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30 days ago

The A7IV showed up unexpectedly early last Friday the 24th. Your’s?

Cameras are so complicated these days at configuring one to my preferences is almost like moving to a new house.

Sample below, some of the wife’s yard decoration.

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30 days ago
Reply to  photog

I haven’t had a chance to wring it out yet. Other than the impression that focus seems to be instant in all circumstances and that the form factor is more comfortable in my hand, I don’t have a lot to report. To someone who has had a succession of now 8 Sony cameras, the much-ballyhooed new menu system just means that I have to relearn the menu system. The function button above the control wheel thankfully still gives immediate access to 95% of the functions that I use the most. And you also still have 7-8 buttons and controls to… Read more »

30 days ago
Reply to  photog

Still playing with the camera, it will take a while. Just learned a couple of things, my camera, at least, does much better images with the exposure dial kept to -.7. Tried several exposure stacking series and found that, in aperture priority, the camera mostly but not always creates the different exposures by varying the ISO. All the other Sonys have always varied only the shutter speed. One series inexplicably varied both ISO and shutter. Big disappointment: My LA-EA 4 does not function at all with this camera. On the other hand, the focus on my 90mm f2.8 macro has… Read more »

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