SOTU Speech 2022

Next Tuesday, March 1st is currently the date scheduled for Dementia Joe’s first State of the Union speech.  Normally I would avoid this bit of kabuki theater like the plague.  But I must confess I’m intrigued by the idea that something unplanned and unscripted might happen.  My favorite fantasy is that some subset of Republican lawmakers starts up a,” Let’s go Brandon” chant and Scranton Joe leaps from the podium and lays a smackdown on the first really small woman he gets his hands on.

Sure, I know nothing like that will happen but something equally absurd is possible.  Joe might get booed and let loose with some truly foul language.  That would be fun!  Or maybe he’ll really botch some particularly difficult two or three syllable words and completely lose track of his teleprompter and have to start over at a very noticeable point in his speech.  Or maybe he’ll tell such outrageous lies about his accomplishments that the crowd just breaks out into laughter.  Or maybe it’ll be just the usual boring speech, full of self-congratulatory lies and hyperbole.

One interesting innovation will be the rebuttal by congress critter Tlaib.  Apparently, Joe will be rebutted from both the left and the right of his position.  Tlaib will espouse the position that we need more inflation, more urban violence and more COVID lockdowns.  I assume that instead of wearing one of the matching white pants suits that the “Squad” usually wear for these events she’ll be more fittingly attired in a strait jacket along with a Hannibal Lector bite mask.

If Joe’s performance turns out to be entertaining, I’ll try to put up a post on it right away.  If it’s really good I might live blog it to get the blow-by-blow account on-line as soon as possible.

I’m trying to imagine if Joe will dare to claim that the “state of our union is strong.”  If they decide to eliminate the masks in the audience that will have a slightly less hollow ring.  But from what I’ve read the lefties would be shocked to learn that all that street theater they endured over the virtue of masking was just that.  So, it’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation.

A different tack has recently been tried by some leftist pundits.  They’ve decided that inflation is the result of the Ukraine.  “It’s not Joe’s fault, it’s Putin.  Again!”  Apparently, time travel will be a part of that defense.  But I guess he’s desperate for any plausible or implausible rationale that will permit him to escape the blame for sabotaging almost every facet of American life over the course of his year in office.  Maybe he hopes to benefit from a war that he has managed to start with a country that won’t allow itself to be bullied or cajoled into toeing the globalist talking points.

So, yeah, I’ll tune in on Tuesday.  I’ll have something to eat and drink and a barf bag just in case Joe really lays it on thick.  I guess it’s too much to hope he’ll mention Corn Pop.  I really miss Corn Pop and the leg hair story.  Good times.

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7 months ago

I’d love to hack the teleprompter and every ten minutes of so insert something like, “eek, eek, spiders everywhere!” Or maybe something about saving the world from booger contamination.