Guest Contributor – War Pig – 18NOV2023 – Circa 1968

In reply to ArthurinCali.

I turned 19 one week before my unit was ordered to retake Hue City in Tet of 1968. I was 2 weeks in country and was in my unit three days. Hotel Company, 2/5 Marines. Our C.O. was Captain Christmas. No joke. Our unit took 50% casualties in pretty fierce door-to-door fighting, but we took Hue. The C.O. was medevacced out and got a Navy Cross. He retired as a Lt General. It was a different time. No gayboi stuff, race relations was ok. You don’t care what color skin your squadmate has so long as he’s got your six.

I hit San Fran Airport in uniform with ribbons. I was spat upon and called a baby killer by some hippie. I spent the night in a holding cell at the airport until a magistrate turned me loose next day for self defense. Today I’d likely get ten years for ktfo-ing the punk. Why liberals believe they should get physical with a warrior fresh from the fight I don’t know.

There was no babysitting during wartime in the Marines. Do or die. I left the corps when our politicians betrayed us. I know how Afghanistan veterans feel. I took a year and a half off then joined the army and worked for the DIA until I retired.