07NOV2021 – OCF Update – This ’N’ That

It’s been busy over here at the Compound.  We had the family together for a kid’s birthday party last night and all that entails.  It was a lively gathering featuring fake fossil dinosaur egg dissecting, laser tag, billiards and the traditional American pinata event.  I attempted to educate some of my descendants on the finer points of using a pool cue but the new method they adhered to involves holding it sort of like a javelin.  But they managed to have fun despite my pedagogic shortcomings.  It was nice to see this new generation of cousins making their own fun without the necessity of staring at a phone screen or drowning out their surroundings with some insipid music.  There’s still some hope for the future.

I’ve been glad to see that some of the folks on the site have contributed posts.  Just lately Neil and Tom and Jason and Chemist and the Fat Man have provided excellent content which I’m always in need of.  I’ll take this opportunity to repeat that any of the readers out there that has something he’d like to share should leave a comment or send me an e-mail to orionscoldfire@charterdotnet and let me know.  And it doesn’t have to have anything to do with politics.  Book, music and movie reviews are excellent topics.  Chances are it’ll fit right in with the spirit of how I run things and will add that much more interest to the site.  After all, even I get tired of listening to my fascinating words sometime.

Now that the Democrats were panicked by the 2021 elections into forcing the infrastructure bill through ahead of the “reconciliation” bill without the help of the “Squad,” I expect the pollsters to start claiming that now Joe Biden is incredibly popular again.  But let’s face it, gas is approaching $4 a gallon, food is outrageously expensive, people can’t buy the necessities they need and Christmas presents won’t be available for the holiday.  With all that and the vaccine mandates how could Dementia Joe not be an awfully popular guy?

Probably passing the infrastructure bill will remove the last bit of leverage that the Democrats have over Manchin.  Despite my earlier pessimism about it I now expect the reconciliation bill to die a merciful death over the Christmas recess and in January all those reps and senators will be trying to get reelected.  So that may be the end of Biden’s bill signing career.  I can hardly believe our luck.

I’ll have to say, the Democrat’s taking it on the chin in the elections and backing down from the reconciliation stance they took has cheered me up a lot more than I imagined it would.  Maybe it’s the holidays coming up and the death of the COVID panic that has me so happy.  But for whatever reason I just don’t seem as willing to spread the doom and gloom right now.  So, you’ll have to forgive me if I’m unpleasantly cheerful.  Expect to see more movie and book reviews coming up.  I’m in the mood to write some stuff more interesting than the depressing politics we’re surrounded by.  And I’ll continue my death march through season three of Star Trek.  Enjoy your Sunday.


Update 6:36 pm

I couldn’t resist adding this data point to Dementia Joe’s popularity poll

Poll              Date                Sample     Approve   Disapprove Spread

USA Today  11/3 – 11/5       1000 RV    38            59                -21

He is beloved.

Congratulations to Tyler Cook on His Re-Election

The Portly Politico does his part to keep the tattered old flag from falling to the ground.  Bravo!

It’s inspirational to see someone on our side do more than just complain.  Every concrete thing we do is one step away from the cliff.  If you’ve got a moment go over to his site and leave a congrats as a comment.

Local Election Results in Dunwich

Living as I do in the mythical New England town of Dunwich, election results take a little longer than they do in the outside world.  What with eruptions of elder gods and eldritch horror of nonspecific origin popping up incessantly it takes the election committee quite a lot of time to count the white and black pebbles that we use for voting purposes.  I mean when they’re distracted, they lose count and have to start all over.  And then there are the disqualifications.  If one of the candidates is discovered to have webbed fingers or toes or gills during the mandatory examination, then everything has to stop while the unfortunate individual is burned at the stake or crushed under a door stacked with large smooth stones.  Lately they’ve switched completely to door crushing because of the greenhouse gases emitted by the stake burning procedure.  Time marches on.  Of course, the runner-up is glad, as long as he isn’t similarly non-conforming.

