Guest Contributor – Ed Brault – 24OCT2022 – Northern Tier Winter

“And the first time one of those cute little electric cars gets stuck in a snow storm and runs out of charge on the road”

I lived on the Northern Tier (North Dakota, Champlain Valley of NY/Vermont) for over 30 years. double-digit below-zero winters were the norm. I know some very long, lonely stretches of highway where an EV would be at a serious disadvantage. I would really like to see an honest evaluation of range and battery performance at minus-20F. Just how much of that “300-mile” range will you get at night, with the headlights, heater, wipers, and other accessories, as well as propulsion drawing power. Add in an 80-mile stretch of road that has NO cell, CB, VHF, or FM coverage. Would YOU want to be in an EV, alone, at night, in a snowstorm, with no way to call for help?