Out With the Old, In with the New

I look at the headlines today and see:

  • Link” “ABC News/WashPost: Trump 52, Biden 42”
  • Link” “Biden Poll Freakout”
  • Link” “Democrats Fear Party Leaders Are Too Bullish About Biden’s 2024 Odds: ‘They’re Playing Russian Roulette’”
  • Link” “FBI agent says prosecutors thwarted Hunter Biden charges, corroborating IRS whistleblowers”
  • Link” “‘Missing witness’ in Biden corruption probe offers dirt on Hunter FBI ‘mole’ who tipped him off”

Huh?  What the heck is going on here?

Bidenomics is leading us into the strongest economy in human history.  Open borders and equity-driven justice has made our cities the envy of the world (or, at least, of Brazil and Venezuela).  And our compassion for gender non-conforming toddlers is taking the breath away of progressives in Sweden and Britain who used to take the lead in this kind of thing (until some late breaking data caught their attention).

All these bed-wetters in the Democrat party panicking when everything is going great?

Alright, maybe it really is time to pull the plug on Dementia Joe before the primaries get going.

I’m fascinated by trying to guess how they’ll do it.  Do they leave a horse’s head in the West Wing or would that be too subtle?  Does Merrick Garland show up in the Oval Office with a folder that has pictures of Hunter handing Joe a bulging trash bag with a huge dollar sign stenciled on it?

Would they do something drastic?  I mean it’s not like these guys have any qualms about breaking a few eggs to make an omelet.  But I’m just afraid that we’ll never really know how the play went down.  I think they owe it to history (and comedy) to provide a YouTube video showing the whole thing.

Personally, I think the perfect way would be to set up a presidential address to the nation for Joe and then just have the teleprompter read that Joe is retiring after the end of his term.  By the time he figures out what it means he’ll have already announced the end of his presidency.

Now who do they replace him with in the election?  Everyone says Gavin Newsome, Gavin Newsome!  Well, I guess, but maybe there are better choices.  I think Mayor Pete is the obvious go to.


His qualifications are obvious.  Everything about him screams “commander in chief.”  And he is the face of a new generation, a generation much less worried about annoying details like laws of nature, facts and success.  With Pete we’ll get Joe Biden’s insouciance but without the wrinkles and with significantly fewer falls on the tarmac and the podium.

But if Pete is too young and inexperienced then go with a proven winner.


Admiral Rachel Levine is the whole package (well in some senses).  Her free-wheeling, sashay through the world of gender affirmation has taken the country by storm.  Throw in the uniform and it’s pretty hard to deny that America is crying out for this new kind of leadership.  Can you imagine not voting for her in the general election?  I dare you!

But if I’ve still left you unconvinced then let’s circle back to the obvious choice


Instead of letting Biden wait out his first term just have him shipped off to the funny farm now and presto, change-o Kamala Harris is the incumbent.  From there the campaign will be one long slog through the cities and suburbs of America with Kamala professing her love for school busses, post-it notes and kinetic desk toys like the drinking bird and fidget spinners.  It’s been claimed that the average IQ of Americans has decreased about ten points per decade.  It’s quite possible that Kamala is now “the one.”  She may be the perfect fit for the new America.  And who are we to stand in the way of progress (or regress).

After all, yellow school busses.

We Need a Classier Bunch of Crooks in Washington

Our regime is pathetic.  And I don’t mean just Menendez.  I don’t consider Obama or the Clintons or even the Bushes as an upgrade.  I mean altogether.  These people are simply parasites that in no way improve the country.  A Pericles or a Julius Caesar aggrandized himself via the power of the state that he ruled.  Even Pericles was accused of stealing some of the funds used to build the Parthenon.  But no one would accuse either of those two men of not acting to improve the strength of their countries.  Each acted in both peace and war to make his nation a stronger and richer place.

