Hat Tip to the Conservative Treehouse on This COVID Story

So the Conservative Treehouse article reported that  there was an “outbreak” of COVID on Cape Cod where 469 people caught COVID and 74%were already fully vaccinated.  Among this large pool of people four were hospitalized and no one died.

My layman’s reaction to this is:

  1. COVID is very contagious.
  2. The vaccine isn’t good for much.
  3. COVID isn’t that dangerous to healthy people.
  4. The health officials in the US aren’t being very honest with us.

Cape Cod is where New Englanders go in the summer to vacation with their families and enjoy sun and fun.  Young and old go to parties and music concerts and weddings.  In the short summer season they enjoy life.  And that’s what that 469 people were doing when they caught COVID.  The idea that the solution is to stay away from other people and wear a mask over your face for the rest of your life is plainly insanity.

Enough is enough.

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War Pig
War Pig
5 months ago

“Vaccine”” Not really. Remember polio vaccines? Did anyone get a “milder” case of polio after getting the vaccines (shot or sugar cube)? My team was vaccinated for both scarlet fever and yellow fever as we were being sent where they were endemic. Out of a thousand men, nobody got either disease, not even a “mild” form of it. Why is it suddenly appropriate to judge a vaccine by how mild the disease when you catch it even after being vaccinated? Vaccinating is to prevent the disease, period, not ameliorate it. This sounds almost like it is intentional. Make the “vaccine”… Read more »