Focus Stack – Dried Flower

When is a dried flower better than live spider?  When you’re doing a focus stack.  When the subject doesn’t move it comes out a lot better.

The first three photos are three of the 136 photos that I stacked together.  Notice depth of focus in each only comprises a small fraction of the total image.




Next is the photo stacked image followed by three magnified areas of it.





I think I’m getting the hang of this thing.

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1 year ago

136! Yep, pretty hard to keep a live spider still that long.


Without focus stacking, the only way I have of mimicking that result is to shoot something about 5-6 feet away with my 300mm lens at around f10 and then crop in. With the 42 megapixel sensor on my A7RII, there hopefully will be enough pixels in the image.