A Question for Photographers Among OCF Readers – What Software Can Replace Adobe Lightroom?

I have been using Lightroom for my raw photo cataloguing and adjustment for a number of years.  The good people at Adobe in their infinite wisdom have decided that Lightroom needs to be a cloud based, subscription only software product.  Very good then.  I am not a cloud based kinda guy.  So, I’m looking for an alternative.  An initial search has identified the following products:

  • Alien Skin Exposure X2
  • Phase One’s Capture One Pro
  • Corel AfterShot Pro 3

I’m currently leaning toward Phase One’s Capture One Pro but would very much like to get some feedback from people who have experience with these products (especially as they compare to Lightroom).  So, here’s your chance to speak your mind.  I’m all ears.  You can leave your thoughts in the comments here or in the forum (I’m setting up a topic here, so if you want to attach photos to explain something there’ll be more room).

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Tom Dulaney
Tom Dulaney
4 years ago

I’ve been using variations of Photoshop for around 15 years, Elements at first then the full program beginning with PS 3. I’ll be curious to see is anyone recommends a PS replacement. But, I’ll plug a couple of free programs that I’ve been using almost as long. There aren’t PS replacements but I use them as complimentary to PS. Both are freeware programs though I’ll usually donate $20 a year just because I like the programs so much. FastStone Image Viewer- It will read my RAW files without a cloud based subscription. A great image viewer that no need to… Read more »