Look For the Good

We’re in a long war.  Our enemies hold all the high ground and we are dispersed and without leaders.  To think that we should fight all the time is wrong.  We need to live.  We resist by living the best life we can.  But because the enemy owns all the ground, we have to dig to find what is still good and healthy to live on.  It takes a lot of effort to find worthwhile books and movies and organizations and activities and people.  But there is no other way forward.  So, make that your business.  Spend the time to find these things and pass them along to others.

That’s a constant part of my time on this site.  I look for news and opinion that’s worth reading.  I look for books and movies that other people might find worthwhile.  I try to share some of my hobby activities that I think are enjoyable.  Don’t dwell on what’s wrong beyond thinking about how to avoid it.  We already think enough about Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.  If you pay attention to politics and know who is really on your side then you’re doing enough.  It’s not necessary to obsess about the culture war 24/7.  I’m already doing that for you!

What you’ll find is that you have to devote considerable effort to digging through the muck that is the Left’s America.  If you don’t put in the work, you’ll end up either doing nothing or settling for the books and movies that they force on you.  My advice is to put in the effort.  Spend a little time thinking about how to find what you’re looking for.  And break up the work so you don’t spend your life on drudgery.  Make sure that every day has something that nourishes your soul.  Even if it’s just half an hour.  Read something inspirational or funny or intellectually stimulating.  Learn a skill like a musical instrument or a language or a computer language.  Learn to scan poetry or write a short story.  Buy a cheap camera and look for things around you that you never noticed and make an image that pleases your eye.  Spend a day with your kids or grandkids.  Throw a ball around with them.  Teach them something that they should know.  Tell them a story about your father or grandfather or an old family story that they’ve never heard.  Take them to an ice cream stand.  Take them to a minor league ball club, as long as it doesn’t have any anthem kneelers.  Take them to a movie, if you can find one that’s worth seeing or make some popcorn and drag out an old movie that you liked when you were their age.

There are plenty of things left among the rubble of our civilization that you can use to your own purposes.  We still have gas powered cars and usable highways for the most part and we can navigate around the Antifa and BLM thugs for the most part.  If we’re smart and not lazy we can still live our lives very productively and accomplish what we want to.  Certainly, we know that the Left will continue to chip away at the good things in our world and they will especially attack our children which is more of a reason to spend time with them and teach them the truth.  But spending all of our time screaming at a computer screen is stupid and counterproductive.  The trite old saying is that living well is the best revenge.  Well, it’s true.  It’s not the only revenge.  But it’s the best way to start.  Pushing them into the sea comes later.

Late April in Southern New England


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Edward Brault
3 months ago

You have to light the candles to push back the darkness.