Quote for the Winter Solstice 2022

“The days were growing shorter, the light was quickly failing, and towards the end of

each afternoon the heart became uneasy. A primitive terror seized us – that of our

ancestors who during the winter months watched the sun go out a little earlier each

day. ‘Tomorrow it will go out for ever,’ they must have thought in despair, and spent

the entire night on the heights in fear and trembling.”

Nikos Kazantzakis “ZORBA THE GREEK”

12DEC2022 – OCF Update – Back in Winter Form

As forecast we got a couple inches of snow last night and after breakfast I set to work clearing the driveway.  Since it was a small total I decided to forego the snowblower and just use the old snow shovel from last year.  Well two and a half hours later it was done.

So much for that COVID from last week and as far as I know this makes myocarditis or endocarditis from the vaccines I took last year much less likely.  After all a few hours of vigorous cardio-exercise should have induced heart failure if those conditions were present so, take that Fauci and company.

After my morning chore the rest of today was a day for relaxation and enjoyment.  I watched the 1951 British version of “A Christmas Carol” with Alistair Sim and later the 1938 Hollywood version with Reginald Owen.  They were very enheartening.  And I had the Monday zoom call.  The boys were in high spirits and we discussed Christmas menus and the coming gatherings.  We also discussed Elon Musk’s recent releases of transcripts of the plots to shadow ban conservatives.  They felt some good would come from these revelations.  I was less hopeful.  We all agreed that the Democrats would use every minute until the end of the congressional session spending every last penny they could before their loss of the House majority.

So the week begins well.  Christmas approaches and the nonsense in Washington becomes less and less interesting to me.  But of course I’ll follow the news just to see if they can shock an already jaded world.  After all thermonuclear war is still a rabbit to be pulled out of their hat.

Guest Contributor – Ed Brault – 24OCT2022 – Northern Tier Winter

“And the first time one of those cute little electric cars gets stuck in a snow storm and runs out of charge on the road”

I lived on the Northern Tier (North Dakota, Champlain Valley of NY/Vermont) for over 30 years. double-digit below-zero winters were the norm. I know some very long, lonely stretches of highway where an EV would be at a serious disadvantage. I would really like to see an honest evaluation of range and battery performance at minus-20F. Just how much of that “300-mile” range will you get at night, with the headlights, heater, wipers, and other accessories, as well as propulsion drawing power. Add in an 80-mile stretch of road that has NO cell, CB, VHF, or FM coverage. Would YOU want to be in an EV, alone, at night, in a snowstorm, with no way to call for help?

17DEC2020 – OCF Update

And so actual winter in cursed New England begins for real.

17DEC2020 at the Compound

They’re saying by the end we’ll have 8″ to 18.”  Let’s say based on wind drifts that there is maybe eight inches on the ground right now.  That’s an actual snowfall.  Twenty five years ago the people up here were hardy and would just clear what they had to and go to work and school.  Now they cower in place and wait for the weather gods to subside before venturing out in Kill Storm Methuselah or whatever silly name they make up for any kind of weather.

But we are unfazed here.  I am enjoying the bracing air and rejoice in the knowledge that in this normal winter weather, the snow will be dry and relatively easy to throw.  Hope everyone in the Northeast has a safe day, after all, the real challenge around here is the nuts driving around on the bad roads.  Steer into the skid and aim for a really soft looking snow pile.