It’s inconceivable that anyone could make that claim for George W Bush or Barack Obama.  And as for Joe Biden, when he isn’t molesting women and children, he’s filling his pockets with graft money.  No.  Our ruling class are nothing but vultures picking the bones of the carcass of the United States while they reshape the world into an oligarchic network under the aegis of their control.

So, I guess the question is, can anything be done to recruit a new elite?  It’s not a simple question.  Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring eight years ago and he got bounced out.  The present regime has a pretty tight grip on the reins of power.  And now that they’ve measured the threat from Trump, they’ve pulled out all the stops to neutralize him.

But maybe there will be a second act.

The present regime has done so much damage with the Green Initiative, the COVID debacle and the George Floyd color revolution that things just haven’t returned to anything like a normal state.  The cities are a shambles and the economy is severely impacted by both the high consumer inflation and the deleterious effects of high interest rates for business borrowing.  Many banks find themselves with underwater bond portfolios and uncertainties over bad real estate holdings in the city centers.

With so much going wrong all at the same time it’s possible that even our ultra-corrupt elites might think it was time to put sane people in charge.  Of course, then they’d have to find sane people.  I’m not sure how they’d do that.  And at this point, the Republican voters want Trump to be their tribune.  So, these experts would have to work with and through him.  But this is Trump’s last stand.  Whether he wins or loses he’s done after this campaign.  His vice-presidential pick is a pretty important choice.  He may be choosing the next president after him.

I’m not sure who is the right one.  For lack of another choice, I’d say Ron DeSantis.  In his favor, he and Trump don’t like each other.  I think that’s a good situation for them.  Also, Trump needs a smart decisive guy who can get things done, someone he can delegate jobs to.  I think DeSantis can do that.  I also think he’ll grow in the role and be ready in four years to run on his own.

But whoever Trump picks he shouldn’t select a diversity symbol like Nikki Haley or Tim Scott.  Now, Ramaswamy is interesting but I’ll confess I know nothing about him other than his recent debate rhetoric.  For all I know he’s trojan horse.  But we definitely need someone smart and ruthless.

The problem with all this is the element of control that the administrative state wields against both Congress and the White House.  And the only possible way that this control could be overcome would be if the legislative and executive leadership worked along with the Supreme Court to scale back the power that the bureaucracy has been imbued with.  In fact, it might take more.  It might require military action to wrench control from those men.  And we know that the military isn’t the loyal servant of the people it used to be.

All of this is in the way of musing about things we are already aware of.  What would make a change possible is if some of the elites defect to Trump.  Could that happen.  I think it’s possible.  The destabilization of the country is reaching a level that must be troubling even for the people who live in safe enclaves far from street violence and decay.  When billionaires start fleeing New York and Chicago for Tennessee and Florida that’s a sea change.

And the last problem is what vision would an elite revolution have for our country?  Fixing some of the crazier policies of the Biden administration and cleaning up government doesn’t necessarily herald the beginning of a renaissance for the middle class.  The elites love their cheap labor.  Closing the border may not be one of the things they care about.  This I think of as a real problem.  They may restore law and order in the cities but allow a very loose immigration policy to continue.

So even if Trump wins next year what will come of it?  Only something like an elite defection seems like it would permit the reform that is needed to get us out of the death trap we find ourselves in.

For whatever reason, I currently think it’s possible that such a thing could happen.  Maybe tomorrow I won’t.

Is Something Real Starting to Happen?

I read a lot of people who say things aren’t going to get better anytime soon.  The Dissident Right and Neo-Reactionary guys like Curtis Yarvin all paint a very bleak picture.  They’ll tell you that the managerial elite or the Deep State or the Cathedral or whatever label they prefer for the oligarchs who control America, that they aren’t going to let us vote our way out of this.

And these same doomsayers don’t hold out much hope of any other method for fixing things.  They’ll laugh at talk of a cold or hot civil war changing things.  They might as well be telling us all to drop dead.

