Recall of Gavin Newsom Starting to Look More Likely

Booting Gavin Newsom out of the California Governor’s Mansion is starting to look much more likely than previously admitted.  Possibly his present policy of restoring the lockdowns on Californians has soured the Democrats at least to the point where they won’t bother to show up to vote for him.

My take on this is that California is a failed state that the inhabitants have earned.  And until cannibalism has had a chance to weed out the hopelessly stupid there is zero hope of reforming the Golden State.

But what this recall can provide is the opportunity for great hilarity.  Gavin Noisome or Gavin Nuisance or whatever Nancy Pelosi’s wretched relative is called deserves to lose his job and suffer the same ignominy that Gray Davis suffered after he was booted from office.  If only every state had this wonderful escape hatch.  Can anyone imagine that Andrew Cuomo wouldn’t have already been handed his walking papers if New York State voters had this same option?

Anyway, I look forward to a fun moment in September when this vote occurs.  If it fails well it still ruined Gavin Gruesome’s summer.  But if he’s kicked to the curb it will be the highlight of the week.