Well, the point is we finally have our results and they are pleasing.  The stupid party was resoundingly re-elected and the evil party was gratifyingly defeated.  I performed an exorcism rite complete with incantations from the Necronomicon (or was it Comic-Con?) and rendered all attacks by the power of darkness null and void (in other words I paid up my property taxes).  And now I can expect to enjoy another two years of quiet, efficient, demonic public service by the good people of the stupid party as they do their best to hold the powers of the evil party at bay.

I intend to continue attending the local Republican Party meeting and find out if I can get involved in some less painful volunteer services.  I’d like to work with the election committee and find out how the sausages get made.  And in fact, I’d also like to find out what other functions I can help out around town.  I may be trapped here in Dunwich for a few years so I might as well make the best of it.

Who knows, maybe I’ll become an adjunct lecturer at Miskatonic University in advanced perpetual motion engineering.  We all have to do our best to save the planet.  After all, both Greta Thunberg and Cthulhu are depending on us.

What Could Be the Good of a Republican Win in a Purple State?

This morning there is jubilation among the normies.  “You see,” they say, “all we had to do was vote harder and all our problems would go away.”  It’s a comforting thought.  All’s right with the world.  But it’s two weeks until this election is certified and I’m sure mail-in ballots will continue to arrive right up until that day.  Just look at New Jersey.  Areas of Jersey that haven’t ever gone for a Republican did.  But the razor thin lead that Ciattarelli is clinging to will almost certainly be swept away in an avalanche of fraudulent mail-in ballots that even now are being conjured up somewhere in the dark recesses of the “Garden State.”

To my mind, the only way that a borderline state can be strengthened into a legitimate democratic entity is if the governor and the legislature take the steps to end voter fraud.  Mail-in voting must be ended or if it has to exist it has to be made honest.  And that would be no small thing to do.  Voter fraud, especially in the dysfunctional Democrat run cities is the magic bullet that the Left has found to finish off democracy in our country.  If the Right is too lazy or stupid to fix this thing then they deserve to lose.  The tragedy is that we are just as lazy and just as stupid as the idiots we have left our representation to.

So here is a good test case.  The republicans made a clean sweep in Virginia.  They took the governor’s mansion, the legislature and the attorney general’s office.  If they ever want to win these offices again and if they want to undo the damage of the last eight years, they need to abolish mail-in voting and they need to put in place strong safeguards against voter fraud and ballot box stuffing.  Poll watchers need to be able to see that voters are bringing valid identification and that no one is tampering with the ballot boxes after the fact.

Now, this is of course above and beyond the question of whether someone like Youngkin is actually a conservative.  I’ve heard him described as a Mitt Romney-type Rockefeller conservative.  If that’s the case it doesn’t much matter whether there’s an R or a D after his name.  He’ll just George W. Bush the people of Virginia to death while they stare in disbelief.

But at the least this should tell Georgia and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin that there is hope if they enact election reform.  If you care enough not to let criminals steal away your government then there is a hope of changing things.  That is the only hopeful thing I can take away from this off-year election.  That and the fact that all the Democrat Congressmen and Senators from red districts are probably scared silly by what just happened.  Maybe by some incredible miracle we’ll see the “reconciliation” bill die a deserved death and go into the mid-terms before Dementia Joe can steal the last of our money and freedom away from us.  Maybe that’s what I should ask from Santa Claus for Christmas.  Ho, ho, ho.

Election Day 20221 – Open Post – Leave Any Comments on the Elections Here

As much as elections have now become a sort of joke, I still didn’t want to miss any interesting goings on or thoughts.  So leave comments below and we can share the sad, comical or  ironic news or we can enjoy just plain schadenfreude depending on the outcomes and circumstances.

One thing for sure, if anyone listens to the network and cable coverage many false and stupid things will be heard.  But every once in a while something true sneaks through.  So pass along any items that strike you as interesting or entertaining.

9:18 PM Update

Youngkin (R) 1,249,276     54.5%
McAuliffe (D) 1,028,893     44.9%
Blanding (L) 15,175             0.7%

With 80% of the votes counted Youngkin should be a lock.  But who are we kidding?  This was exactly what went on in Pennsylvaina last year at this time   So let’s see what crap they pull later.

