What Could Be the Good of a Republican Win in a Purple State?

This morning there is jubilation among the normies.  “You see,” they say, “all we had to do was vote harder and all our problems would go away.”  It’s a comforting thought.  All’s right with the world.  But it’s two weeks until this election is certified and I’m sure mail-in ballots will continue to arrive right up until that day.  Just look at New Jersey.  Areas of Jersey that haven’t ever gone for a Republican did.  But the razor thin lead that Ciattarelli is clinging to will almost certainly be swept away in an avalanche of fraudulent mail-in ballots that even now are being conjured up somewhere in the dark recesses of the “Garden State.”

To my mind, the only way that a borderline state can be strengthened into a legitimate democratic entity is if the governor and the legislature take the steps to end voter fraud.  Mail-in voting must be ended or if it has to exist it has to be made honest.  And that would be no small thing to do.  Voter fraud, especially in the dysfunctional Democrat run cities is the magic bullet that the Left has found to finish off democracy in our country.  If the Right is too lazy or stupid to fix this thing then they deserve to lose.  The tragedy is that we are just as lazy and just as stupid as the idiots we have left our representation to.

So here is a good test case.  The republicans made a clean sweep in Virginia.  They took the governor’s mansion, the legislature and the attorney general’s office.  If they ever want to win these offices again and if they want to undo the damage of the last eight years, they need to abolish mail-in voting and they need to put in place strong safeguards against voter fraud and ballot box stuffing.  Poll watchers need to be able to see that voters are bringing valid identification and that no one is tampering with the ballot boxes after the fact.

Now, this is of course above and beyond the question of whether someone like Youngkin is actually a conservative.  I’ve heard him described as a Mitt Romney-type Rockefeller conservative.  If that’s the case it doesn’t much matter whether there’s an R or a D after his name.  He’ll just George W. Bush the people of Virginia to death while they stare in disbelief.

But at the least this should tell Georgia and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin that there is hope if they enact election reform.  If you care enough not to let criminals steal away your government then there is a hope of changing things.  That is the only hopeful thing I can take away from this off-year election.  That and the fact that all the Democrat Congressmen and Senators from red districts are probably scared silly by what just happened.  Maybe by some incredible miracle we’ll see the “reconciliation” bill die a deserved death and go into the mid-terms before Dementia Joe can steal the last of our money and freedom away from us.  Maybe that’s what I should ask from Santa Claus for Christmas.  Ho, ho, ho.