare place, a conservative New England town.  So, there is sense and satisfaction in getting out to vote in these local elections.

This will be the anniversary of the 2020 Election Day.  Well, sort of.  The whole Tuesday after the first Monday in November thing means the actual date varies but close enough.  Looking back on that night and how I watched an election stolen in real time reminds me why I no longer consider this a legitimate republic.  A cabal of public and private organizations perpetrated open election fraud in a number of key states.  The fact that a number of red states allowed this to happen proves to me that we live in a banana republic.

A banana republic is a country run by a dictatorship of either a single strongman or an oligarchic clique that carries on the pretense of things like elections but controls the outcome of these elections in an openly farcical manner.  I think that about covers our case.  Think of the spectacle of the Philadelphia vote counting operation sending the poll watchers home, covering the windows with card board and then bringing in truck loads of phony ballots to be counted behind locked doors.  Even a moron would know what was going on but we are supposed to shrug our shoulders and pretend we didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

So, tomorrow Virginia will vote for governor.  The latest polls say the republican is ahead by between two and eight percentage points.  That would lead you to believe that he probably will win.  But based on what we’ve seen I wouldn’t be surprised at all if after some number of days after election day the Democrat candidate will emerge victorious by some ridiculously small number of votes.  The fact that it will take a week or so to engineer this result shouldn’t disturb us or lead us to believe that fraud has been practiced.  No, far from it.  It’s just the new normal.

And if by some miracle, the republican wins we know that this is a temporary setback.  After all Dementia Joe’s minions are hard at work transporting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to red states all over the United States.  Whatever deficit in the voting rolls might exist today will be made up for with “new Americans.”

So right now, for me, all politics is local.  Because that is the only politics that isn’t rigged.  Maybe some effort will be made to clean up the fraud.  It’s possible.  Places like Arizona, Wisconsin and Georgia are trying to figure out how to clean up this mess.  But right now, there is no guarantee that they’ll be able to accomplish what they need to.  What would be a good sign is if we get beyond the current audit stage and get to the point where individuals are indicted for voter fraud and convicted.  That would make it less likely that things like what happened in Pennsylvania and Georgia would continue.  But until then I have to assume that for anything beyond my town’s boundaries, I’m just watching a charade that keeps us in the same club as Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and Kim Jong-un’s North Korea.  Good luck Virginia.  You’ll need it.

After Months of Delays by Fleeing Dem Reps Texas Election Reform Bill Signed

Texas has taken a giant step toward eliminating election fraud.  Greg Abbott finally was able to sign into law a Texas law that prohibits such fraudulent activities as mailing out absentee ballots to everyone regardless of whether they asked for one or not.

Now if only this was in place in places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia.

Chemist I’ve finally got the story right!





Runaway Texas Democrats Return to Legislature and Voting Bill Passed

The “Runaway Texas Dems,” at least some of them, returned to the Texas State House and this allowed the vote on election reform to pass.  Governor Abbott can sign this bill into law soon and put an end to the spectacle of a plane load of Democrats running away to Washington D.C. to prevent the Texas legislature from doing their job.

The representatives who are still on the lam complained bitterly that their comrades betrayed them.  But recently the Texas administration had sworn out arrest warrants for dereliction of duty and was threatening to cut of their pay.  Once again we have proof that Democrats are lawless cretins that should be deported to Kabul at the first opportunity.


Chemist has chastised me for jumping the gun.  Apparently the return of the Dems hasn’t resulted in the vote being taken on the bill.  Come on Texas, put this one to bed.

The COVID Curse is Over

Today I spent the day with my family.  No masks, no outdoor seating, no nothing.  I spent the day with my children and their families.  I spent hours with my grandchildren and I caught up with them about school and their hobbies and other things like what they were reading.  And with the two youngest I played a game of catch that went on for a couple of hours.  It was exhausting and wonderful.  And then we had a grand meal.  My son in law let my daughter relax for Mother’s Day and went outside and grilled steaks and salmon and we had a feast.  And then we had some excellent Italian pastries and coffee.

