Guest Contributor – War Pig – 18NOV2023 – Thumbs Down on 2024

With California and New York both sealing conviction records, even for felonies, I doubt we can really turn the corner by peaceful means. How long before blue states seal pedophile and sexual predators’ records? So child care facilities, nursing homes and schools will have no way to detect paedos/predators and prevent them from working with vulnerable populations. Banks will wind up hiring thieves. This happened to me. My bank hired a juvenile thief with 20 arrests and 3 convictions and who’s records were expunged. He stole my and several others’ debit card data and account access and ordered merchandise sent to various she’ll addresses where his group picked it up. Thankfully I check my accounts daily, noticed the false purchases, and got the ball rolling. His bunch got ten years apiece.

But with Blue state politicians working as hard as they can to release a wave of criminals and illegal immigrants, I mean, Democrat voters, it will take a 1930s style depression to start waking up leftist voters, most of whom are women.

So banning another Great Depression, world war, or armed rebellion I don’t see a path forward.


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