12:03 AM Update

The vote count has been held at 93% for about an hour so I guess that the fix will be in and we’ll have to wait until they can fabricate the requisite number of fake votes.  Interestingly, NJ has come out strong for the Republican governor candidate.  Can he overcome the fraud.  I’ll say unlikely.  Well I think I’ll call it.  When it comes to fake elections I find it unappealing to lose sleep.  So good night all.

2021 Election Stuff

I’ve been recovering the last few days from a bug.  It had some of the symptoms of a flu like muscle aches and headache but no fever.  Very strange.  But sitting in the center of the witches’ brew of manufactured viruses and untested vaccines I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow I woke up and had blue stripes running around my face.

We live in interesting times.  The Nov 2nd election day is pretty small stuff but the gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey will be very early tests of just how unpopular the Democrats have made themselves.  New Jersey is a very blue state but they alternate between Democrat and Republican governors.  The Republicans are brought in every eight years to undo some of the damage done by the previous Democrat regime.  But this is just the end of the Democrat’s first term so a loss would be unusual. Massachusetts does a similar thing.  All federal positions are a Democrat lock but they bring in a Republican governor whenever the taxes, graft and dysfunction become too painful.

Virginia recently slipped from a purple state to a blue one.  It’s assumed the Democrats will hold the governor’s mansion.  But the Loudon County public schools CRT flap and the recent rapes by a “transgender” student have rattled a lot of suburban moms and there is a thought that this might tip the election to the Republican.

With respect to New Jersey, I think it’s highly unlikely that they will replace their current Democrat governor.  He’s only served one four-year term and although he has killed a goodly number of nursing home residents during the COVID debacle he probably hasn’t completely drained the state treasury yet.  So, I say he’ll be reelected.

In Virginia I think this election will be a test case for how thorough the state’s fraudulent election process is.  If they’ve locked it down so that no matter how many votes the Republicans get the Democrats will still win by the requisite two percent then this will be a bellwether for the rest of the country.  And it will throw the gauntlet down for any states like Georgia that have enacted legislation to prevent fraud.  With the whole country watching if Virginia is able to thumb their noses at election fraud scrutiny and bring home the bacon for the Democrats then Atlanta is going to have to suck it up and repeat the bang up job they did in 2020.

But if by some miracle, both governors’ races go to the Republicans it will be a flashing red light that 2022 will be a massacre for the Democrats.  And it might mean even Democrats don’t like what’s happening in their country and want to turn things around.  But we’re talking major miracles here so I don’t think so.

As far as the country at large it has been heartening to see the rise of the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme and also the Jet Pack Joe thing too.  Seeing Dementia Joe denigrated and mocked is a great thing indeed.  What I’d love to see is a little chant going on in the White House press briefing.  How would Psaki react to that?

Some people probably don’t think that open mockery of the president is that big a deal.  But they’re wrong.  Having this ricochet around the news cycle is exactly the kind of thing that demoralizes the people in the administration who are the true believers and think they’ve got the youth demographic on their side.  To hear stadiums of young people shouting the Joe Biden f-bomb chant puts the lie to that.  But like any meme they get stale quickly so something new is needed every month or so.  Hopefully some new angle on the mockery will surface soon.  And it will.  Looking at Biden performing at that town hall it’s pretty apparent that he is not a well man.  And that’s even taking his age into account.  With the economy in a stagflation death spiral it won’t be long before Joe will be forced to give the Carter Malaise Speech which should be the last nail in the coffin.  I wonder how Kamala will like being president in 2022 when the Congress flips against her?  Hopefully she’s practicing that creepy cackle that she stole from Hillary for the questions she’ll get that election day.

Boy, I sound much too cheerful.  I guess I haven’t bought gasoline recently.  When I do that should sober me up.  Now that I’m mostly recovered, I hope to get back to my usual schedule.  Halloween is Sunday and I’ve been trying to come up with something appropriate but nothing has presented itself so far.  But I’ll do my best to honor the holiday.  Tradition is important.

Well, that enough for now.  Stay tuned for bigger and better things.


Update: Interestingly, Fox News has come out with a poll showing the Republican candidate in the Virginia  governor’s race  (Youngkin) is ahead 53% to 45%.  Well shut my mouth and stuff it up with corn pone!  The South is rising again!