Is Something Real Starting to Happen?

I read a lot of people who say things aren’t going to get better anytime soon.  The Dissident Right and Neo-Reactionary guys like Curtis Yarvin all paint a very bleak picture.  They’ll tell you that the managerial elite or the Deep State or the Cathedral or whatever label they prefer for the oligarchs who control America, that they aren’t going to let us vote our way out of this.

And these same doomsayers don’t hold out much hope of any other method for fixing things.  They’ll laugh at talk of a cold or hot civil war changing things.  They might as well be telling us all to drop dead.

But maybe they’re wrong.  Maybe the Masters of the Universe aren’t all that tough.  Just this week one of the January 6th prisoners and even the poor dopes who got roped into that ridiculous FBI sting to “kidnap” the Michigan governor; both of these victim groups were acquitted by a court of the trumped-up charges they were accused of.

And in the last week or two, states have begun to push back against the transgender lunacy that Washington and the local teachers have been pushing on small children.  And municipal and school board elections in places like Minnesota and Wisconsin have been going to Republicans for the first time in decades.

And these things are happening because the people in these states are fed up.  Politicians are reacting to people reaching their limit of insane conditions.  Maybe the Left has finally boiled the frog too fast.  Maybe a critical mass of Americans is ready to say NO!

I always get fretful when hope starts to appear on the horizon.  We’ve been disappointed so many times before.  I’m even dreading to post this article.  My readership may rise up and demand my cancellation for the mortal sin of unwarranted optimism.  And I wouldn’t blame them.  Having our hopes dashed yet again is crueler in some ways than having no hope at all.

And yet, there seems to be some measurable forward progress being made.  Large swaths of Americans are waking up to just how unhinged the Left’s agenda is.  They’re seeing the results on American life of things like:

  • Defund the police
  • CRT in the schools and at work
  • $5/gallon gas to save the planet
  • firing people who won’t take an unsafe vaccine that doesn’t work
  • Letting some protestors burn down businesses with impunity because of their politics
  • Jailing other protestors just because of their politics
  • Government discriminating against people because of their race
  • Allowing teachers and doctors to overrule parents and mutilate children in the name of trans rights

Maybe the madness has gone so far that the reaction will finally sweep all of this away.  Luckily for me we don’t have to guess forever.  It should be relatively easy to know if things are changing.  Real change will be unmistakable.  In the past when fake change happened the pattern was clear.  Voters would throw out the Democrats and the Republicans would immediately become the Democrats.  They’d spend all their time cutting deals with the Democrats to keep the same old con games going.  If something new is happening we can expect to see all the RINO’s primaried this year and replaced with Trump picks.  We should see Joe Biden impeached next year.  And in the rollup to 2024 we would expect to hear a platform that directly addresses all of the bullet points I listed above.

As I say we’ll know soon enough.  The first hints were the governor’s race in Virginia and the laws against CRT and trans-madness.  Soon we should see echoes of these in the 2022 election campaigns and the primary results.  Sorry if I’ve raised hopes that could be painfully dashed but there does seem to be something happening here.  Keep your eyes open and you might see something new.

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Neil M. Dunn
Neil M. Dunn
2 years ago

” We should see Joe Biden impeached next year.”
On first blush–I hope Jim Jordan gets to lead the charge.

Balanced Integer
Balanced Integer
2 years ago

Something is starting to rumble up to the surface in Normie America. I have my doubts that the GOP, still RINO-infested, will deliver much follow-through.

James Linsley
2 years ago

I am hoping people are waking up to see how corrupt our Government and the media are! This I believe is our last chance to take back the country. The Democrat party needs to go!