And I sat down after dinner and talked to my oldest grandson who is a junior in high school and asked him about his math classes and he said he is doing well in calculus.  He is much like me and I think he will end up in engineering or computer science.  And we discussed some of his other activities.  He has a 3D printer that I funded and I was glad to hear that he has learned how to replace the parts that wear out and make the adjustments needed to keep it working well.  Later I spoke with my daughter and she told me about the straight A’s her son has been getting in math.  And that made me happier than anything.  I guessed that he would have academic abilities but I was afraid he would also have inherited from me a disregard for studying.  I always depended on just raw ability to barely squeak by without doing anything but last-minute cramming.  Hearing that he had picked up some discipline was music to my ears.

And I spoke with my next oldest grandson.  He had grown a lot over the last year and now was almost as tall as his older brother.  And we talked about his school sports.  He loves playing soccer and basketball and now he’s added tennis to his games.  He was happy about being able to play again now that school was returning to normal.  I’ve seen him play and he has great enthusiasm and talent.  And he was so personable and cheerful.  That was personal growth and great to see.

The other two boys, the little guys were live wires and played and bickered with each other and gave me the chance to chide them about their outlaw behavior.  We talked about dinosaurs and giant ants and ninjas.  Of course.

I knew I missed all these things during this insane lockdown but now I remembered exactly what they felt like.  Camera Girl and I were smiling all the way home and we went on and on about how good it was to see everyone and how we would have a pool party for the kids with a barbecue very soon.

And I think how much we were robbed of in the last year.  Our children were cheated out of a year of their education.  Our neighbors were cheated out of the businesses they had built up over the course of a lifetime.  Our country was cheated out of the freedoms that have been the birthright of this country for centuries.  And all of us were cheated out of the government we voted for.

All of this was done under the false pretense that COVID was a deadly plague that threatened everyone.  We were lied to and bullied into giving up all these things and then humiliated into walking around with a pathetic mask that was supposedly keeping away the invisible invader.  We had to forego human contact with those we cared for the most.  Even those who actually did die from the virus had to die alone in a hospital surrounded by masked strangers.

But now we see that the masks did nothing and all the same people lived or died regardless of these useless gestures.  In Florida the people were freed from the masks and other restrictions and they had lower death rates than New York where everyone remained locked down for a year.  And now maybe people will start to wake up from this charade and hold responsible those who perpetrated this fraud on us.  Newsom and Cuomo and Fauci are the names that stand out.  But there are dozens of governors and mayors who locked up their people and enjoyed their little reign of terror.  They locked up innocent people but let the BLM gangsters have free rein to form mobs of people and terrorize the hard-working people of their states.

So, the nonsense about COVID has stopped scaring people.  Now we have to decide if we are going to get our lives back the way they were.  If we can’t do that then we’re slaves here and should look around for a better place to live.

The House of Cards

The United States in the 20th century proved itself to be the most formidable nation state on the face of the Earth.  It settled two world wars, invented nuclear weapons and put a man on the moon.  It also oversaw the implosion of the only other nation that rivalled it in military power and influence.  It has the reserve currency for the whole planet and invented countless processes and products that define modern life.  It was the engine that rebuilt the face of the human civilization and dictated the terms of acceptable behavior for almost every country.  And finally, it dragged the whole world into the digital age and gave the internet primacy over every other way of communicating.

And that immense success was built on the cooperation of a continent straddling nation that saw themselves as a free people who were allowed enormous freedom in exchange for allowing their fellow citizens to enjoy that same freedom.

Here we are about seventy-five years after that immensely powerful country defeated the enemies of civilization in World War II.  But now its richest and most influential citizens have decided amongst themselves that they no longer want or need a free citizenry.  They see a new vision of the future.  In this new world this elite would become the de facto rulers of the world.  And the rest of the human race, including the rest of the Americans, will be their servants.  And even the status as servants will be contingent on how much trouble they make for the masters.