But maybe they’re wrong.  Maybe the Masters of the Universe aren’t all that tough.  Just this week one of the January 6th prisoners and even the poor dopes who got roped into that ridiculous FBI sting to “kidnap” the Michigan governor; both of these victim groups were acquitted by a court of the trumped-up charges they were accused of.

And in the last week or two, states have begun to push back against the transgender lunacy that Washington and the local teachers have been pushing on small children.  And municipal and school board elections in places like Minnesota and Wisconsin have been going to Republicans for the first time in decades.

And these things are happening because the people in these states are fed up.  Politicians are reacting to people reaching their limit of insane conditions.  Maybe the Left has finally boiled the frog too fast.  Maybe a critical mass of Americans is ready to say NO!

I always get fretful when hope starts to appear on the horizon.  We’ve been disappointed so many times before.  I’m even dreading to post this article.  My readership may rise up and demand my cancellation for the mortal sin of unwarranted optimism.  And I wouldn’t blame them.  Having our hopes dashed yet again is crueler in some ways than having no hope at all.

And yet, there seems to be some measurable forward progress being made.  Large swaths of Americans are waking up to just how unhinged the Left’s agenda is.  They’re seeing the results on American life of things like:

  • Defund the police
  • CRT in the schools and at work
  • $5/gallon gas to save the planet
  • firing people who won’t take an unsafe vaccine that doesn’t work
  • Letting some protestors burn down businesses with impunity because of their politics
  • Jailing other protestors just because of their politics
  • Government discriminating against people because of their race
  • Allowing teachers and doctors to overrule parents and mutilate children in the name of trans rights

Maybe the madness has gone so far that the reaction will finally sweep all of this away.  Luckily for me we don’t have to guess forever.  It should be relatively easy to know if things are changing.  Real change will be unmistakable.  In the past when fake change happened the pattern was clear.  Voters would throw out the Democrats and the Republicans would immediately become the Democrats.  They’d spend all their time cutting deals with the Democrats to keep the same old con games going.  If something new is happening we can expect to see all the RINO’s primaried this year and replaced with Trump picks.  We should see Joe Biden impeached next year.  And in the rollup to 2024 we would expect to hear a platform that directly addresses all of the bullet points I listed above.

As I say we’ll know soon enough.  The first hints were the governor’s race in Virginia and the laws against CRT and trans-madness.  Soon we should see echoes of these in the 2022 election campaigns and the primary results.  Sorry if I’ve raised hopes that could be painfully dashed but there does seem to be something happening here.  Keep your eyes open and you might see something new.

Curtis Yarvin Talks About Regime Change and How it Can be Done

I’m a non-paying reader of Curtis Yarvin’s substack page Gray Mirror.  His latest article was a response to a journalist named Damon Linker at the The Week becoming upset at the content of a discussion between Yarvin and Michael Anton in an American Mind podcast.  Apparently, the idea of these two men discussing the idea of a monarchical government for the United States is so beyond the pale that Mr. Linker started getting the vapors.  Meanwhile, roving mobs of masked thugs burning down police stations and private businesses is just good old democratic horse trading to him I suppose.

Yarvin uses Linker’s outrage as a jumping off point to go into his hypotheses about what will and won’t work at reforming American government.

I’ll paraphrase these:

  • The only choices with respect to the present regime are leave it alone or replace it completely.
  • To replace the present regime we will have to elect a president and allow him to assume absolute power.
  • The process of making this change can be completely non-violent.
  • That the actions embodied in these hypotheses are just as practical as any other reform program being contemplated.

I recommend reading Yarvin’s essay.  It is worth thinking about.  The present oligarchic regime is extremely powerful and has figured out all the angles for rigging our elections and even ignoring the leaders we do manage to get elected.  Yarvin may be right about the need for a total reset.  The part about it being violence free is the thing I have my doubts about.  Read it for yourself and tell me what you think.