Disaster Accomplished

I watched Dementia Joe’s latest weasel speech.  Biden’s handlers must have told him that the best way to sell the message that his humiliating rout out of Kabul was a great success was to shout it from the podium as loud as he could.  This speech was long and stupid.  Much of it was the same boilerplate he gave us a few days ago when he told us he wouldn’t leave anyone behind.  Now he’s telling us that the hundreds of Americans trapped behind enemy lines got what they deserved because they were warned.

Joe also told us that the mission went as planned.  He specifically says that there was no way that civilians could have been successfully and completely evacuated before the rout.  And since he is the greatest military strategist since Napoleon, we have to take his word for it.  And he waved the flag for the soldiers killed at the airport and he patted himself on the back for ending the war.  But it mostly sounded like a salesman trying to convince a customer that the broken Timex he had received was exactly as good as the Rolex he had paid for.

I think it’s good that the American people have had a chance to see Joe during a crisis.  It will show them just how he’ll handle any difficult task.  He’ll botch it.  He’ll blame other people.  Then he’ll tell you there was no other way it could have ended.  Disaster accomplished!  Joe is always the hero in all his stories.  He’s the smartest, the bravest and the most honorable.  If you don’t believe him, he’ll tell you again only louder.

I’m trying to guess what the next disaster will be.  I’d say most likely it will be a hostage drama involving ISIS-K and one of the Left Behind Americans in Kabul.  Joe can yell at the top of his lungs that the hostage got what she deserved and that he’ll avenge the death by sending a drone strike from “over the horizon.”  Of course, the drone will probably kill another half dozen Afghani kids and miss the terrorists but once again it will be disaster accomplished.

Three more years of this may be enough even for the stupid suburban white women who voted for Joe.  There are indications that stagflation is taking hold in the economy.  If memory serves me correctly, the last time that word was used was when Jimmy Carter was bumbling his way through the late seventies.  Twenty percent mortgages and 8% unemployment are a powerful combination.  So powerful that even the Karens may rethink their hatred of Donald Trump.

But it’s way too early to say what new catastrophe Joe will step in next.  He still has to clean up the Hurricane Ida debacle and who knows, with his luck cholera will break out and make everybody forget COVID.  Or maybe the price of oil will spike and gasoline will reach ten dollars a gallon.  Now that sounds like something that Joe can really sink his porcelain teeth into.  I wonder who he’ll blame?  Probably Trump for not finishing that darn pipeline.

Biden Abandons Hundreds of American Citizens in Kabul

The fearless woke military commanders Milley and company, after botching their disastrous rout out of Afghanistan have proven themselves utterly useless by running out of Afghanistan leaving hundreds of American citizens to their awful fate at the hands of the Taliban and ISIS.

“The flight also carried the last remaining U.S. troops and the core diplomatic staff of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.

But there are still several hundred Americans in Afghanistan who were unable to reach the airport, along with thousands of Afghans who assisted the U.S. military during the war effort.

McKenzie said no American civilians were on the last five flights to leave.

“We maintained the ability to bring them in up until immediately before departure, but we were not able to bring any Americans out. That activity ended probably about 12 hours before our exit. …  None of them made it to the airport,” he added.” 

I estimate the chance that we’ll soon be seeing videos of blindfolded Americans begging us to free them from their Islamic captors at 100%.

Mission accomplished Dementia Joe.

Joey Biden Has a Tough Day

I watched Biden’s speech and a little bit of the press conference just because of the gravity of the situation and wondering what he would say.  He started out by saying it was a tough day.  I don’t think anyone will contradict him on that.  But then he went right back into his “withdrawal is hard” schtick.  He wants us to believe that this was the only way that a withdrawal could have been done.  The fact that this is a ludicrous statement doesn’t seem to matter to Biden.  The media doesn’t know how to make all this Donald Trump’s fault so they’re kind of stunned.  It was like one of those George H. W. Bush press conferences where he just kept repeating, “stay the course,” like it was some kind of mantra.  I think at this point there will be some Americans taken hostage by ISIS and the horror of that can only be imagined.

Until to day I wasn’t convinced this would be a downfall event for Biden.  Now I think it will be.  I think the bleeding from this will go on and on.  Something like a thousand al Qaeda fighters have been released from prison and it doesn’t take much imagination to guess how much mayhem and damage they will do.  This operation was botched in a way that almost seems deliberate.  I’m starting to think this was the Deep State’s revenge for pulling the plug on Afghanistan.  How do you not at least make sure that all the civilians who need to get out aren’t already gone when you draw down the troops for the exit maneuver and how do you announce that it will be happening in the middle of the Taliban’s fighting season?  Were these generals that stupid?  Is it even possible?