And to bring about this new world they are using the tremendous power and influence of the United States government as their weapon.  Having been given the fig leaf of the Patriot Act they can use the combined surveillance capabilities of the intelligence agencies and their vassals, the Tech Oligarchs to spy on anyone who disagrees with their agenda.  And they can use the Justice Department and the Courts to enforce these agendas by dealing out unlimited prison terms to anyone they deem a threat.

The elites here are using the template that other totalitarian states have used in the past to control their populations.  The Russians, the Cubans, the Chinese and the other Marxist states have been successful in the past at setting up a regime based on surveillance and fear.  Russia was able to keep it going for about seventy years.  The Chinese have done even a little better, but that may be because we have funded their industrial economy in the last thirty years.  But our elites think they have the whole Marxist problem licked.  No more talk of communist economics.  Market capitalism is mother’s milk to these men.  No, they have come up with a corporate state that they believe has all the advantages of democracy and communism without any of the disadvantages.  It has the prosperity of the western countries without the messy results of free elections.  It has all the dictatorial control of communism but without all the starvation and bad consumer goods of the Soviet Union days.  So, everybody wins!

Well, except for people who want to live free lives the way they want to.  Because certain things will have to go away.  The biggest thing is freedom.  It’s too expensive.  We can’t let the proles have things we don’t want them to have.  Like families, their own homes, cars and luxuries like air conditioning and good food.  Those things will be reserved for the elites.  The proles will get a guaranteed minimum income, free drugs and unlimited internet porn to keep them from noticing their futures and lives evaporating away.  And they will get the satisfaction of knowing they are saving Gaia, their true mother.

It’s been a pretty effective plan.  They’ve used the schools, colleges and the media to convince an entire younger generation that only evil people want freedom and a future.  They’ve coopted all of the corporations and this effectively silences the working age population too.  The only ones left to object are the self-employed and the older people.  And as long as they kept alive the illusion that our leaders were selected by fair elections the people who saw things going the wrong way had the hope that things could be set right.

The 2020 elections put an end to that.  The mask is off and we can see that the United States of America now has as illegitimate a government as any Latin American banana republic.  And not only that, but most banana republics have nowhere near as much control over the lives of its citizens as the United States has.  The pretense that Americans enjoy freedom of speech, religion, free association, and the right to bear arms has also been shattered.  And the surveillance state will use its capabilities to punish anyone who tries to use these former freedoms in ways the state does not like.

So that’s a pretty grim picture.  Are we doomed?  Maybe not.  The United States has a large population that is not used to being slaves.  I think there is a reasonable chance that somewhere in the red states a resistance movement will spring up and act as a power center for a larger revolt against our masters.  After all, in the last analysis the elites are depending on the US military to enforce obedience to the anti-freedom policies of the US government.  If a big strong state ever told the federal government to pound sand it is not a foregone conclusion that the army is going to come in and kill Americans to make them submit to tyranny.  In fact, I think even the elites know this in their hearts.

And that is how we come back to my title.  A democracy ultimately depends on the consent of the governed.  If the governed learn that the democracy is a sham then that automatically removes the consent.  And if the free people of the United States decide that they’ve been enslaved the whole thing will fall like a house of cards.

The last two times there have been revolts they were led by the elites.  This time that may not be possible.  President Trump is the closest we’ve come to one of the elites jumping onto our bandwagon.  It doesn’t mean he is the only one.  But most of those people are too bought into the existing power structure to want to start breaking things and risk being dragged off to prison or worse.

So maybe this really has to be a peasant’s revolt.  I’ve heard that’s an impossibility but I think that just means it hasn’t been done lately.  The good bad news is Dementia Joe and his woke friends are spoiling to cause more grief.  It really only takes one good spark to start a forest fire when conditions are bad.  And conditions are definitely bad.