Out With the Old, In with the New

I look at the headlines today and see:

  • Link” “ABC News/WashPost: Trump 52, Biden 42”
  • Link” “Biden Poll Freakout”
  • Link” “Democrats Fear Party Leaders Are Too Bullish About Biden’s 2024 Odds: ‘They’re Playing Russian Roulette’”
  • Link” “FBI agent says prosecutors thwarted Hunter Biden charges, corroborating IRS whistleblowers”
  • Link” “‘Missing witness’ in Biden corruption probe offers dirt on Hunter FBI ‘mole’ who tipped him off”

Huh?  What the heck is going on here?

Bidenomics is leading us into the strongest economy in human history.  Open borders and equity-driven justice has made our cities the envy of the world (or, at least, of Brazil and Venezuela).  And our compassion for gender non-conforming toddlers is taking the breath away of progressives in Sweden and Britain who used to take the lead in this kind of thing (until some late breaking data caught their attention).

All these bed-wetters in the Democrat party panicking when everything is going great?

Alright, maybe it really is time to pull the plug on Dementia Joe before the primaries get going.

I’m fascinated by trying to guess how they’ll do it.  Do they leave a horse’s head in the West Wing or would that be too subtle?  Does Merrick Garland show up in the Oval Office with a folder that has pictures of Hunter handing Joe a bulging trash bag with a huge dollar sign stenciled on it?

Would they do something drastic?  I mean it’s not like these guys have any qualms about breaking a few eggs to make an omelet.  But I’m just afraid that we’ll never really know how the play went down.  I think they owe it to history (and comedy) to provide a YouTube video showing the whole thing.

Personally, I think the perfect way would be to set up a presidential address to the nation for Joe and then just have the teleprompter read that Joe is retiring after the end of his term.  By the time he figures out what it means he’ll have already announced the end of his presidency.

Now who do they replace him with in the election?  Everyone says Gavin Newsome, Gavin Newsome!  Well, I guess, but maybe there are better choices.  I think Mayor Pete is the obvious go to.


His qualifications are obvious.  Everything about him screams “commander in chief.”  And he is the face of a new generation, a generation much less worried about annoying details like laws of nature, facts and success.  With Pete we’ll get Joe Biden’s insouciance but without the wrinkles and with significantly fewer falls on the tarmac and the podium.

But if Pete is too young and inexperienced then go with a proven winner.


Admiral Rachel Levine is the whole package (well in some senses).  Her free-wheeling, sashay through the world of gender affirmation has taken the country by storm.  Throw in the uniform and it’s pretty hard to deny that America is crying out for this new kind of leadership.  Can you imagine not voting for her in the general election?  I dare you!

But if I’ve still left you unconvinced then let’s circle back to the obvious choice


Instead of letting Biden wait out his first term just have him shipped off to the funny farm now and presto, change-o Kamala Harris is the incumbent.  From there the campaign will be one long slog through the cities and suburbs of America with Kamala professing her love for school busses, post-it notes and kinetic desk toys like the drinking bird and fidget spinners.  It’s been claimed that the average IQ of Americans has decreased about ten points per decade.  It’s quite possible that Kamala is now “the one.”  She may be the perfect fit for the new America.  And who are we to stand in the way of progress (or regress).

After all, yellow school busses.

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Bigus Macus
Bigus Macus
2 months ago

They are all short bus candidates.

2 months ago

I suspect that the Menendez charges are the opening act in pulling the plug on old Joe.
Menendez had his wife accept the cash and they are going after him.
Biden had his son accept the cash – connect the dots.
Garland will have a public attack of conscience and try to rehabilitate his reputation by going after Joe – if needed.
This will convince Joe the best way to go is to pardon his son and resign.

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