I’ve agreed for the last five years that we needed to put an end to the Afghan occupation. Once it was clear that we were trying to make the Afghans into something they don’t want to be it was obvious that the only thing propping up their government was our army.   Once the Taliban had the upper hand in Pakistan it was only a matter of time before they did the same in Afghanistan.  But to retreat as we did it is like some kind of disaster movie plot.  It’s as if a junior officer with no practical experience in war was put in charge of a battle against a hardened enemy.  Actions are taking place out of order and opportunities are lost and chaos ensues.  At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if something really horrible happens as the last troops fly out.  It’s just too much like amateur hour.

To be honest it’s too grim to take any pleasure in Biden’s misfortune because it’s the military that’s doing the bleeding.  But I think if any good comes out of this fiasco it’s that no Congress is going to sign off on this President sending troops anywhere.  And I guess the other silver lining is that the CIA and NSA may decide that instead of pursuing red state Americans as domestic terrorists maybe they should shift their attention to keeping ISIS out of the US at the borders.  After all, if those guys walk in the way everybody else does, they might take it into their heads to come to Washington DC and then Joey boy and the Capitol Police might find out what terrorists really look like.

It’s Official. The Afghan Withdrawal Will be a “Full-On Horror Show”

Last week I said, “I think it’s still too early to decide whether the Afghanistan withdrawal will be an embarrassing disgrace or a full-on horror show.”  Well that ship  has sailed.  ISIS has begun the suicide bombings and I have to assume that Biden will initiate a panicked rout of the remaining forces at the airport and then we’ll see the drumbeat of hostages and beheadings and whatever new horrors await us.

I guess there is the chance that this will be the Jimmy Carter scenario repeated for the 21st century.  Well, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy than Dementia Joe but of course the rest of us will have to go through the horror show too.

Update:  12 servicemen dead.  Dozens of Afghanis dead and the prospect for more.  I knew that Joe was a a dope.  Now we know that his Defense Department is is led by imbeciles too.  What a terrible waste of American lives.  What part of summer Taliban fighting season escaped these morons?



Codevilla on Afghanistan

Unsurprisingly, Anthony Codevilla has a very long history in the US involvement in Afghanistan.  In this essay he walks through its beginning in 1979 and through the Russian War and bin Laden’s appearance as an amateur warrior and the aftermath of 9-11 and the tragicomedies of Iraq and Afghanistan occupations.  He identifies the mindset that shapes the terms of these occupations and the utterly useless outcomes they produce.




22AUG2021 – OCF Update – Henri’s a Dud

I probably shouldn’t start making fun of it until after landfall but they downgraded Henri to a tropical storm or maybe even down to a fairly hefty belch and it is moving the trees around and dropping a decent amount of rain.  I’ve upgraded it to Superstorm status since I like things that are super.  The worst of the trouble may come from downed power lines but so far it’s a relatively tame storm.

I said the other day that it was too soon to declare the Afghanistan Withdrawal a full blown horror show that finishes Joe Biden’s credibility as POTUS.  Well we’ve inched a little closer to that stage.  The level of incompetence is pretty impressive both on the military side and the intelligence side.  It looks like the Taliban is giving the Americans the chance to get out but the Biden administration appears extremely inept at marshalling its forces to follow through on a coherent plan.  If this goes on much longer I wouldn’t be surprised if bad things start happening almost on their own.  A power vacuum draws in secondary players who see an opportunity to grab some small prize.  American hostages would seem to be the biggest opportunity.

As for everything else, I’ll put up a few posts on stuff that I’ve been thinking about.

19AUG2021 – OCF Update – Peak Silly Season

From now until Labor Day folks will be trying to enjoy the end of summer before their kids have to go back to school.  Of course this year that will be extra painful as parents behind the COVID Curtain will be sending their little ones into masked purgatory.

This is the lowest traffic period for the site and also typically a time when the news cycle is filled up with stories of man-bites-dog type non-events.  Luckily for us this year the Taliban may rescue us from boredom by banning the LGBTQ contingent from indulging in buggery.  This should trigger General Milly-Vanilly to flip out and nuke Kabul.  After that it’s anyone’s guess how the fall season will proceed.

Creepy Uncle Joe is catching a lot of flak from the various sororities around the country for not insisting that the Taliban go trans-gender.  Personally I think Joe did the best he could.  But it does make you wonder what those negotiations between the State Department and the Taliban sounded like.  I’m trying to imagine how equity, diversity and inclusion translates into Pashto.  My guess is that after listening to the DC boys for a few weeks they decided to just make believe they agreed to whatever was said and just go back to stonings, amputations and beheadings as soon as the Americans leave.

