Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 23MAR2023 – NeoCon Redux

The same people have apparently gotten lazy in the justifications for NeoCon adventures. The new(old) reasoning for escalating involvement in the Ukraine-Russia conflict is so we can ‘fight’ them over there instead of in the USA. Sound familiar? This convoluted logic was used for Iraq after the WMD business ended up being nothing but smoke. They actually think we should believe that the Russian flag will be planted in Paris if we do not accede to their warmonger whims.

This Red Dawn mindset continues to convince people that these political factions actually care about them. Meanwhile, as we fund pensions and salaries in Ukraine so Zelensky can buy another exotic car and send his wife on Paris shopping trips, the CBO has recommended means-testing for VA disability. To help balance the federal budget of course.

These folks are evil to the core.

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Bigus Macus
Bigus Macus
2 months ago

Concur, they have never cared about those of us that have served. Except of course when it gets close to an election.

War Pig
War Pig
2 months ago
Reply to  Bigus Macus

Means test veterans but give it to illegals and dopers. Maybe we should means test congress. Putin will not try NATO on for size. In air power alone he is hopelessly outclassed.

2 months ago

Yes, they trot out the flags and the whole patriotic bandwagon whenever elections come around. Such a farce to continue using love of country to sell the lie that love of political machines equal the same thing.

2 months ago

Full disclosure: I have never served in any branch of the military – so I don’t get a vote on this. Like hell I don’t! I want to make sure we keep every promise we ever made to the people who served because I would like people to continue to protect this country while I grow old and feeble in it. If we don’t keep our promises, why would people volunteer? We should not be sending a dime to Ukraine until every veteran has all the healthcare they need. We should not spend any money on illegals and dopers until… Read more »

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