Reality Begins to Resemble Comedy

The President of the United States sends out a joke video mockingly portraying CNN as his wrestling opponent being body slammed and pummeled. CNN portrays the joke as a dangerous provocation of violence against reporters and threatens the creator of the joke, who turns out to be a 16 year-old boy, with public exposure (doxing). The public turns on CNN and an uproar ensues. CNN goes silent as the lawyers try to think through the options. Hilarity erupts within the Alt-Right.
What the hell is going on here? Has the whole adult world descended into anarchy? What’s next? Will President Trump and CNN now start counter-claiming to the world that, “He started it first.”? I have to confess that I have relished the way Trump hits back at these clowns with unorthodox and devastating rhetoric. He has achieved the up until now unheard of result of a republican president out-gotcha-ing the press. But I’m starting to worry that this will eventually spin completely out of control. How long before the press gets desperate? And what would that look like? Would they try to fabricate a damning story out of thin air and plaster it on the front page? Oh wait, they’ve already been doing that for the last seven months. Might they dredge up ugly events from Trump’s private life to tarnish his name? Whoops, ship’s sailed on that one too. I guess the only thing they have left is challenging him to a duel. But they’re such cowards that the only weapons they would feel comfortable wielding are microphones. And they’ve been brandishing those at him for years already and without any effect.
So it looks like they are going to have to either slink away and lick their wounds or continue to go toe to toe against a man who knows their version of character assassination better than they do. I guess I’m too squeamish. I should be glad for the fact that the MSM is allowing their credibility to evaporate. After all they are completely dishonest. But it seems that at this rate there won’t be anything left that the public does believe in. Or in some crazy reverse polarity world, does President Trump emerge as the only honest man? For all his many character faults and idiosyncrasies he is trying to do what he said he would do and represent the people who voted for him. Maybe he can accomplish his entire agenda and then turn the rest of his presidency (eight years) into a reality show. Maybe he can call it “So You Call Yourself a News Organization.” Each week he can host a compilation of the worst of the NY Times or MSNBC and grill some network big shot about the awful job on display. That’s bound to be good for the White House and who knows, it might be good for the news business too. If they at least acknowledge some of the dishonest things they do and promise to fix them maybe people will begin to believe they can do their jobs honestly. It’s unlikely but it is possible.

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Tom Dulaney
4 years ago

National politics as a Three Stooges movie with Trump as Moe and CNN and MSNBC as Larry and Curley? I like it!