It’s funny, twenty years ago was 9-11-2001.  We moved heaven and earth to force the Taliban out of Afghanistan.  But if Al Qaeda invaded New York City today I’d tell them to keep it and run it however they felt.  In fact I think it would be a distinct improvement.  It’s a cinch that crime rates would fall.  If I remember correctly the Taliban outlawed the heroin trade when they were in power.  And they’re pretty tough on crime.  Amputating a thief’s hand definitely gets his attention.  Compare that to the present defelonization of stealing anything less than a thousand dollars in New York and California.  No, I’m convinced, New York needs to import a thousand Taliban to supplement their police department.  Sure the RPG’s will probably cause some complaints in the gangbanger neighborhoods.  Those boys aren’t used to being outgunned.  But I think it will be a real morale booster for the NYPD.  And talk about diversity, those turbans will be the talk of the town.  But I’m afraid Greenwich Village won’t be happy.

So stay tuned.  It may be slow for the next week or two but things will pick up soon enough.  Enjoy the quiet time and the end of summer.

My Thoughts on Afghanistan

Approximately the last third of my life has been lived out in the shadow of September 11th 2001.  What I thought I knew and what I believed about this country seems like a different world from today.  And the biggest change is how I feel about George W. Bush and the people he led.  I thought he was one of us or at least I thought he was on our side.  Looking back, I see that believing that was the biggest mistake of my life as an American citizen.  Bush was the one we trusted and he used that trust to destroy us.  He handed us over to our enemies and they cut our throats.  Bush then Obama.

Afghanistan is the exemplar to point out the betrayal.  America was reeling from the 9-11 attacks and Bush said he would revenge us.  We gave him whatever he asked for and we supported him in everything he did.  And after all the dead and wounded Americans and the waste of trillions of dollars what was the plan that they executed?  Bush was trying to make Afghanistan into a country safe for transgender Muslims.

The bitterness of this pill is hard to exaggerate.  Creating a global progressive nirvana on the corpse of our nation was their plan.  He sent our sons and brothers to die in those hellholes while his policies sent our jobs and industries to China.  And his judicial appointments set the stage for gay marriage and transgender rights and every other betrayal imaginable.  And the cost of the wars hollowed out our economy and set the stage for the financial crash in 2008.  And all of this misery ensured that Obama would happen.  And he finished what was left to do.

What Afghanistan is to me is a reminder and an object lesson.  The lesson is that the establishment Republicans cannot be trusted at all.  They despise us and they only use us to provide them with the privileges that their positions provide.  Labels like conservative and Christian don’t mean anything.  Words don’t mean anything.  The only thing that means anything is results.  We need our country back and that means there is an enormous amount of work to do.

If we find a man who can get things done and plays straight with us, we should follow him.  But no blind faith.  Trust but verify.  Don’t follow the flag.  Don’t listen to the pretty speeches.  No bipartisan nonsense, no reaching across the aisle.  No talk of the conservative case for gay marriage or transgender special forces or gun control.  No excuses, no extenuating circumstances, no nonsense.  Produce results and we’ll let you collect your fee.  Do a good enough job and we’ll name a bridge or a highway after you.  Fail us and we’ll drop you like yesterday’s garbage.

And if your name is Bush and you want someone to fight a war go fight it yourself.  You’ve killed off enough Americans to last your family until the end of time.

Michael Anton Provides an Analysis of Bush’s Wars and How Stupid They Were

Anton was a part of the Bush administration and he knows the thinking that went into the awful idea of turning Afghanistan and Iraq into democracies.  He lays out the mindset that went into it and then describes how all that played out over the last twenty years.  Once again we see the fear of admitting that not all people are exactly alike causing untold damage.  Saying that Arabs and Afghans don’t care about democracy but do care about their traditional beliefs might have saved us from wasting thousands of lives and trillions of dollars.  Hopefully the next president will hold up the Bush and Obama administrations as examples of how allowing nonsense to be the basis of foreign policy is too dangerous to allow.  Trying to turn Afghans into woke westerners who fly rainbow flags and believe in transgender rights is just about the stupidest thing imaginable.  All our experiment is going to achieve is cause untold thousands of young Afghans to be whiplashed by the change from American progressive mindset to medieval Muslim practices.  Many of them will be lucky to get off with some whip marks on their backs.  The unlucky ones may get stoned or beheaded.